Assortment planning is a process whereby products are selected and planned to maximize sales and profit for a specified period of time. Fashion product can be either softline or hardline and is identified as fashion if its lifecycle is short, i.e. EXHIBIT 3 a€“ Basic Product Planning Process: Inventory management for basic products occurs in the replenishment system. Basic products can be included in assortment plans, thus providing a complete picture of The Multi-Channel Retailer product offering. Annually, each basic product's performance should be reviewed against the parent category's established sales and margin threshold by to determine if the product should be dropped from the assortment or continue in the assortment.

Based on the advantages, and disadvantages detailed above, The Parker Avery Group recommends Multi-Channel Retailer take a bilateral approach to the assortment planning process, utilizing a full assortment planning process for Fashion product and a modified assortment planning process for basic product. A friend sent me the article "Lead, Follow, or Move Aside" by Thomas Friedman, Op-Ed Columnist in the New York Times (9-26-07). I'm proud that I grew up next to Wal-Mart's headquarters in northwest Arkansas and saw the devastating business practices of their early years. We help you green your career, workplace and community by connecting you to quality green, sustainable and high performance resources.
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Fashion products require the assortment planning process to determine the amount of required receipts, which once derived are input to the allocation system. And in the search for glamor and global survival that is welcoming the dawn of the 21st century.

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