Situated just 67 miles apart, the universities have a sparse history between each, with only five all-time meetings on the gridiron, including three varsity matchups between 1931 and 1938. Tickets for the Kentucky game are priced at $67 for club level, $47 for lower level sideline, $32 for upper sideline and $22 for upper corner seats for the Kentucky game. Set to take place over the 2015-17 seasons, the teams will trade home games in Nashville on Sept.

The Tops will also travel to Champaign in 2014 for their first ever meeting with the Illini. Smith Stadium as part of a three-game series with Vanderbilt, Director of Athletics Todd Stewart announced on Wednesday.
The first 4,000 WKU students at the game on August 31 with a valid ID will receive a free ticket to the game.

In all, WKU has 18 total games against SEC foes and is set to add two more to that total in 2013.

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