Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. After filling out the form, Google sends you the following template email that lets you know that your information has been sent to the AdWords advertiser. However it is not a requirement to use the email address that is associated with your account that you are currently logged in to, as I changed the one associated with my account that auto populated in the email box, to another one, when I tested one of these ads. I have seen an increase in CTR’s and ad performance after launching ad extensions for various AdWords PPC campaigns that I have managed. You’re going to have to be very careful enabling, and writing ads for Communication ad extensions when bidding on branded keywords.
If the searcher is already familiar enough with the business to search for them using a branded keyword, there is a good chance that they would prefer the direct and official contact info. Instead of using the Request Call ad extension for branded campaigns, you’re probably better off listing the official phone number in the text ad and save yourself some clicks for the searchers who are looking only for a phone number. And instead of using the Request Email ad extension, you are better off sending the visitor to the site directly where there will be the opportunity to get them to fill out a contact form that will ask for more information, like phone number, contact name, and a real email address (see below).
Tapping into a competing brand’s search volume is a common practice for most ppc marketers. Since Communication Extensions are primarily a lead generation solution, you will find fewer uses for ecommerce pay per click campaigns. If, like me, you are obsessive with attribution and tracking visitors and conversions within your web analytics platform, then these new extensions are probably going to cause you to reassess your reporting.

For the near future, I can’t see this feature being active for use on the Display Network. Location extensions: Your ad may also be shown without the location extension across the Google Search and Display Networks if you have also enabled your campaign to appear on these networks.
Product extensions: Product extensions will not appear on other Search Network sites, or on Display Network sites. Also, less than ethical AdSense partners have been known to fake leads by submitting dummy information, just so their fraudulent clicks appear to convert and be of higher quality. Other than acknowledging that the display ad test was happening, and tacitly confirming that it was appearing on Google Display Network sites, Google wouldn’t provide further information on the display ad test. Google has put in place a Help Article that is located in their Web Search Help section covering how they handle your personal information. When you interact with an advertiser through a Communication Ad, we go to great lengths to ensure that you only share the minimum amount of information necessary to submit your request. Phone calls: When you submit your phone number in order to receive a call from the advertiser, the advertiser will instead receive a special Google forwarding phone number.
Emails: When you submit your email address in order to receive an email from the advertiser, the advertiser will instead receive a special Google forwarding email address. PPC advertisers would be best suited to track these leads, their close rate, and ROI separately from normal clicks.
The new Google AdWords Communication Ad Extensions have started to appear in search results for limited queries and searchers.

It has also been written time, and time, and time again that AdWords Ad Extensions can boost Click Through Rates for your Text Ads simply by drawing more attention to them.
Also, once on the site, the visitor will now have access to business hours, specials and sales, entire product and service line, and anything else that you want them to see and interact with that may lead to a stronger experience with the brand.
Instead, you are better off using Product extensions, Sitelink extensions, or even the alternative Product Listing Ads.
Advertisers will call the phone number provided by Google, and Google will instantly forward advertiser’s calls to you, so your phone number remains confidential. Advertisers will email the email address provided by Google, and Google instantly forwards the email to you, so your email address remains confidential. The advertiser won’t receive your actual phone number unless you choose to share your number with the advertiser during the call.
The advertiser won’t receive your actual email address unless you choose to share your email address with them directly. Agree, get a quote from all, obfuscate the leads, and get the user to click through the companies ads they are about to get pitched from.

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