If you want to go beyond snorkeling and experience the world's underwater beauty in the safest and easiest way possible, try SNUBA®.
All seats will be required to meet minimum SFI Specification 39.2 for Stock Car Type Racing Seats (Standard).
ARCA teams were initially made aware of upcoming mandatory SFI Certification for seats in 2011, and officially notified via a technical bulletin from Joe Wells, ARCA's vice president of competition, dated July 17, 2012.
Discover incredible coral formations and schools of tropical fish as you glide effortlessly under the surface.
The higher-rated SFI 39.1 certified seat, which has been approved by NASCAR and required for use in all major NASCAR touring series since 2011, will also be allowed.

In addition, some current seats can be upgraded to meet the minimum 39.2 specification, but will need to be SFI-certified following any upgrade.
After a 15-20 minute orientation during your sail out to the dive site, your professionally trained SNUBA guide will personally take you on an underwater tour of the beautiful marine environment. It is equipped with an easy swim platform, a large bathroom, sun and shade areas, and a fresh water rinse. Teams are encouraged to contact their seat manufacturer of choice to learn more about the minimum specification. Most sanctioning bodies, including ARCA, are members of SFI, and each utilizes SFI specifications within its rule book.

In addition to setting minimum performance standards for the industry, SFI also provides a technical and chassis inspector certification program that is used by some of the organizations.

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