The Commitment is a free online resource to help schools support all pupils, including those with SLCN, to communicate to the best of their ability.
Schools can use the Commitment to help with the identification and support of pupils with SLCN, and the site has recently been updated with specific information and guidance about how schools can use it to support them in their work under the 2014 SEND Code of Practice. The Commitment provides a structure for schools to support best practice around speech, language and communication.
The Commitment has been developed by The Communication Trust, which is cited in the Code as providing advice, information and training on speech, language and communication. Through the site schools can choose create a personalised Action Plan to guide their work, selecting those actions that will most benefit their pupils. Resources and guides are provided to support each of these areas, and information about further support and services is also available should schools wish to take their work further.
THEODORE M.NEWCOMB (July 24, 1903)  in Rock Creek, at the northeastern tip of Ohio and he was a great pioneer in the field of social psychology. The New Comb’s model of communication was introduced by Theodore M Newcomb of the University of Michigan in 1953. The relationship between A and B is like student and teacher, government and public or newspaper and readers. If both students and teachers are satisfied with this policy then the communication maintains its equilibrium status between them. You may be wondering how do the computers send and receive data across communication links.
The data transmission software or protocols perform the following functions for the efficient and error free transmission of data. Data sequencing: A long message to be transmitted is broken into smaller packets of fixed size for error free data transmission.
Data Routing: It is the process of finding the most efficient route between source and destination before sending the data. Error Control: Error detecting and recovering is the one of the main function of communication software. Data is transmitted from one point to another point by means of electrical signals that may be in digital and analog form. Wire Pairs:Wire pairs are commonly used in local telephone communication and for short distance digital data communication. Coaxial Cables: Coaxial cable is groups of specially wrapped and insulted wires that are able to transfer data at higher rate. Microwave: Microwave system uses very high frequency radio signals to transmit data through space. Communication Satellite: The problem of line-sight and repeaters are overcome by using satellites which are the most widely used data transmission media in modern days.
Efficient communication – amongst a company’s staff, or between staff and clients, or again between sales and customers, or even between upper and lower management – is simply crucial. Investing in sales people is one way through which companies can develop effective and targeted communication. While all this is good, social media provides excellent tools to create both internal and external communication where and when it is hard to do it face-to-face, or when budgets for expensive communication campaigns are not available. As we saw in the article Social Media Applications Guide, social media provides major opportunities for communication in business in four main ways: Meetings and conferencing, Sharing media, Location services and Broadcasting. Social media allows meetings to take place in a virtual environment; from your desk you can attend a meeting or conference with other people whether or not you are all in the same country.
Skype: this conferencing tool is a very good way to communicate with clients, customers, suppliers or employees. Example: HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) has recently launched a set of webinars to explain tax obligation and payment processes for the businesses and the self-employed  (HMRC webinars). This aspect of social media makes it possible and easy to share different kinds of content like documents, videos, audios, pictures and presentations slides among others. Flickr: this is a photo management tool that allows the sharing of pictures across the web. Example: Starbucks used Foursquare to allow mayors – those Foursquare users who ‘check in’ the most frequently at a certain location, in this case, at a Starbucks coffee shop – to get a discounted price on a Frappuccino. Example: Wells Fargo is an international financial services company, operating in many different parts of the world.
Communication skills are essential for learning, developing relationships, and emotional well-being; the Commitment helps schools to develop a greater understanding and emphasis on communication in the classroom, and throughout the whole school. A new factsheet supports schools to understand their responsibilities under the 2014 Code and an index helps schools easily find the fifteen resources that have been updated to reflect the new Code, all clearly branded to show the changes. Schools can access a wealth of free resources and guidance on how to support pupils’ communication skills, and develop a whole-school strategy around communication. It also includes a vast range of information, resources and services from The Communication Consortium, a group of nearly 50 voluntary and community sector organisations with expertise in children and young people’s speech, language and communication.

Merely 50 years he worked for the improvement of human motivation, perception and learning to shape the deep understanding of social process. Sender and Receiver may work in a same flow but the same time some factor like “X” may affect their flow of relationship.  “X” it may be third persons, issue, topic or policy. Otherwise the flow of communication between “A” and “B” becomes trouble in the social system. He was the first who focused the communication cycle insted of discussing message or MCR just like Laswell. For communication of information and messages we use telephone and postal communication systems. Hence the flow control regulates the process of sending data between fast sender and slow receiver. Use of full-duplex line improves the efficiency as the line turn-around time required in half-duplex arrangement is eliminated. In asynchronous transmission data is transmitted character by character as you go on typing on a keyboard. They consist of a central copper wire surrounded by an insulation over which copper mesh is placed. The transmitter and receiver of a microwave system should be in line-of-sight because the radio signal cannot bend. A business without successful internal and external communication is a business that will gradually degrade. Monthly meetings amongst staff are another way to allow some interaction between all employees and catch up on a month’s business. On top of that, social media provides the opportunity to enhance communication with additional features such as images and videos, as well as heavily increase the number of people the message is communicated to. This means that business can carry on without the need to be geographically in the same place.
HMRC offers both live and pre-recorded webinar presentations on several different tax-related issues. So again here, what social media adds to simple face-to-face communication is that it diversifies communication types, but also that it can transmit all these different kinds of contents to a very wide audience, at any time. The site is visited by millions of people every single day and has about 2 million views per day, according to the site. Flickr not only makes it very easy to share large files like pictures or thread of pictures, but makes your pictures visible to a very wide audience and in turn, gives access to others’ pictures from around the word.
But the point here is that Ford has 290 pages and each page has more than 12 pictures on it. Location services detect the location of users through their smartphones, and then transmit different kinds of information related to that particular location to the users’ smartphones. Users can ‘check in’ at venues through their mobiles and share their location with other users using the service. This strategy boosted competition for the mayor rewards, and as a result, it made more people go to their local Starbucks store. Webcasting is a very useful tool for companies dealing with time-sensitive issues, or with those who want to communicate with customers or clients live in order to engage with them in a more interactive way.
What is useful is to create regular series of these shows in order to attract and maintain subscribers on a steady basis.
In 1929, he started his professional career in the department of psychology at University of Michigan. The main purpose of this theory is to introduce the role of communication in a social relationship (society) and to maintain social equilibrium within the social system.
If “A” or “B” is not ready to accept the policy then it will directly affect the social system and can’t maintain the equilibrium status. Similarly data and information from one computer system can be transmitted to other systems across geographical areas.
If the PC is connected to all the client’s PCs through networking, he can send the letters to all the clients within minutes. In analog signal the transmission power varies over a continuous range with respect to sound, light and radio waves. They are used for long distance telephone lines and local area network for their noise immunity and faster data transfer.
Conferences are yet another method through which a company can communicate its vision to potential clients.
Therefore, using social media for your business to create and enhance communication might take you many steps ahead of your competitors. This of course does not mean that face-to-face communication is not useful, but what it does mean is that something that is usually impossible simply becomes possible, and that business can actually take place when it could not without social media. These HMRC webinars can reach anyone who has a query on tax processes, while at the same time avoiding possible mistakes that HMRC employees could make when explaining tax matters.

Now just imagine what kind of impact a popular video you post there can have on your business. Instead of putting some pictures on its website, the company decided to put thousands of them on Flickr, which already has a huge pool of users.
In order to find out whether these blenders had a potential to sell within the consumer market, the company created YouTube videos to show how the blender works.
Businesses which participate in location services get the chance to connect with local customers and increase traffic towards their website. This mega service allows users to share their whereabouts, making it possible to see where friends are ‘checked in’ at any given time.
The live factor of this social media application makes it very close to direct face-to-face communication, except (1) that what can be communicated can be anything from a simple conversation to a large-scale musical performance, and (2) that it can reach many more people across geographical boundaries, and (3) perhaps obvious but crucial, that it is a very affordable way to communicate live. This allows a feasible, cost-effective solution to circulate information quickly – creating competitive advantage for the company in the time-sensitive industry . In 1931, he moved to Cleveland College, University of Western Reserve from University of Michigan. He does not include the message as a separate entity in his diagram, implying it only by use of directional arrows. But in cases where the parties are going to be having different views about something, every party will be in need to convincing the other party that what one party is talking about is the best idea and thus communication will be effective and will take place for quite a long period of time. Thus irrespective of geographical areas, if PCs are connected through communication channel, the data and information, computer files and any other program can be transmitted to other computer systems within seconds. The data communication software instructs computer systems and devices as to how exactly data is to be transferred from one place to another.
On the other hand a digital signal may assume only discrete set of values within a given range. In order to overcome the problem of line of sight and power amplification of weak signal, repeaters are used at intervals of 25 to 30 kilometers between the transmitting and receiving end.
In satellite communication, microwave signal is transmitted from a transmitter on earth to the satellite at space. Also, this will reduce the general hassle of getting hold of the right person and help make the whole understanding process much easier.
So by doing so, the company exposed its cars to many more people, increased brand awareness and increased traffic towards their own website.
The entertaining way in which these blenders are presented to the public created a sensational reaction amongst the online community, with millions of views and a dramatic increase in sales. On top of this, they get the crucial opportunity to create a pool of locals who can come back to a venue if they liked it.
In 1934, he got a great offer from New Bennington College in Vermont which caused remarkable changes in his rest of his professional career. He concentrates on the social purpose of communication, showing all communication as a means of sustaining relationships between people. Otherwise they have to make some adjustments in the Policy “X” and convince them towards the policy. These methods include electrical signals carried along a conductor, optical signals along an optical fibers and electromagnetic areas. The modern form of communication like e-mail and Internet is possible only because of computer networking. More than that is the great advantage of pre-corded webinars: they are accessible at anytime, which means that you do not have to wait in telephone queues for someone to answer your query, reducing the load on customer service as well. Loyalty programs can be devised to reward customers who indeed come back, attracting increasingly more regulars by doing so. The main advantage of satellite communication is that it is a single microwave relay station visible from any point of a very large area. He published a new social approach in field of communication which is called “ABX” system (later it became Newcomb’s model) and it’s published in the name of “An Approach to the Study of Communicative Acts (1953)”. Synchronous transmission is well suited for remote communication between a computer and related devices like card reader and printers. When digital data are to be sent over an analog form the digital signal must be converted to analog form. So the technique by which a digital signal is converted to analog form is known as modulation. And the reverse process, that is the conversion of analog signal to its digital form, is known as demodulation.

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