Prenatal & Postpartum Health and Wellness Coaching helps mothers and mothers to be create sustainable goals to maximize mental, physical and emotional health and well-being during pregnancy and the postpartum. We have flexible coaching packages that involve regular contact in person, online or by phone. Our coaches have all been involved in youth ministry for over 15 years and have led large teams in short term projects, long term church-based and interdenominational youth ministry. Our goal is to connect like-minded people and facilitate the sharing of inspiration, resources and to support each other. Wellness coaching is a relational tool (with me) to get at your deepest wants and desires around your health and lifestyle. Who could benefit from Wellness Coaching?Adults or late adolescents who are contemplating a change in their life- who have not been successful in sustained change.
Wellness Pearls"Wellness Pearls" are short, edgy blog articles authored by Eileen and sent out periodically on the topic of wellness, health and revolutionizing self care. You will leave the call with at least one action item to take towards achieving your goal(s) and have some sense of how coaching works from a nurse practitioner.

Keynote presentations and workshops for health professionals, groups and patients, on the topic of revolutionizing self care or the coaching method.
A wellness coach is a health and fitness professional that specializes in creating healthy lifestyles. Meeting with a coach will help you establish positive lifestyle changes in order to reduce physical stress and tension, improve interpersonal relationships, support greater work-life balance, and address your unique exercise and nutritional needs. Join your coach for a conversation that focuses on you, your health and your unique journey towards giving birth and into motherhood. Professional coaches have long been recognized for their skills in helping athletes and executives perform at their best and Wellness Coaches are helping people reach their best health and well-being.
We all have untapped potential, that with the right tools and support, can take us to a level of wellness and wholeness we may not have imagined. As we dig deep into what you want most in your life, it is an astonishing privilege for me to witness transformative change. Fit Solutions coaches assist each client in establishing personalized health, fitness and wellness goals.

While ambivalence is very normal when initiating lifestyle change, wellness coaching is not appropriate for those who are completely resistant to changing.
We work together with our client to identify the obstacles and distractions that might hinder success. Research has found that people are more candid over the phone, when there is no eye contact.
Basically, anybody in any sphere of the change cycle (contemplation, preparation, determination, action, or relapse) would benefit from a wellness coach relationship. Our coaches provide the tools, as well as the motivation and support needed to help change behaviors.

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