This revolutionary new DiSC® product is a 360-degree feedback profile built to give leaders constructive and useful feedback on leadership performance. 363 for Leaders is presented in a clear and easy-to-use method using the modern and efficient EPIC online platform. While classes and tutorials are valuable learning tools for leaders, much of leadership development comes from on-the-job experience. Of course, we each bring our own personal perceptions to work conflicts or situations, and these views can cloud our judgment. Many institutions embrace the use of 360 degree reviews as part of an employee’s performance evaluation process.
Select the right raters: It is important not to allow the person being rated to choose all the raters.
Keep the individual ratings as anonymous as possible: When selecting participants, try to solicit the opinions of three or more individuals so as to allow a sense of anonymity. Provide actionable feedback: The value of this coaching exercise is to coax out better workplace and leadership behaviors.
Giving critical feedback can be difficult, but being able to reference the perspectives of multiple people creates a more favorable environment in which to deliver development tips. 3D Group’s Leadership Navigator suite of 360 degree leadership feedback provides comprehensive surveys for a wide range of leaders. Our standard individual feedback 360 degree leadership feedback reports are comprised of four sections plus one optional analysis page. Overview- an overall comparison of competency scores for each source (Self, Boss, Peers, and Direct Reports). Strengths and Development Needs- the 10 highest-rated behaviors as well as the 10 lowest-rated behaviors. Regardless of which Leadership Navigator survey you choose, the following report configuration options can be added to customize your 360 degree leadership feedback report layout and analysis features.

Included with every report is a free interpretation guide that helps leaders sift through their report and identify their top development needs.
3D Group conducted dozens of studies on reliability, validity and normative comparisons for the Leadership Navigator suite of surveys. 360 degree feedback, otherwise known as multi source feedback or 360 degree assessment, is a comprehensive and structured way to obtain feedback from different sources, such as self, manager, peers, staff, customers and stakeholders.Its a powerful tool utilized to improve performance and leadership capacity. This profile is unique: giving the leader comprehensive 360 feedback, and focusing on 3 strategies for development.
This “perception filter” sometimes leaves us with an incomplete understanding of events—or worse, a view that is misaligned with that of coworkers and faculty. This will help alleviate some of the apprehension felt by those providing critical opinions. This type of well-rounded feedback is a critical learning tool for those who wish to become effective leaders—and for those who endeavor to guide them.
An optional blind spots analysis page identifies behaviors where leaders and their co-workers have widely varying views of the leader. Many of our surveys have national norms, but if you prefer to allow leaders to compare their scores to others within your company, we can include norms based on your company’s data. We can screen and edit verbatim comments to remove inappropriate language, or information that compromises rater anonymity. The report can highlight items for which the participant score falls into a certain range based on national norms or norms from your company’s data. Optionally, 3D Group 360 degree leadership feedback coaches are available to provide a more in-depth exploration of how leaders might interpret and respond to their results. 360 Degree feedback provides an agenda for change and accelerates individual capacity and development.Feedback is critical for any organization and individual to adapt and change. Unlike many other 360 feedback profiles, the new 363 for Leaders uses the latest in CommentSmart™ feedback technology which provides constructive selectable comments that gives the leader future-focused strategies for improvement.

Consistent use of a 360 evaluation as a leadership coaching tool can help align a manager’s leadership style with the organization’s mission and values. The standard Leadership Navigator individual feedback report is easy to read and easy to understand.
Feedback coaches help assure that leaders get the most out of their feedback, approach it with a positive attitude and have a clear idea of how to prioritize development. The report was designed by experienced leadership coaches to maximize the usefulness of the feedback for leaders. In addition, 3D Group 360 degree leadership feedback coaches are available to facilitate feedback and group action planning sessions based on aggregate results for particular work groups, departments or divisions. Outstanding manager.Christian works to personalize programs to develop his team members to bring out their best and works on that persons core personality type to gain the best from themHe understands the business environment and how to get the most out of a client.
Very good communication skill written and verbal, he can talk under water but it is all-relevant and worth listening to.
Implements processes and ways of managing our days that gives us more confidence in the role. Has a very positive and approachable personality, and has passion for his position and the business and affecting our clients. I have found Christian to be a very positive team leader and have thoroughly enjoyed working with him to date.

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