I got the idea of writing this post last week when internet marketing guru Chris McCombs and fitness marketing master Steve Hochman dropped by my office to shoot the breeze.
I never really stopped to think about it… but apparently I get a lot done and Steve wanted to know what my ‘secret’ was.
So I thought that maybe you’d want to know a few of my secrets for massive productivity too. But then I have my daily lists and these are the ones that help me get things done day to day. With my list in hand there’s no wasting time trying to figure out what to do or where to start. Here’s one for you: Set a day of the week where you spend the ENTIRE DAY on dialing in your fitness marketing systems for that month. They’re the people who want to just take a minute of your time and end up killing hours of voluble productivity.
Email, facebook, twitter, myspace, instant messages, you tube, texting and all that crap are the biggest time killers of all. The best way to make sure you get through your daily task list by day’s end is by doing the hard things first. Make sure to opt-in below and get more ideas, tips, tactics and systems for taking your personal training business to massive success. This entry was posted in Mindset and Self Improvement and tagged fitness and time management, time management tactics. One time I heard through Kaiser Serajuddin that guys in their mid-20′s are notoriously bad in time-management. This is the area that I need to work on the most….good timing with this one Bedros!!! I just happen to know how to make a bunch of money in the fitness industry and I’m damn good a teaching others to do the same. Also, I think you also said don’t venture into Task #2 until Task#1 (the hardest) is fully completed.
Creador del Modelo Celular "Cinco Estrellas", Operacion Timoteo, Productor de Radio y Television, Director de Elite Empresarial, Director de la Escuela de Capacitacion para Optimizar al Maximo (ECOM), Escritor de Libros, y conferencista internacional con enfasis en practicas ensenanzas para desatar todo el potencial que tenemos con un solido fundamento biblico neotestamentario. Are you so drained at the end of the day after getting up early, dealing with traffic, working all day, taking care of kids, your spouse, cooking, cleaning, running errands and the million other things you do all day – with no time or energy to take care of yourself? Do you struggle with trying to manage your time only to feel more stressed by your inability to do so? My husband and I were brainstorming ideas for a book and he suggested the topic of managing your energy.  I thought it was a good topic and the more we discussed it, the more I realized how much I suck at it. I waste a ton of energy stressing about what I’m not getting done which leaves me with little energy to get those things done. I’m a morning person and can’t possibly stay up past 10pm on a consistent basis (normally I get up around 4:30am without an alarm clock). I never questioned these “rules.”  Without realizing it, I lived by the clock, even when I didn’t have to.
I ran around all day, feeling like the ball in a pinball machine, endlessly bouncing from one thing to the next, never really going anywhere and feeling completely exhausted at the end of each day. On top of that, my husband was reminding me of how little time we spend together with our jobs during the day and three little kids to take care of.  I usually couldn’t keep my eyes open after the little ones’ bed time.
Every time I started thinking about what I should be doing, I would remind myself that I had the late night (between 10pm and 1am) to get things done.  And this calmed me down. I was able to be more present with my children and really focus on them.  And it’s obvious that they have noticed this. Now my husband and I have focused time together to connect.  He tells me that my new schedule has allowed our 15 year relationship to grow much deeper and stronger. By significantly reducing my stress during the day, I have much more energy at night.  Something I always thought would be impossible for me.

Overall, I learned that my assumptions were just that – false assumptions.  None of them held up to my experiment. On a cosmic level, we can’t manage time.  It’s just a concept we created to help us organize our days. All we can manage are our thoughts and actions which affect our energy.  Without energy, we can’t do much.
How much energy are you wasting on trying to control your environment and stressing about not getting things done? What big or little things can you change in your daily routine that would have a dramatically positive effect on your energy and productivity?
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If so, enter your name and email below to get your FREE copy of my comprehensive guide to inviting more joy, peace and happiness into your life. I believe that what most people lack is time-management in the sense that they don’t cherish the time they have. People forget that the essence of time-management is to be thankful of our time and not just for the sake of being productive. When I started working at home, my husband still worked, so I’d just wake up when he got up. My husband pointed out to me some time ago that it’s much more important to learn how to manage our energy instead of managing our time.
What changed it for me was realising that I was much more productive than my colleagues anyway.
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Click the buttons below to Like Simple Mindfulness on Facebook and Follow on Twitter and get your daily inspirational quotes! Improving your time management skills allows for spending more time with your kids, pursuing hobbies of interest and what the heck, be more productive for the people that employ your services.
Prioritize: Either based on a key hard deadline or the financial impact of the task, set priorities in place and list them against a time line. Make It Routine: Practice makes perfect and where it is not perfect, discipline will trump.
Plus, your most important tasks don’t get addressed in a timely fashion if you have too much to do. Guido Luis Nunez es el fundador de KINGDOMTAKERS CHURCH y el Ministerio MANA INTERNACIONAL en San Jose, Costa Rica. Each of us needs to find what works for us, and it should be about what we get done and not about how.much time we spend doing it. Okay, that’s actually a good thing IF we have an idea why you want to get more things done. But since my husband started working from home, we started going to bed later and later and waking up later and later. My brain is fresh, and my energy is high, so I am at my peak performance to be the most efficient I can be. On the highest priority items, ensure a working environment that is focused and clear of distractions.
After you have established your priorities based on deadlines and impact, bunch like items together to create a more efficient workflow.
Manage your time, find your balance and realize the many additional opportunities that make their way into your life. Use your calendar effectively and you’ll be able to spend your time more judiciously.

If you work better with soft music playing in the background, arrange to listen to your tunes while you complete your tasks. If someone calls you into their office for a minute to get your opinion on an issue, avoid sitting down. If you’re struggling during off-work hours to manage your time, feel free to also use your planner there. For example, if you plan to clean your bedroom for an hour, set the alarm on your cell phone.
Create folders and action steps to responding or storing emails (see block & tackle section below). Remember when you were in college and finals were approaching and then stayed up all night to cram for the test?
In my personal life, I have made it a practice to stay in shape so each and every day, I walk 2-3 miles as one part of that regiment. Rather than getting perturbed, your associates may praise your work ethic of finishing your projects before taking time to chitchat. Write in your schedule when you want to work on certain home projects, like washing your car or cleaning the living room.
Stop working on the chore at hand when the timer goes off, but not until then (unless you complete the task). That means prioritising what is most important and giving it our full attention in that moment. And although the post office is only open during certain hours, most things can be done at any time of the day or night, so you should do what works best for you. Managing the many tasks that one has to tackle through the day or week is an art, but when it is executed properly, the productivity of your life enables you to smell the flowers along the way. If you are a morning person, do not waste your time attempting to accomplish a critical task in the late afternoon. When I was in the corporate world receiving 125 emails a day, I had less than 10 emails in my In Box.
Decide in advance, what the interim goal is at hand and map the steps required to achieving that milepost. By single tasking with purpose we actually save time by accomplishing more, doing it right and not having to come back and do it again.
Today, I probably write close to 1,000 emails a month and as of this morning have less than 10 emails in my In Box, so it is possible to manage large volumes of email if you have a preset response plan. In fact, it has been my routine for so long that missing a day of walking feels out of sorts for me. Creating blocks of tasks will minimize areas of your business from being neglected and then piling up. Hardly – you knew about the exam the entire term and rather than study throughout the term, you waited to the last minute to cram. Creating routines allows to systematically stay on task and deviating from that is actually more disruption to balance. Tackle business tasks in the exact same way and your routines will lead to greater productivity.
The week I started doing that I became extremely more productive, and obviously healthier because I was getting some exercise.
Having that hour to wake up and exercise ended up making my entire day more productive and full of energy. Rather than sluggishly starting work right when I wake up, I’m giving myself that time to adjust into my day and get my blood flowing right away.

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