Though good leadership may be subjective, there are a few qualities, such as confidence, commitment and the ability to delegate, which are universal amongst good leaders. The Fiedler contingency model posits that good leadership depends on the match between the leader’s style and the degree to which the situation gives the leader control. Furthermore, I feel that a good leader is one who is able to morph himself to meet follower needs and characteristics. From the point of view of retention and learning new language chunks, ‘don’t fill in the gap’ activities can be very effective. Think of a time when you did something for the interest of someone else – you acted for the sake of others. With lessons built around these clips, your students can learn English and explore real-world issues. In our article on leadership development we outline 4 perspectives on leadership development. Holding a tension – When there is a tension between competing and conflicting demands the easy route would be to compromise. Making a connection – When budgets are tight and resources are constrained, the temptation is to jumping to difficult but predicable decisions to cut resources. Offering a nudge – Behavioural sciences are bringing new insights into how we behave.
A person who has skill to motivate rather to anger is ability of leader, no matter where you stand for, this list is remarkable love the video. In our lecture on leadership, we discussed about whether leaders are born or made and if leadership traits are innate or acquired.
Being confident, for example, allows a leader to represent his or her team and speak for them.
Good leader-member relations, high task structure and strong position power, for instance, are more favourable for task-oriented leadership whereas good leader-member relations, low task structure and weak position power calls for relationship-oriented leadership (Robbins & Judge, 2013). Intuition is then important as it allows a leader to sense the level of readiness of followers and the amount of support that they may need.
He mentions aspects of leadership that are often forgotten when we think of leadership qualities and skills.

Choose the ones that suit your teaching aims, particular group of learners, your teaching style, and then plan your own lesson. The activity should encourage them to think about what leadership means and who can be considered a leader.
The message of nudge leadership is that to influence your colleagues it often helps to go with the grain of human behaviour. Leading with vision; focusing on the bigger picture; or communicating and inspiring others?
Yes, it's HTB's Leadership Conference, which has a reputation of securing some of the most high profile Christians. Embody all these qualities all the time and you might just join the ranks of the best of best soon enough. A lack of confidence negatively impacts on one’s ability to lead and causes a reliance on others for solving leadership problems (Kipnis & Lane, 1962). Likewise, I feel that a good leader is one who is able to fully understand the quality of his relationship with his followers and his control of the situation at hand. A follower who is relatively less competent and unwilling to follow may require more support and direction from the leader.
By writing the words on the side, they are creating a worksheet that allows them to revise language a few days later: they just fold over the right-hand side and recall the missing words.
For some of us that has been the case, for others the picture is different and over our careers maybe only once or twice have we’ve worked with someone who is a really good leader. You’ll find that we expand on the 5 points we have made here in our article about uncommon leadership.  Watch out for more on uncommon leadership! Confidence also demonstrates to followers that the leader is calm and knows what to do in crises. Being task-oriented in a situation that he has low control over, for example, leads to greater power distance and the worsening of leader-member relations. The Hersey-Blanchard situational leadership model categorises styles of leadership that should be used for different follower readiness levels (Robbins & Judge, 2013).
I feel that this balance is essential in the workplace in order to progress and to motivate followers.

No single leadership style or model can be applied to every organization and culture and each has its own individual set of limitations as well. Infectious leadership is catching – others will catch a leaders energy, passion and optimistic attitude to work. I feel that this is effective as it provides a guide to how to lead different types of followers.
Transformational leaders are able to communicate a common vision for the team, inspire them and give every follower individual attention. Perhaps then what makes a good leader is the ability to sense followers’ individual preferences and adopt different appropriate leadership styles accordingly while keeping in mind the requirements of the task at hand and context. Good leaders can have their greatest impact when they demonstrate their concern by attending to the little things. However, it is also pertinent to note that in certain professions such as teaching, follower ability is presumably high, which could then limit the use of this model.
I feel that these help to communicate empathy and strengthen the leader-member relationship, which is key in determining the amount of respect and willingness to follow leaders receive. I feel that the definition of good leadership varies across people and is highly subjective. Not all styles exist within a job as well, which means that this model could be better suited for an across-jobs perspective instead (Fernandez, Vecchio, 1997). Perhaps then a good leader is one who is able to strike a balance between task orientation and relationship orientation and is ethical. The odd-one-out could be Desmond Tutu (he’s the one being interviewed), Martin Luther King (the only black man), Muhammad Yunus (he was not mentioned in the video), Nelson Mandela (South African, just like the speaker), etc.

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