Elite Leadership Training consultant’s provide you with creative and exciting team building exercises with innovative and challenging leadership development courses. Our training programs are tailored to your needs and designed to develop successful teams, skilled leaders, and dedicated managers, based on business, athletic and military principles; accomplished with scenarios where the group has to work together to complete tasks, and leaders are required to make sound and timely decisions. Our Leadership in Action Program is a proven, powerful approach to developing individual leaders and building momentum for effective organizational change.
We offer Leadership in Action in two formats – as an internal program tailored to specific organizational goals and as a partnership offering where several organizations each send teams of leaders. Specific learning strategies include four 2-day sessions, individual and team coaching, a 360 leadership assessment, action learning initiatives, rigorous behavioral feedback and a focus on applying new leadership behaviors on the job. Our strategic planning process involved major changes in our governance structure, bylaws and administrative rules which for a membership organization is monumental.
I have been highly satisfied with divisional retreats facilitated by Transformation Strategies over the past several years. It is essential that leaders effectively communicate a clear direction through words and actions that align support for visions that meet the needs and values of constituents.
Leaders must have strong communication, interpersonal, organizational knowledge and strategy, self-management, and problem solving skills.
Potentials works with organizations to develop leaders through processes specifically designed for each individual.
We developed the UNs Management Skill Training program which is comprised of 4 days of skill-based training and over 10 days of follow-up programs to deepen the learning and reinforce concepts. Potentials certified facilitators around the world to lead these workshops using a coach approach. We designed and facilitated a comprehensive three -week leadership program for senior leaders across the globe.

The program incorporated an organization development focus and participants across the globe aligned around a shared vision and worked on action learning projects that brought significant bottom-line results to the organization. When you register for this information-packed interview, you will also receive a complimentary subscription to Openings—Leadership Tips for Unparalleled Results, delivered to your email box, twice monthly. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. We specialize in Team Building, Leadership Training, Character Development, Performance Coaching, Academic Training, Motivational Speaking and Organizational Assessments.
We ensure skill development, confidence and growth; we forge the foundation on how leaders and winners think! Internal programs increase cross-functional collaboration as leaders from different functions learn together while working on strategic organizational issues.
Bob Devlin and Claire Meany were highly sensitive to the needs of our group, one experiencing high growth, needing additional professional development, and managing projects with high political visibility in the Asian region.
We have extensive experience and research on transformational leadership and the design of leadership development initiatives around the world.  We have successfully developed programs for leaders and managers that are skill-based and experiential. Leaders are expected to develop strategies for producing the changes necessary to achieve a vision. Options include interactive training programs, assessments and individual and group coaching. Managers of all nations report the program is life-changing, influencing how they lead and influence others. As part of the program, participants worked in small cohorts and received individual and group coaching on their leadership presence, ability to influence and communication style.
After the program, participants who had long-standing conflicts were able to collaborate for the benefit of the organization.

Our experienced and dedicated staff can provide customized leadership and team-building courses at your location or ours. By building a learning community that meets for two days per month for four months, we create powerful, action-focused experiences, rooted in real organizational issues and challenges that prepare mid-level leaders to step more boldly into their leadership roles with new perspectives, skills and confidence. The partnership offering cross-fertilizes learning among leaders from different organizations, expanding individual horizons and sharing best practices from one organization to another.
They solicited input on the issues ahead of time and got agreement on the agenda, objectives and outcomes. They also are called upon to continually motivate and inspire stakeholders, to overcome resistance and to pursue desired goals.
The program has been highly regarded with a continual waiting list of participants to who wish to attend.
Specific skills areas addressed include: Strategic Thinking, Envisioning the Future, Managing Culture and Context, Growing Others, Mobilizing Support and Leading Change. They were masterful in keeping us focused, ensuring room for all views, and keeping strong personalities from dominating. Embedded in this program are the core leadership attributes of: Integrity, Courage and Emotional Intelligence.

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