English is generally recognised as the international language for Business Communications!! In order to participate in this course, it is essential that you already have a basic understanding of the spoken English language.
In the international world of business and commerce, English is now accepted as the main common language. If you work for an indigenous company that plans to trade on an international basis, or if you plan to live and work outside your country, the business English course will be essential to your success.
To enhance your employment prospects and to further your career, you need to partake in specialised English exams in order to demonstrate your expertise in Business English.

The three main providers of such exams are the Business English Certificate (BEC) supplied by Cambridge, The Test of English for International Communication provided by ETS (Educational Testing Service) and also a test provided by the Business Language Testing Service (BULATS). The exams from all three providers follow the same basic format of four sections, one of which is Speaking English. This course will give you direct experience of the spoken language that may be used in situations such as meetings or negotiations and will include business idioms, key business vocabulary, phrasal verbs and an introduction to regional UK accents.
Other essential elements include: English whilst travelling, mini dialogues, diplomatic business language and even a session on making decisions. Keep up to date with the latest news, tips and recommendations to help improve your conversational English and become fluent in the language!

About PSEWe're committed to helping you learn English so you can be successful in any area you choose.

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