As happens in the 1:1 coaching, the team coaching unique client is a real team, that is considered as a human system in constant interaction. At the same time, also the team members’ state of awareness is activated to positively contribute to the common goal. Sometimes the coaching sessions can be preceded by a shadowing period, where the coach participates to one or more real events as an observer (e.g.
When coaching sport teams, we use a powerful combination of techniques to help them visualize the goal and then work as a whole unit, accepting both leadership and followership roles, respecting rules, developing a winning mindset based on the attitude: Playing To Win Vs Playing Not To Lose. In all cases, our coaching interventions are finely tailored to meet each team’s specific requirements and our coaches are fully equipped to work with the client on-site and in case, be present during sport competitions.
With over 20 years’ experience in senior management roles in the financial services sector, I had the opportunity to lead and work with several teams. Now I am coaching others who have challenges with their teams.  Does any of this sound familiar to you? Expectations were unclear and poor alignment of corporate goals and objectives among management and staff. Not everyone has the time and budget to become a coach, but working with a coach is the next best thing.
With good team coaching (distinct from individual coaching) you can take your team to the next level. We begin with a conversation, followed by an assessment of your team to determine the best options. Contact me today for team coaching, management and leadership coaching that targets the specific skill development objectives of your organization and its employees.
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Reibungsverluste durch ineffektive Zusammenarbeit schwachen Teams und die einzelnen Mitarbeiter. Sie wunschen sich mehr Effizienz, mehr Engagement Ihrer Mitarbeiter, mehr Einsatz im Erreichen der vereinbarten Ziele. Subscribe to Mike the Mentor's free newsletter - and get 2 bonus articles "The Future of Leadership Coaching" and "Mentoring" available only to new subscribers. Increasingly I am working with teams as organisations recognise that teams can outperform individuals acting alone or in groups, especially when performance requires multiple skills, judgments and experience.
Team Coaching works in principle very much like individual coaching, - the main difference being that the coach more visibly and explicitly manages the team's working process to ensure that the team members move forward together and that the team doesn't fragment. At a longer meeting (possibly off-site) the team works to develop shared vision, values, standards, goals and accountability. At its on-going meetings, the team works to deliver its operational and strategic goals - with the live coaching helping to continually get better at doing so.
As time passes, the team becomes increasingly adept at coaching itself and has less and less need for the external coach.
If you'd like to explore these ideas further or discuss working with Mike to improve your team's - or Board's -effectiveness then contact him here. As a result you will become a Happy Results Driven Leader managing successfully an intrinsic motivated and effective team with a high maturity level. Dal 26 giugno a Roma inizia il workshop Team Coaching della Scuola, tre giornate per imparare a condurre un team in un’esperienza di coaching. 3 sessions x 1 day each or 5 sessions x 0,5 days each) the team is helped to analyze their current situation, to identify critical goals and find out the most suitable actions aimed to achieve the expected results more rapidly and effectively.
I had seen leaders receive exceptional performance ratings yet the impact on the team was less than satisfactory. Having gone through this, I bring both the knowledge and experience to support you and your teams to achieve amazing results. Whether it’s a functional team, a team of managers, or a project team, people need to work together effectively to feel good about themselves.

The coaching will open up the lines of communication and establish the trust to build the foundation for what’s next. The role of coaching is to support team members to move beyond individual roles and accountability, to develop new interpersonal skills, to pursue disciplined action, to value difference and diversity, to trust, and to change attitudes and behaviour.
In doing this, the coach seeks to ensure that the team members attend to five key areas - ensuring a clear commission, focusing on the team mission, working together effectively, delivering the commission, and developing as a team. The team is observed in action and the members are introduced to the Team Coaching programme.
There was a large gap between teams’ actual performance and what was expected of them by their senior leadership.  I realized that if I wanted this to change, I needed to start by looking at my own leadership style and skills. Achieving the results isn’t enough if the people are feeling demoralized during the process. Today’s teams are being challenged more than ever and despite having a lot of high-potential individuals on a team, there can still be performance problems. Team Coaching helps teams make this journey and hence become more effective, increase their performance, and deliver the business vision and goals.
When members of a team don’t work well together, performance and productivity suffer.
In addition to coaching, it may involve looking at organization systems, automation, team processes, reward and recognition, performance management, and training.
After investing in a few one-on-one coaching sessions, I started to see the light and the results were amazing.  With proven successes in leading my team, I received the support from my management and became an Adler Certified Professional Coach.

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