I realized that some of my thinking about interactions these days can be summarized, sort of, as WWPCD?
I recommend that you go back over your old karate philosophy exercises, and redo them for how you speak rather than how you hit.After reading this chapter, I think I can summarize the "Love Is For Children" series as martial arts training for compassion. 3.  Alternatively, you can print out the blank social skills game board and you and the child can add visual content by hand. I have quite a good start on things, but life changes in the last five years mean that it's time to look at it in some more detail, or from a different perspective.thanks for the resources you include in your AN's.

It works great to copy it right onto a blank powerpoint page.  Enlarge it to fill the page.
Children with autism spectrum disorders will often pay particular attention to social skills training activities that include their special interests.  Copy these right onto the blank white spaces on the game board (see how I have done it in the example). But the other thing I'd imagined was a definite,tangible apology element.Phil is quite possibly overreaching, but who knows what skills he's ready to take on at fifteen or sixteen better than he does? Are there any centers like that locally for him, or is he working off information he or Dr.

I think Phil realized something was desperately wrong with Thor and Loki, and was trying simultaneously to do damage control on that while containing the larger incidents.

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