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The University of Zambia Don in the School of Education Department of Language and Social Sciences Education unleashes a new communication, knowledge transfer, exchange and research uptake model tagged “Sitwe’s SRUCU Model” commonly known in other parts of the world as Sitwe's Communication and Marketing Model which is now being used in over thirty countries throughout the world. Sitwe Benson Mkandawire a Researcher and Lecturer in Applied Linguistics started developing the model early 2011 when he was actively involved in disseminating University of Zambia research output through radio, media briefings, institutional visits and other channels. The model was first presented in 2012 and 2013 as a working model on the Corperate Graduate Link (CoGL) International Consortium Forum and on the Development Research uptake in Sub-Sahara Africa (DRUSSA)’s online platform article two and article three and early 2014 after it was accepted as a proper idealized representation of reality that help researchers, scientists and research institutions to explore various ways of having their new knowledge up taken and reach the end users.

The latest edition of Wider Outlook is now avaliable, this month’s focus is Europe and European Funding.
It was presented as fully fledged model in article four with reserved forms of usage and explanations which appear in a book now in press.
This communication provides recommendations on how higher education institutions can work strategically to promote themselves outside Europe. People from different parts of the world commented on the working models which were presented with options, strategies and tools separately.

This will document will also be a useful strategic reference point for future applications to the Erasmus+ funding stream, which will offer over €400 million per year for collaborations in education, training, youth and sport.

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