We have been following Project Glass as closely as we can after the Google X team introduced to the world back in early April.
According to CNET, who had a recent meeting with Google+ chief Vic Gundotra, the interface that ships with Google Glasses may not be exactly what people would expect after watching their promo videos.
Google’s Project Glass or as we like to call them, Google Glasses, are one of the more interesting tech topics to follow in 2012.
This week, this whole Project Glass situation just jumped another notch or two on the Cool Meter.
About Droid LifeWe consider ourselves to have the greatest Android community in the world, here at Droid Life. Brace yourselves, because you are about to see something really cool that you are going to want on your phone today, only it’s not coming today and is an iOS exclusive at the moment. To get to most of the new settings, you’ll need to jump into the Google Keyboard app. Hiroshi Lockheimer, Android daddy of them all, announced this evening that new emoji are coming to Android next week via Nexus phones. Wait no longer for the updated version of the Google Keyboard app, featuring the much-desired Material themes as seen in Lollipop.

An update to the official Google Keyboard for Android devices is rolling out on Google Play, which might not bring as much as you would hope.
The most recent sighting was at New York Fashion Week, but no new details of availability or functionality came out of it. Since that first video of what it could look like surfaced, we have seen actual prototypes in the wild on some of our favorite tech characters. Sebastian Thrun, one of the Project Glass gurus, stopped by to chat with Charlie Rose while wearing a pair of these glasses.
This is obviously a look waaaaaay into the future, but we thought it was at least fun enough to share.
Don’t ask me why, just know that Google likes to torture us and this is the latest example. We’re talking about keyboard height adjustments, borders around keys, one-handed mode, new gestures, and some new layouts when in the number and symbol layout, that includes a flip to a dial pad. Upon first loading the keyboard, I was prompted with a line that read “Personalization is on.
In an update to the official Google Keyboard, a theme switcher has been introduced that will take you from 4.4-white to Jelly Bean-blue in a matter of taps.

This week though, we received the most up-close and personal look yet, thanks to a photo walk that a group of Googlers went on. The interview was posted publicly yesterday, but from what we can tell, was actually conducted last week. There are also some bug fixes tossed into this update, but the big deal here is the color battle.
Within the first few minutes of the conversation and while discussing some of the project’s features, Thrun appears to snap a picture of Rose and then share it to Google+ without doing anything more than a simple head nod. Obviously you can’t see the picture being taken or the UI for sharing since it is only viewable through his glasses, but what we do know is that Thrun posted the picture you are seeing above,  to his G+. Well, one of the questions that came in actually saw a response from the Glass team, having to do with potential users who wear prescription glasses.
The goal is to make the product usable for everyone, so that would include those of us that are blind.

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