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We ask great questions designed to make you think, develop, stretch, and sometimes get a bit uncomfortable. You tell us what you want and we tell you what we believe will best serve your wants, needs, and established goals based on our experience and research. As a life coach, business coach and family coach, I will help you make life changes, discover who you really are and how you can bring profound meaning to your life.
Page 2 (not shown) will provide explanations of areas analyzed and suggestions on how to use your report.
I’m currently in an inquiry to more deeply understand the Creating Awareness PCC Markers because I notice that these markers are often missing when I assess coaching recordings, and they are also very relevant for MCC skill level.

Since the passing of our dog Stella a few years ago, we have adopted our neighbors dog Kensley, who spends time with us when her parents are out of town. As a Mentor Coach for MCC credential preparation, I’m constantly in the study of what indicates MCC skill level coaching. Seven years ago when we moved into our current neighborhood, I was given an orchid as a house warming present. Working with our coaching clients often takes an act of faith and trusting in the coaching process, which we know can produce amazing results if we let go of controlling how the coaching session goes.
For those of you who know The Target Approach, you’ll know that I consider the ICF Core Competency of Creating Awareness to be an “Output” competency, because it is a result or output of some of the other core competencies we engage with.
Last month, I watched an updated movie version of the American classic book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (called The Wiz Live! One of the most powerful distinctions I can offer coaches I’m mentoring toward MCC skill level, is to coach the whole human being (the Who) and especially the emotional content of their client. By providing a mixture of both coaching AND consulting, you get what you need -- when you need it!

In this relationship, we assume that you are capable and competent and can find the answers -- you just need someone to help you explore options and to keep you focused on what you say you want. Ultimately, you have complete control over whether to accept, reject, or modify anything we recommend -- the results are still your responsibility as the client. As an ICF MCC Assessor, I’m aware of distinctions that maybe a lot of other coaches are not privy to, and want to offer you some key characteristics of MCC skill level coaching.
While we recommend strategies and techniques for helping you find the answers, ultimately, you are the author of your success. The small business coaching lessons will equip you to double your client list and your revenue, and you'll love every minute of it.

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