This is a very informative newsletter published each moth with good ideas to try and new resources reviewed. Do2learn provides thousands of pages of social skills and behavioral regulation activities and guidance, learning songs and games, communication cards, academic material, and transition guides for employment and life skills. University of Portsmouth students have brought a disused urban space back to life in a community partnership involving local youngsters and the city council.
The #IHeartPompey project, led by the University’s School of Architecture, saw the Odd Triangle – a neglected area at the end of Guildhall Walk – transformed with the construction of an intricate timber pavilion. Based on a winning competition design by Master of Architecture students Richard Williams and Joshua Brooks, the structure was assembled by students in the week leading up to its launch this afternoon – coinciding with the start of the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries’ Graduate Show 2016. Youngsters from the Brook Club, in Somerstown, have been involved in the project since last year, taking part in regular workshops with School of Architecture staff to help design the timber structure and make tiles and other clay decorations.
Senior lecturer and architect Guido Robazza said: “This is all about creating a playful and inclusive space where people can socialise and interact. The project was developed in partnership with Portsmouth City Council, allowing the University to use the Odd Triangle and providing ?1,500 in match-funding. Councillor Steve Wemyss, Cabinet Member for Housing, said: “I’m really pleased that Portsmouth City Council is working with the University to bring this innovative project to fruition.
The project was developed in collaboration with the University’s School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies and School of Engineering, with additional support and materials from Clay Station ceramics studio, Totton Timber and Jonathan West of the Whitelands Project. The University of Portsmouth has appointed a new head of brand strategy and corporate communications. Graham Brown will play a key role in the development and delivery of the University’s recently launched rebrand project, as well as leading the development of a University brand and communications strategy. For the last ten years he has advised central Government departments on marketing and communications strategy. He has also worked with the Royal Navy (helping to transform the recruitment of young people) and the Food Standards Agency, and has led marketing teams at Adnams, Schweppes and Nestle-Rowntree. Graham, who lives in Guildford with his wife and teenage daughter, is due to take up his new position on June 20. Have you ever wished someone had given you more support and advice on developing research and study skills? If so, this is your opportunity to shape the development of a new online learning package to do just that.
You will spend some time having a look at the package, which includes text, videos and quizzes, and then a member of library staff will ask you some questions about your experience using the resource. Booking is now open for the Biennial Research Ethics and Governance Conference taking place on 24 June 2016.  This all day event is an opportunity for all academic staff but should be of particular interest to those serving on university ethics committees and those involved in internet mediated research.
This free networking event aims to gather partners from Belgium (Flanders), England, France, and the Netherlands to foster the development of cross border projects. The School of Civil Engineering and Surveying is holding an open day at their newly refurbished Environmental Technology Field Station in Petersfield on Friday 3 June. Bournemouth University is hosting an Interdisciplinary Research HE Sector Day on 21 June 2016, dedicated to exploring the benefits and challenges of interdisciplinary research. The programme is primarily aimed at postdoctoral research staff but would also be useful for other researchers and early career academics who are starting to take on leadership roles or who wish to take on leadership roles in the future. To keep up to date with Research and Innovation at the University of Portsmouth please sign up to follow our blog. UTC Portsmouth will offer an engineering curriculum alongside the core GCSE subjects in years 10 and 11 and a range of options, including Level 3 engineering diplomas and A Levels in years 12 and 13. It’s a great opportunity to meet the partner employers, have a go at some hands-on activities with equipment that will be used at the school and find out more about the exciting curriculum UTC Portsmouth will be offering. A new study published in the journal Nature has found out why a mysterious kind of ‘galactic warming’ has prevented stars from forming in thousands of galaxies.
A team of international astronomers announced the discovery of a new class of galaxies called ‘red geysers’, which can keep gas in these dormant galaxies too hot and energetic to form stars.
The red geysers harbour supermassive black holes with winds that have the power to prevent the formation of stars. The research is published by astronomers from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), which has created the most detailed three-dimensional maps of the Universe ever made. Dr Kyle Westfall is one of the paper’s authors from the University of Portsmouth’s Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation, which is a member of SDSS. Astronomers had long suspected that the reason had something to do with the supermassive black hole found at the centres of many galaxies, but solid evidence was lacking. Edmond Cheung, an astronomer at the University of Tokyo’s Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe, led the study. He said: “We knew there had to be a way to prevent star formation in these galaxies, and now we have a good idea of what it is.
The secret to capturing the whole story is the SDSS’s new component survey, Mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory (MaNGA). Cheung nicknamed this premier example of a red geyser galaxy Akira after the famous Japanese manga comic character, an homage to both the MaNGA survey and his home institution in Japan.
Bundy came up with the name “red geyser” because these wind outbursts reminded him of the sporadic eruptions of a geyser and because the failure to form new stars leaves the galaxy with only red stars.
As with global warming on Earth, galactic warming has long-term consequences for red geyser galaxies – their gas can no longer form new stars.
We have read with interest over 160 comments made in response to the articles about car parking last month.
We don’t have all the answers right now, however we are committed to being open and clear about where more work needs to be done before we can identify options that will contribute to our long-term Travel plan, that we will be developing. Alternatives to travelling by car – many staff identified a number of reasons they do or do not travel to and from work by certain means of transport, as well as areas that could be improved.
There are opportunities that already exist and we will be contacting travel operators to investigate whether we can negotiate any further deals for staff, to make alternatives to the car more attractive where possible. We cannot guarantee that every member of staff will have a car parking space, however we will continue to provide as much parking as our estate can provide.
Portland is currently open until construction starts on the Future Technology Centre and will be reopened once construction is complete in 2017.
While we re-negotiate the maintenance contract, we will review the number of car parking passes issued. What can be done to stop people driving around each day trying to find a car parking space? We appreciate that using a car for some is a necessity for multiple reasons and the fact is that we cannot provide more parking spaces within the estate at this time. Parents from Portsmouth Grammar School are parking in Ravelin car park, can this be addressed? We have a good relationship with the school and they frequently issue letters asking parents not to use Ravelin car park.
If this plan goes ahead, we will consider how we accommodate these spaces within an alternative location.
The site is being used temporarily to support other construction projects on campus and is therefore not avalible. We are committed to consulting with you as we develop the Travel plan and hope this gives you an insight into our current thinking on a number of areas.
The potentially devastating effects of climate change and increasing global population were among subjects discussed at an international forum attended by a Portsmouth risk expert.
Dr Richard Teeuw – coordinator of the University of Portsmouth’s MSc in Crisis and Disaster Management course – was among delegates attending the Understanding Risk forum in Venice earlier this month.
The event saw almost 700 international delegates, including academic experts, discussing aspects of risk in the modern world. Dr Teeuw, an expert in disaster risk reduction, said: “This forum provided an opportunity to discuss many aspects of risk that the world currently faces.
Sponsored by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (managed by the World Bank), the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction and companies in the insurance sector, the forum focused on the identification, assessment and communication of risk.
Portsmouth alumnus Sarah Brown – a post-doctoral graduate from the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences now working as a researcher in volcanic risk reduction at the University of Bristol – was also among the experts at the forum. Unfortunately registration is now closed for this year’s Staff Sports Day and we have a record 24 teams entered! If you have already entered a team, please remember to link up to our Just giving page to support our chosen charity Brain Tumour Research. We are also looking for raffle prize donations so if you or anyone you know may be able to help by donating a prize please do get in touch. The sessions represent an opportunity for you to ask questions of the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Graham Galbraith, and members of the University Executive Board (UEB). While the sessions are themed, the Vice-Chancellor and colleagues will take questions on any topic at all events. The sessions will take place in several University cafes and refreshments will be available.
Academics from the Department of Psychology’s Macaque Cognition Project, led by Dr Bridget Waller, have been studying macaques at the Monkey Haven on the Isle of Wight. On Saturday 28 May, there’s a fantastic opportunity to visit this primate rescue centre to meet the researchers, keepers and, of course, the monkeys.

The University of Portsmouth has been notified by the University and College Union (UCU) that their members will be taking strike action on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 May 2016.
The University will make every effort to avoid this action affecting examinations, lectures or any other events scheduled for these dates. The annual cost of fraud in the UK could be as high as ?193bn per year according to a new report issued today. The Annual Fraud Indicator 2016 has been produced by the UK Fraud Costs Measurement Committee (UKFCMC) supported by Experian and PKF Littlejohn and is based on research by University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies, Europe’s premier research centre concerning fraud. The private sector has been under the biggest attack from fraudsters, with both SMEs and large enterprises losing an estimated total of ?144bn a year.
Professor Mark Button, Director of the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies, said: “The level of losses suffered by the public sector and central Government as a result of fraudulent activity are immense. Jim Gee, Chair of the UK Fraud Cost Measurement Committee and Head of Forensic Counter Fraud Services at PKF Littlejohn, said: “Fraud has a pernicious social and economic impact on the UK. The Annual Fraud Indicator, thanks to the partnership between Experian, PKF Littlejohn and the University of Portsmouth’s Centre for Counter Fraud Studies, aims to help consistently gauge, analyse and quantify the true scale of fraud in the UK. University of Portsmouth illustration students have taken over the window of a card and gift shop in Southsea. Linzi said: “This partnership has given students the opportunity to think about packaging and pricing their work for retail. Student Emily Allison produced a fold-out book called Hello Portsmouth that displays Portsmouth’s cultural heritage through its iconic landmarks and seaside identity, while Corine Davies created work that she hoped would capture the Southsea vibe.
Senior lecturer Claire Sambrook, from the School of Creative Technologies, helped organise the project as part of a professional practice unit on the students’ course. If you have a nominated driver for the evening, let them be the drinks watcher for the night.
The Estates Masterplan: Emerging Ideas Exhibition opened on Wednesday 25 May for two weeks.
The masterplan needs to consider some specific public realm issues as the University is located in the centre of the city, such as making it more visible, the connectivity across the campus and how we develop our public spaces in conjunction with replacing buildings and opening up the ground floors. Visit the exhibition this week to find out more about our emerging ideas surrounding the public realm.
Next week more information will be added to the exhibition about our emerging ideas around the northern quarter. After you have visited the exhibition we would welcome your comments and discussions posted on this article as the quality of our campus is vital if we are to be successful in creating environments that we want to live, learn and work in. The next steps for the Estates Masterplan are to develop these emerging ideas, continue to work on the feasibility studies that are underway and also develop initial thoughts on car parking.
For the second year running the University of Portsmouth has risen six places in the Guardian University Guide, an independent ranking of quality in higher education.
The University’s Sports Science courses were ranked number two in the country with 100 per cent of students satisfied overall with their course.
Together with other national guides, it is used by potential undergraduate students, both national and international, to help select their future university.
In the NSS, Portsmouth has for the ninth successive year out-performed the sector average with students this year rating the University at 89 per cent. Vice-Chancellor Professor Graham Galbraith said: “This excellent news confirms that the University of Portsmouth is very much on the up. Today’s news reflects Portsmouth’s continued high performance across a range of leading independent national and international guides and ranking tables for excellence. This year, for the second consecutive year, Portsmouth was ranked in the top 150 young universities in the world. The University is also one of the top ten modern universities in the UK, according to The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2016. They would therefore be grateful if you could give them some feedback regarding your experience by completing a brief survey.
Eldon Building in Winston Churchill Avenue will reveal outstanding new graduating students’ creative work within a series of exhibition spaces, in screening rooms, on stages, at an outdoor space nearby and transmitted via CCI Live TV. Join the buzz and participate in witnessing our talented students flourish onto the next stage of their independent journey. We are proud to present a series of live events in the Eldon Courtyard including a fashion show, a musical theatre experience and the student band Only Sun.
There is no need to book, but if you’d like to be added to our mailing list, please add your name via Eventbrite. Actor, comedian and writer Eddie Izzard will speak at an EU referendum debate at the University of Portsmouth on 7 June. Eddie will visit the University as part of his Stand Up For Europe campaign to encourage people of all ages across the UK to register and vote to remain in the European Union. Eddie will present the arguments for remaining against a Vote Leave representative who will be confirmed by the University later this month. Professor Graham Galbraith, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth, said: “We’re looking forward to hosting Eddie Izzard at our EU referendum debate. The Stand Up For Europe campaign tour will see Eddie visit 31 cities in 31 days across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Ahead of his first event at Aston University in Birmingham, he said: “We know the overwhelming majority of young people want to stay in Europe because of the opportunities it presents to work, to study and to travel. Human populations in North America might have used fire as a tool thousands of years earlier than previously thought, according to new research. The study from the University of Portsmouth has cast new light on the fire history of the California Channel Islands, a chain of eight islands located in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Southern California. The study found a significant period of charcoal deposition, which occurred between 12,500 to 14,000 years ago, possibly coinciding with the arrival of the first humans on the island. Dr Mark Hardiman, senior lecturer in Geography and lead author of the study, said: “This study allows us to paint a much better picture of what these early occupied landscapes would have looked like. Dr Hardiman worked with colleagues from Royal Holloway, University of London, the University of California, Northern Arizona University and Oxford University on the paper, which is published today in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. The researchers studied the Arlington Canyon on Santa Rosa Island, which is famous for the discovery of the ‘Arlington Springs Man’ – some of the earliest human remains found in the Americas.
Dr Hardiman wants to conduct further research into whether a direct correlation between this large increase in evidence for fire and human arrival on the islands can be proved. Co-author Professor Andrew Scott from Royal Holloway, University of London, added: “If we can verify a direct link, we can then try and find out who these early people were and calculate when exactly they arrived on the islands. The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) is the UK’s learned society and professional body for geography.
Its Research and Higher Education Division hosted the meeting for those who have responsibility for teaching and developing employability in geography courses. Albert Mehrabian’s work on verbal and non-verbal communication in the 1960s and early 1970s is still considered a valid model today. According to Mehrabian, the tone of voice we use is responsible for about 35-40 percent of the message we are sending. This textbook introduces the reader to what being an outstanding communicator is all about. Notice that the meaning of the sentence changes each time, even though the words are the same. Over half of the message that we are sending to others is non-verbal, according to Mehrabian.
Basically, body language includes anything they are doing with their body besides speaking. There is another reason to understand body language besides being able to read what another is saying to you subconsciously.
When you are in a situation where you want to convey your support of another person, you can intentionally mimic their body language. You can also use this tool to gauge whether or not others are buying in on what you are saying. If you are looking for more useful facts about communication, the free eBook “Effective Communication Skills” written by MTD Training is the right choice for you.
We are piloting the resource for new students in September and your thoughts will be invaluable in helping make sure we get it right – so much so that we are offering a ?10 Amazon voucher to anyone who takes part. Specialising in electrical and mechanical engineering and advanced manufacturing, it has strong links to the University and regional employers including The Royal Navy, Portsmouth City Council, BAE Systems, QinetiQ and Salterns Academy Trust.
The school will start taking applications for admission from across the south coast region in September 2016 for year 10 and year 12 students and will open in September 2017. Akira’s gravity pulls Tetsuo’s gas into its central supermassive black hole, fueling winds that have the power to heat Akira’s gas. One reason was that it used to be difficult to map the internal structure and motions of gas and stars throughout a galaxy. He was working with a team of astronomers studying hundreds of galaxies when they caught a supermassive black hole blasting away at the cold gas in its host galaxy. If we looked just at the centre of the galaxy like we used to, we could have learned about the central black hole, but we would have missed the story of how it affects the rest of the galaxy.

Akira has a companion galaxy that Cheung called Tetsuo for another character in the same manga. The winds driven by Tetsuo’s gas are the reason that Akira is currently a red geyser galaxy. Therefore, our own Milky Way galaxy may not be safe from this galactic warming – distant future generations may see our supermassive black hole turning our galaxy into a red geyser. Within this update we will endeavour to respond to your views and passionate discussions that covered all aspects of the way we travel to work, the mode of travel we choose and why, concerns about car parking and expectations of how the University could support staff in travelling to work.
We will always encourage staff to use more environmentally friendly options however we appreciate that a number of staff need to use their car. We will also open the car park for a short period of time between the completion of enabling works and the start of building works. These permits are for Langstone car park only and vehicles displaying these permits are not permitted on the main campus. We currently do not have any solutions to this problem except to suggest you access the discounts available in the city car parks. Since these comments were made Portsmouth City Council has monitored the situation and identified that a number of staff are using the car park to collect their children.
Multiple options are being investigated, including exploring the possibility of a multi-storey car park and new car park locations.
The University is also developing a Travel plan that will include all modes of transport but this will take time to develop.
We will review why this approach failed and may reinstate it as a pilot to see if staff will support the scheme as it is based on the goodwill of staff. At the top of the list were concerns about the likely impacts of climate change and increasing global population, particularly in urban areas and coastal settings.
For instance, Bangladesh has made great improvements in reducing the impacts of cyclone surges over the past 40 years – but even though the numbers killed have been greatly reduced, from hundreds of thousands to hundreds, 15 out of every 16 fatalities are women. There will be a prize for the team who can raise the most and it really is for a great cause. Those wishing to attend should book onto their preferred session using the link, which is to help manage numbers and catering.
These brainy monkeys share up to 93 per cent of our DNA and research shows that they can recognise other monkeys’ faces and even play the childhood game of Snap!
There will be a quiz, raffle, talks, demos and lots of games for the sanctuary’s Barbary and Rhesus Macaques – watch them playing interactive games on a special computer (nicknamed the Monki) that use touch screen technology and taking part in other fun activities that test their decision-making. This dwarfs previous estimates produced by the UK Government which put the figure at around ?50bn in 2013. It reveals the staggering true cost of fraud – an average of more than ?3,900 per adult in the UK with losses taking place at a rate of ?6,000 per second. By far the biggest source of fraud for these businesses relates to procurement – an enormous ?127bn.
The best way to reduce its extent and cost is to make sure our organisations are fraud resilient and able to protect themselves against a continually evolving threat. They teamed up with shop owner Linzi Kelly to gain experience of working with a local business and taking their products to market. There are designated barbecue zones on Southsea Common so make sure you stick to these areas to be safe and avoid receiving a fine. The Estates Masterplan will set out the University’s vision for campus developments over the coming 25 years and will see significant investments during that time. Your views and thoughts are welcomed as we consider the emerging ideas.
We are more advanced with our thinking in this area and drawings show how we could reconfigure our land to optimise and improve the feel within the space we currently have.
Courses in Health Professions and Chemical Engineering were also in the top ten and courses in a number of other subject areas including Psychology, Pharmacy, Criminology and Economics were all in the top 20. The industry’s leading Times Higher Education’s ‘150 under 50’ rankings celebrate the high quality of research and teaching at the world’s best universities which are less than 50 years old. Additionally there will be exciting demonstrations of motion capture, virtual reality and an opportunity to see the developing feature film Stina and the Wolf. Work and artefacts on display are available to buy from students who have studied architecture, art and design, creative technologies, and media and performing arts, before showcasing at major venues in London.
Refreshments during the shows will be available at Eldon and we very much hope you can attend and celebrate with us on the 27 May, and look forward to seeing you all there.
It is so important that as a University we encourage and support open debate on such important issues and I am looking forward to hearing what will no doubt be a robust discussion. I share their positive view of Europe – I am a British European who has performed in German, French and Spanish. They are a world leader in advancing geography and supporting its practitioners in the UK and across the world. Over 30 geography departments from across the UK were represented and the day included policy scene-setting and latest data, as well as presentations from departments on the range of initiatives, activities and teaching practices being used to develop the skills, knowledge and values geography graduates will need in the world beyond higher education. He posed that the non-verbal aspects of communication such as tone of voice and non-verbal gestures communicate a great deal more than the words that are spoken. Tone involves the volume you use, the level and type of emotion that you communicate and the emphasis that you place on the words that you choose. The emphasis you place on the word draws the listener’s attention, indicating that the word is important somehow.
This means that we receive more than half of what a person is communicating through the subconscious messages they are sending with body language. We can picture these people and their behaviors from the short description here and without hearing a word from them, we have a pretty good idea of how they are feeling about the situation or about what we are saying to them. Are they using words that express agreement, but sitting all wound up with crossed arms and legs?
Please bring some headphones, if possible, to plug into your PC so you can listen to the videos. When investigating our options, we will need to understand the contribution our University makes to traffic within the city as well as seeking planning permission from Portsmouth City Council. Procurement fraud includes crimes such as the submission of false invoices or the awarding of contracts in exchange for bribes.
Procurement fraud is again a major source of losses, costing central and local Government a combined ?10.5bn per year.
Given the rise in identity theft and the prevalence of cyber-crime, this is only expected to grow.
Close by on the corner of Guildhall Walk and Winston Churchill Avenue, a student and community co-created temporary architectural installation ‘I heart Pompey’ will be on display.
The work will also travel to nine London venues, including New Designers, BFI (British Film Institute) in June and July 2016. When you begin studying communication, you’ll find that we communicate with much more than our words.
He also found that people are more likely to believe your non-verbal communication than your verbal communication if the two are contradictory. To see how this works, try saying the sentences below with the emphasis each time on the word in bold. Read the following examples and you’ll have a good idea of what the person’s body language is telling you. Unless they just happen to be cold, chances are that there is some matter still unresolved in their mind. This will take time and there is no certainty at this stage to any of the ideas that are being explored. The report highlights that procurement is so vulnerable because of the sheer size of expenditure which it accounts for, as well as the high volume, low value nature of transactions and the breadth of fraudulent activity it is susceptible to. In other words, you are most believable and most effectively communicating when all three elements of face-to-face communication are aligned with each other.
So in the first example, I didn’t say he borrowed my book, the phrase includes the message that someone else said it.
You can use a person’s body language to realize that your message is incomplete – there is more to say or there are questions to be answered. You are sending subconscious signals that you are on their side, even if the topic that you are discussing is one where there may be disagreement.
You can use this signal as information to you that you still need to do some explaining or ask some additional questions. The balance of the message, and in fact, the largest part of the message that we are sending to others is made up of non-verbal information. The implied information continues to change in each sentence, despite the words remaining the same each time.

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