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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Communication is a complex process, and the level of understanding varies from person to person. Strong communication with patients is essential to develop healthy relationships with them.
Have a look at these steps that can be taken to make communication with patients more successful and effective.
Others might comment and give you a lead by saying, a€?I hear what youa€™re saying.a€? These patients are making note of the points that make the most sense to them.
Most of your patients can be classified into four personalities based on the findings of VHF. Analyticals a€” These patients take a lot of time to convince and will not buy anything until you back it up with sound logic. Expressives a€” These folks are the most responsive of all groups, and they like to form a healthy relationship with the dentist.
Any block or obstruction in this process can create disharmony in the doctor-patient relationship.

Sponsored Content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of our editorial staff. Many times failed communication leads to a strained relationship between a dentist and his or her patients.
Patients will be able to respect and trust their dentist only when they get the dentista€™s message without any confusion. The tone of the dentist, body language, and voice volume all contribute to the communication, maybe even more than the actual words spoken.
When a patient says, a€?I see what you mean,a€? youa€™re on the right track and getting your message across. Some people like to learn hands-on and will say, a€?I know how it feels.a€? These are the ones who will take a dig at the brushing technique youa€™re promoting by actually trying it. They will tell you exactly what they expect from you and will demand your undivided attention. They are emotional, will never get into a confrontation with you, and will ask you a lot of questions. They like to get to know the doctor on a personal level to be able to trust and respect him or her. The manner in which you convey your message and what you do while delivering it is critical in the process.

She loves to write when she finds time, and she has written articles pertaining to dental hygiene and overall health for various health blogs and e-magazines.
Most people are more responsive to images, diagrams, and handouts, rather than long lectures. Know your facts and present those facts in a systematic manner when communicating with them. You will be able to hold their attention only when you give them an optimum solution and complete understanding of their problem. Your message needs to be to the point, clear, and based on the patienta€™s level of understanding.
Carol strongly believes that dental problems affect the overall health of a person and should never be ignored.

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