Cloud-based software, virtual reality, the mobile tech space and wearable technology will continue to have a significant impact on our lives and workplaces in the next 12 months. In this fast-paced digital space, the ability for employers and employees to be agile and adapt to change has never been more pressing. As big data remains an ongoing struggle for both CMOs and CIOs, the pressure is on organisations to not only invest in technology that can help employers better analyse and manage data, but also provide the right training to ensure the business gets the best ROI on its analytics capabilities. This is particularly problematic in the digital marketing space, with a recent study released by the CMO Council showing marketers do not have the requisite skills to digest, analyse and effectively leverage customer data to personalise the customer experience.
Companies that make user experience (UX) a priority in 2016 can significantly differentiate themselves from the crowd.
Organisations not only need to implement user-centred processes, they need to teach staff the value of integrating UX activities throughout every touchpoint of any given project.
At the customer or client end, an optimum UX is vital to leverage engagement and accessibility.
Despite significant inroads in tech advancement, cybersecurity remains a pressing issue for organisations and individuals globally. While technology becomes more sophisticated, so too do the cybercriminals threatening our security. Alarmingly, the report showed corporate defences are falling behind and cybercriminals are moving faster. This means the pressure is on businesses to invest heavily in not only a robust security framework, but to ensure staff are continually trained and upskilled on the latest threats against malware, ransomware and social networks. Moving forward, digital disruption is dramatically changing the role of technology across the workforce.
A recent study by Deloitte revealed Australia needs a workforce equipped with the ICT skills necessary to fuel its digitally driven economic growth.
At the same time, a culture of training and learning should be encouraged from the top down, instilled at the start of every employee’s journey with the company.
Azadeh Williams is an international journalist and editor with over 500 articles published in over five continents including Reuters and The Times (UK).
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Mike's passion for photography really began about 14 years ago when his son was performing on stage with his high school theatre. By Sarah Scrafford Learning the art of photography is exciting, especially because so many resources are available to beginner photographers online and off.
An amateur travel photographer share what she learned from shooting with a professional on Kauai. Almost every photographer has had the urge to mount and display his or her photos as wall art, either at home or maybe in the office at work.
As another week comes and goes, let’s take a look at some of the exciting writing contests, events and opportunities out there!
Follow these tips and steps for how to clean your photography gear, and keep it in good working condition. A terrifying car crash that left Danni Bett lying in hospital in a neck brace wasn't enough to stop her from breastfeeding. How much does racism, stigma, bullying, and sites like World Star Hip Hop contribute to this epidemic? September 29, 2015 by Mike Gencarelli Leave a Comment We live in an age where video games are quite literally everywhere. One of the most crucial aspects of gaming, as well as most popular sport-based pastimes such as golf, tennis and cricket, is boasting a good level of hand-eye coordination. Whilst many gamers may appear to be particularly skilled in different facets of certain games it’s not always a case of just going gung-ho, hoping for the best, and walking blindly into situations in a gaming environment where you rely solely on quick reactions and natural skill. Avid gamers have a tendency to hide themselves away in their gaming pit for hours on end and immerse themselves in their virtual environment.
Here's a closer look at how hybrid IT may affect managed service providers (MSPs) going forward.
More IT professionals who can manage hybrid IT environments will be needed in the future, as customers increasingly utilize such systems.
Hi Guys, have you already, or will you post a list of results with geographic references in them?
In this regard, organisations need to train their staff to ensure they are on top of all aspects of customer UX, including understanding responsive and optimised web design, visual and graphic design and maintaining a robust and secure information architecture.
A recent report by Symantec found cyberattackers are still leapfrogging corporate defences, ransomware attacks are soaring and malware authors are becoming better at avoiding detection. This means organisations have a fundamental duty to keep employers’ ICT skills continually up-to-date and relevant in order to stay competitive in today’s tech space.
There is a range of efficient e-learning, cloud-based learning and blended learning tools available for organisations to quickly and efficiently upskill staff, with minimal impact on workflow management.

In this regard, HR, IT and leadership and development departments within organisations need to work cohesively to ensure staff are effectively upskilled and up-to-date.
Mike mastered the techniques and skills to capture stunning photos of many high school plays as well as community theatre productions. At one time or another—we’ve nearly all done it—we took one of our ‘best shots’, had an enlargement made, and framed it.
WSGT’s new Travel Writing Award July 4, 2016 We’ve been busy promo’ing our new Independence Writing Award!
You can play them on your computer, on your console, your smartphone, your tablet and now even on your watch.
Most consoles require you to operate lots of controls and quick thinking is required in order to carry out complex on-screen tasks.
The ability to manage your assets and weapons, to know your own strengths and weaknesses and to have a well-considered plan of action can make a significant difference. Whilst this may appear to be a dedicated method in which to hone and improve your gaming skills to help you one day go up against the big names in the e-sporting world it can be just as fruitful for you to take a step back and let your mind focus on other things for a bit. In this article, we take a look at the technology skills employees need and what organisations can do to ensure their staff’s knowledge base is timely, relevant and used effectively. What’s more incredible is that there are now also hundreds of gamers around the world going professional and actually earning a more than respectable living from simply enjoying their favourite hobby. When you begin playing a new game there will be controls, moves and particular combinations that you will need to learn in order to be successful and of course like anything the more you practice then the more fluent you will become. Of course for more challenging titles that demand more strategic thinking, this approach could give you the edge.
Go for a run, clear your mind and give your brain, fingers and eyes a well- earned break now and again. The best advice if you want to improve your hand-eye coordination is to play some free games online.
Believe us you’ll return with a fresh perspective and may even suddenly find yourself solving a previously unsolved in-game task or puzzle.
Playing at landmark bingo, a hub that offers number of free-to-play bingo titles, will help you comprehend rapid number instructions and enhance your multi-tasking skills as you attempt to stamp multiple cards at the same time.

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