We will see about this 7Cs for effective communication  in detail one by one in another post. This site is optimized for use with Internet Explorer 8 and newer (non-compatibility mode) - sorry for any inconvenience. Let's start by acknowledging that effective communication within an organization, regardless of size is both essential and difficult.
My first formal lesson in communication came from a book I read by Ruth Portillo on five communication levels with the first level being the most superficial and the fifth level being the most intimate. When trying to communicate a message to the most people, most organizations use written communication.
We should put a lot of thought into what is most important to communicate and if it is most important we should try to communicate those concepts in the most effective way, face to face combined with written. Communication that is less important can be done by phone and the least important communication can be written. With information about sensitive issues you will want to start out with a face to face conversation and depending on the information gathered you might need to document it in writing. Communicating compliance issues could also be considered sensitive and should be communicated in a manner similar to the above since compliance issues can result in disciplinary action and you should also provide employees an anonymous means of communicating their compliance concerns. This is a really good reading material for those who wants some tips on effective communication.
Being conversational is really a challenge for anyone who wants to communicate effectively.

I think effective communication should be learned and relearned by people from time to time. There are really a lot of people who are not clear with their points when they talk to someone.
Effective communication can sometimes be hard to achieve most especially if one wouldn’t listen or the other is unclear of what he or she is trying to tell. I think confidence is one factor that sometimes people don’t possess when delivering effective communication.
If you have been reading my blog and newsletters for a while now, you will notice that I like to use acronyms, abbreviations, and cute ways to remember things. If you talk like you’re rushing things or if you sound angry, you might seem intimidating or unbelievable to your audience. A lot of offices have a lot of communication issues and I bet it’s time to re-educate employees on communicating effectively. I think getting the message across in a short span of time and getting it across effectively is a good way of communication. After all, confidence is one thing that amazes people and make them notice you and pay attention to you.
I believe being in control and having clear and concise information are the most important factors in communication.
My name is Melissa and I have built this website to help you improve your communication skills.

This is due to my need and dare I say ability to take detailed information from various sources and condense it into an easy way to remember, so that I can use it when I need it. I, for one, is now trying to tone my voice down to make me sound calm and not scare people away.
Some people just shout or sound like they’re talking to some dumb people to make them look superior and intimidating. People think it is pretty easy to communicate but communicating EFFECTIVELY is more complex.
Often, I just really cut the person out (in a nice way) and ask again what he’s trying to imply.
They left you wondering what was wrong with them and you’ll forget what the whole point of your conversation was. But also make sure that what you’re going to say makes a lot of sense and not just a total waste of time.

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