Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is like an emotional smart bomb…It’s true!  NLP will go straight to work on the subconscious to eliminate problems like addiction, negative patterns, habits and other things that hold people back from achieving the success they deserve. Let’s take the issue of weight loss for instance.  Before I was fortunate enough to discover NLP I had already begun to realize that many clients get stuck trying to lose weight because of their thoughts.
NLP can actually retrain your subconscious mind to give you more willpower to change the habits that keep you stuck in life. Or let’s take relationships for another example.  Let’s say you end up in dead end or damaging and hurtful relationships over and over again, NLP can give you the self-image improvements you need to expect more and make lasting positive changes.
The fact is, when we realize that most of our decisions are driven from our subconscious mind and we use NLP to bring our thoughts both subconscious and conscious together, we are able to find success.
Whether you need to lose weight, quit smoking, approve athletic performance, increase your financial earnings or find the right relationship, Neuro- Linguistic Programming could be the answer you’re looking for.  But only if you take action. Now a NEW report that can help serious Nutritional Balancing clients take their programs to a new level. ANALYTICAL RESEARCH LABORATORY UPDATES!I am excited to announce that Analytical Research Laboratory (ARL) has recently updated their lab booklets to include more educational information. HOLISTIC WELLNESS FROM WITHIN WELCOMES ERIC JOHNSONI would like to welcome Eric Johnson to Holistic Wellness From Within. Hair Mineral Analysis and Nutritional Balancing ProgramsA Hair Mineral Analysis can help identify the root cause of most health challenges such as: Adrenal Burnout, Thyroid Issues, Depression, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Fatigue and more.
HO’OPONOPONO HEALINGHo’oponopono is a very powerful, ancient Hawaiian healing method that facilitates forgiveness within you. THE TRUTH ABOUT HEALING Let’s suppose you were considering buying an old house that been vacant and abandoned for a long time. B?n co mu?n c?i thi?n cac m?i quan h? c?a minh cung nhu ti?p c?n v?i nh?ng ngu?i khac m?t cach l?ch s??
Chuong trinh ngon ng? th?n kinh h?c (Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP) s? giup b?n du?c di?u do, th?m chi con hon th? n?a.
NLP la m?t b? cac k? nang giao ti?p cao c?p da du?c xac d?nh thong qua nghien c?u tren nh?ng ngu?i thanh d?t.
Cac k? thu?t va phuong phap c?a NLP s? giup b?n hi?u du?c b?n than minh cung nhu nh?ng ngu?i xung quanh, cach b?n ?ng x? va ph?n ?ng v?i th? gi?i ben ngoai, cach b?n va ngu?i khac giao ti?p, va lam th? nao d? d? dang co du?c m?i quan h? t?t v?i ngu?i khac.
D? hi?u ro hon v? NLP, th? nh? l?i xem l?n cu?i s?p g?i b?n vao van phong ong ta sau khi b?n da hoan thanh xong m?t d? an kho nh?n. NLP giup b?n hi?u du?c cai dich mong mu?n trong m?t hoan c?nh nh?t d?nh, va lam b?n v?ng bu?c tren con du?ng di t?i cai dich do. M?t vi d? khac: Khi roi vao m?t tinh hu?ng tranh lu?n kho khan, b?n co th? d?t minh vao v? tri c?a ngu?i khac d? c?m nh?n va danh gia t?t hon. Cho du ph?n l?n chung ta co l? d?u gi?i ? kho?n gay d?ng m?i quan h?, nhung cung ph?i th?a nh?n r?ng doi khi m?i vi?c l?i x?y ra khong nhu y. B?t chu?c ngon ng? co th? c?a, am di?u, va th?m chi t?c d? noi c?a m?t ai do co th? gay du?c c?m tinh v?i h?.
Ch?c b?n da t?ng nghe ngu?i khac noi :”Toi hi?u du?c y b?n r?i”, “A thi ra la th?”, “Toi n?m du?c v?n d? r?i”… Vi?c phat tri?n k? nang c?m nh?n c?a 5 giac quan s? giup b?n dung t? d? nghe hon.
Them n?a, b?ng cach xay d?ng y th?c v? nh?ng thay d?i c?a ngon ng? co th?, b?n co th? nhin th?u du?c chuy?n gi dang x?y ra v?i ngu?i khac.
B?ng cach dao sau vao co ch? ho?t d?ng c?a ngon ng? cung nhu cach con ngu?i giao ti?p, b?n co th? nh?n d?ng du?c ki?u m?u giup minh hi?u hon n?a v? hanh vi c?a con ngu?i. Tuy nhien, ch? la m?t trong nh?ng cong d?ng c?a NLP co th? du?c dung d? chi ph?i ngu?i khac, con t?ng quan thi NLP khong danh cho m?c dich do. M?t quan ni?m sai khac la: NLP co th? phat hi?n noi d?i, b?ng cach d?a vao s? chuy?n d?ng c?a m?t.
NLP tang cu?ng k? nang giao ti?p c?a b?n d? b?n ti?n len m?t bu?c xa hon trong vi?c k?t n?i v?i m?i ngu?i, m?i noi va m?i luc. B?ng cach s? d?ng phuong phap NLP, b?n d? dang hoa d?ng v?i d?i tu?ng b?n mu?n giao ti?p, tranh du?c nh?ng r?i ro trong giao ti?p thong qua vi?c nh?n bi?t va di?u ch?nh nh?ng hanh vi cho phu h?p.
If we accept that creating negative consequences, of dysfluent speech, are leading to higher anxiety, and that these consequences, are as a result of our own thoughts and feelings, and that we can change these thoughts and feelings, then we can start to look for ways to make these changes.
The second and less known process, is known as Neuro-Semantics, which is an offshoot of a process known as Neuro Linguistic Programming, also known as NLP.

There are other methods of addressing the psychological side of the personality, that has developed wrapped in the “vines of stuttering”, and one of those is Personal Construct Therapy, also know as Narrative Therapy.
Other methods include visualisation, meditation and modalities that seek to remove the emotions and trauma trapped in the energy fields of the body, as a result of stuttering experiences and other personally disturbing experiences, that contribute to your reflex fear and anxiety levels.
I am however of the opinion that the single greatest fear stutterers have, is the fear of stuttering. Stuttering Jack Insiders ClubRegister to join the Stuttering Jack Insider Club and receive other stuttering treatment tips, free ebooks and other offers from time to time. Remember phone consultations and Skype sessions are available for my friends outside of the Tri-state area.
You will spend valuable time choosing gifts that are quickly forgotten once the novelty has passed. B?ng cach th?u hi?u, mo ph?ng cach h? nghi va hanh vi c?a h?, phuong phap NLP ch?ng minh du?c r?ng b?n co th? d?t du?c nh?ng thanh cong tuong duong nhu h?. Ho?c, b?n c?m th?y th? nao khi bu?c len san kh?u, hay luc chu?n b? di?n thuy?t tru?c dam dong? K? thu?t NLP giup b?n xay d?ng cac m?i quan h?, k?t n?i v?i m?i ngu?i, giao ti?p thu?n l?i va th?u hi?u ngu?i khac.
NLP s? giup b?n y th?c nh?ng di?u b?n noi, cai cach ma b?n di?n d?t di?u ?y va d?i tac  co chu y d?n nh?ng di?u ?y khong.
Tuong t? nhu v?y, d? cu?c tranh lu?n di d?n m?t k?t qu? t?t d?p, b?n c?n ph?i co cai nhin t?ng quat v? m?i th? tru?c khi di sau vao chi ti?t va d?ng y v?i k?t qu? cu?i cung. B?ng cach khai thac tr?ng thai  t? tin ?n sau trong con ngu?i b?n, b?n co th? nhin th?y du?c nh?ng hinh ?nh va c?m giac khi b?n thi?u t? tin.
Vi d?: tham gia vao m?t g?p g? d?y cang th?ng v?i nh?ng khach hang dang nong gi?n, hay trong luc th?o lu?n v?n d? tang luong v?i s?p ch?ng h?n. M?t trong nh?ng bai t?p d? luy?n giac quan c?a b?n la n?m b?t t?ng chuy?n d?ng c?a m?t, va hi?u du?c r?ng m?i ki?u chuy?n d?ng l?i g?n li?n v?i m?t y nghia khac nhau.
INLPTA d?t ra nh?ng tieu chu?n qu?c t? v? dao t?o cac khoa h?c NLP va h?c vien s? ph?i tuan th? cac tieu chu?n v? ch?t lu?ng, trinh d? nghi?p v? cung nhu s?c t?c.
NLP giup b?n an noi thuy?t ph?c hon va bi?t cach l?ng nghe ngu?i khac, khi?n h? co c?m giac du?c th?u hi?u. I spoke about some of the typical destructive and fear of speaking anxiety provoking consequences, that we can conjure up in our mind.
It is guaranteed to make us stutter worse, because of the consequence that we place on being dysfluent, in these situations. There are various methods that have been, and are used, to train people, not only people who stutter, to look at the validity of their thoughts and feelings. CBT teaches the individual to look into and analyse the negative thoughts, and the negative consequences, that they see a particular action will have, and look for the real validity in those perceptions.
This method works on the premise, that if you can speak fluently in any particular situation, you can learn to speak fluently in all situations. In simple terms, that method looks at the way that the person, has constructed their whole persona as a person who stutters, and endeavours to address the difficulties that the person faces in developing the persona of a fluent or more fluent speaker. Thong qua NLP, b?n s? tr? nen y th?c hon n?a v? ph?n ?ng c?a minh va h?c cach bi?n d?i no theo hu?ng co l?i cho minh. B?n co th? s? d?ng k? nang ngon ng? c?a minh d? d?t ra nh?ng cau h?i s?c ben va d?t du?c k?t qu? mong d?i. Khi b?n da y th?c t? ch? du?c minh, b?n co th? kheo leo thay d?i hanh vi n?u c?n d? loi keo s? chu y c?a h?, va d?t du?c thanh cong. NLP giup b?n thuc d?y m?i quan h? them t?t d?p, khi?n cho cong vi?c du?c suon s?, t? do tang kh? nang d?t du?c thanh qu? nhu y.
B?n co bao gi? nhin th?y ngu?i ta d? m?t khi lo l?ng hay xanh nhu tau la chu?i khi nghe tin d? chua?
Tuy nhien, m?i ca nhan l?i la m?t ca th? khac bi?t cho nen chuy?n d?ng m?t c?a h? cung ch?ng nhu nhau.
For example, “if I stutter in this job interview I will definitely not get the job because everyone hates stuttering people”. Ideally the CBT practitioner helps the individual to see that there is no validity in the analysed perception and that the thoughts were in fact illogical to varying degrees and lack substantiation.

To do this, you need to learn to identify the “state of mind” that you are in when you are fluent, and the different states that you are in when you are blocking and stuttering, and then learn to step into that fluent state of mind, at will. But once again, these are all topics for coming posts, so I again urge you to subscribe to my RSS feed or email notification, so that you do not miss posts about subjects and content that you will not read anywhere else.
In my experience it's very effective (certainly more effective than speech therapy seemed to be). Innere Ressourcen sind alles, was in einer Person an Eigenschaften, Starken, Fahigkeiten, Neigungen, Talenten, positiven Erfahrungen und Erinnerungen vorhanden ist.
Do do b?n c?n hi?u du?c y c?a h? tru?c khi dung NLP cho m?c dich ki?m tra s? thanh th?t c?a d?i tu?ng. Chuong trinh hu?n luy?n cung c?p 3 m?c d? dao t?o: Diploma, Practitioner va Master Practitioner.
If you layer that with further negative thinking like, “ if I cannot get a job I will have no income”, and then continue to add to that further layers like, “if I have no income I might become homeless”, “if I am homeless I may not have any food”, “if I have no food I will die”. It works on the premise that stuttering is a “thinking problem”, that manifests in a “speaking problem”. Noi cach khach, NLP khong ph?i la m?t cai ra-da b?t qu? tang noi d?i d? dang nhu m?i ngu?i hay nghi.
M?c d? Diploma cho b?n m?t cai nhin sau r?ng v? NLP va la n?n t?ng d? b?n tang cu?ng k? nang giao ti?p cho chinh minh.
Now obviously we are not conscious of layering these thoughts onto thoughts, but we certainly do it subconsciously, and in a fraction of a second.
For instance if the individual may have the perception that if he blocks and stutters, the listener will think he is “retarded in some way”, or, “of lesser intelligence”, or, “not telling the truth”, (see the list of general consequences in my last post).
Neuro-semantics seeks to change the meanings that you have given to certain events, in your life experiences, from being fear based to being more resourceful to you. If we do not recognise, and accept, that many of our fears, subconsciously layer themselves back to the “fear of death”, we will not understand why there is such fear and anxiety, associated with having some trouble in getting words out of our mouth, and into the other person’s head. Closer analysis of these thoughts are aimed at revealing that there is no evidence to support them as truth. The premise is that blocking and stuttering is panic and anxiety expressing itself in the muscles that control speech. We are born with an innate belief, which is often confirmed through our childhood experiences, that those who are “obviously flawed” in some way, are often singled out and marginalised, or “sacrificed” in some way by the group. By getting the person who stutters, to see how unfounded or illogical these thoughts are, by constantly asking what evidence they have for these perceptions, one can learn to replace these thoughts with more logical, and more personally useful thoughts, and so lower the speaking anxiety level. So there is a deep fear there within every human being, of being seen to be “different” when we know we are otherwise.
This work has been pioneered by Dr Bob Bodenhamer, in consultation with Michael Hall, both master practitioners in NLP and Neuro-Semantics. Such thoughts, if allowed to run rampant in your head, can lead to panic attacks, or at the least, a constant high level of anxiety, and can totally control the direction in which your life progresses. The theory and practice involved in mastering these methods of reducing speaking anxiety, are not simple to understand and put into practice, so guidance from a master practitioner in this method is advisable, but hard to find. Thankfully Dr Bodenhamer, has published a book on how to understand and apply this process, which for the cost of a weeks supply of Pagoclone, would be a very worth addition to your “toolkit” to attack speaking anxiety and stuttering. This is a key understanding that you must have, if you are to alter your innate and reflex thinking, about situations where you are allowing the consequence of your dysfluent speech, to determine your anxiety level. I personally believe that Neuro-Semantics starts off where CBT leaves off and is a more powerful process. You must learn to intervene at the base thought, so that increasingly toxic thoughts, do not escalate the consequences of dysfluent speech to the point where they send your speech spiralling out of control and into uncontrolled avoidance, shame, embarrassment and panic, which ultimately leads to ever increasing levels of stuttering.

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