My question for all of you is this – are you living your dream?  If not, what the heck are you waiting for??? The secret to living your dream is to simply understand that your mind is the only thing that really stands in your way.
This is a call to all of you this week to act on your dreams!  If you don’t have any, take some time to think about it; for most of you, this step won’t be necessary. I made the decision last week that I was far from living my dream, so I signed up for a business-related weekend seminar, and I already feel more empowered! For you, it may be making a phone call, making a connection, eating healthier, reading a book, making an investment, going for a run, signing up for a course, or simply deciding that you are going to make an effort. Each step will get you closer, and no step is too small.  Your dreams are worth it, and so are you!! If you know anyone else that is not living their dreams, please pass on this “secret” by posting this article on Facebook or Linkedin, or Tweet and Pin away!  You never know, you just might help someone get closer to living the dream!
Christie’s career began in the field of Nursing, after completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In between travelling, seeking “foodie experiences”, and enjoying her friends and family, she is currently working on launching Modern Wellbeing™, a coaching and consulting company devoted to encouraging the wellbeing of people everywhere and inspiring a more benevolent world. Inside of each of us is an incredibly pure shiny diamond. A priceless gem just waiting to be cut and polished. If you knew how to take charge of your dream life and shine brightly and successfully, would you? Today’s message from us recognises one key difference – between those who actually grasp and maximise their full potential and those who take their skills, goals, and dreams with them to the grave. It’s scary to acknowledge that you’re not yet living your dream life because, if you really, really saw the incredible talent existing within you, you’d feel obliged to maximise it and DO something with it! But, most people prefer to stay asleep – remain in denial that there’s something special within them.
What’s worse is they look around them, and see everyone else like them who are struggling and who aren’t living their dream life yet. The effect of closing their eyes to opportunities within them over the years is remarkable. Ignoring the skills and influence within them, means they’re limiting their life experiences to the circumstances around them. They’re irritated by the people around them, particular those who have leveraged their talents and gained success – so slag them off, and call them cheats and cads. Well, if not quite yet, then start with this simple task: Take inventory of the things in your life which you wish were different. Then, with Your Dream Life list, ask yourself what you’d do about each of these things IF you had the ability to change them. Only once you “own” the flaws in your uncut diamond, and accept them for what they are, can you begin to cut and polish the stone.
Most people in the Western world make excuses and blame others because their lives haven’t worked out how they wanted. The life you desire is waiting for you…  Are you going to start polishing your rough diamond today?
All that separates you from your dream life is the work you need to do with the diamond cutter and polisher.

World class training, from people whowalk their talk, real people getting results in their marketing, now, and you can click here for proof. Do you ever get so caught up in the rush of your crazy-busy-life that you forget to stop and reflect a little? If you couldn’t think of the answer to at least one of those right away, it was probably longer than it should be.
Steven Covey, famed for his teaching on productivity and life-management, talks about taking time out for something he calls sharpening the saw.
And when we get to the crux of it, I think that’s the real problem; the concept that taking time out to rebuild or develop our talents and skills – let alone our mind – is an indulgence or something that we’ll make time for once everything else is done.
To give you some examples, my values include health, creativity, family, spirituality, courage, gratitude, patience, abundance, and business. Once you’ve determined your values it’s worth taking a few minutes to consider all the different hats you wear in your life. If you don’t take some time to break this stuff down you will likely find yourself moving sideways from one thing to the next and basically ending up going round in circles, rather than truly progressing forward! One of my favorite exercises, and one I’ve come back to time and again over the years, is Covey’s ‘be, do and have’ exercise.
After completing the above exercise you’ll be raring at the bit to start coming up with some exciting goals and strategies to help you achieve all that good stuff. This is my favorite part of the journey – it’s where you get to visualize and then plan the specifics of your dream life. If you know what they are, take one small step that will get you closer to living your dream. With a deep passion for helping individuals heal, she began to sense that there was much more to health and wellbeing than what was being practiced in the traditional medical settings.
They seek evidence that everyone is stuck with the same rubbish circumstances (job, economy, boss, education, etc) just like them.
Only once you’ve taken complete ownership of your circumstances, whether they’re of your making or not, will you be able to switch from being a victim in life, to being in a space of personal power. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and decide to “own the uncut diamond” you were born with and start creating your dream life where you shine out. You should also assume that the owner of this website is an affiliate for providers of goods and services mentioned on this website and may be compensated when you purchase from a provider. I managed to tear myself away from my normally frantic ‘never-quite-can-keep-up’ writing schedule to ‘sharpen the saw’, by completing some values, mission and goal exercises in my new planner. When your life is not in alignment with your values you may feel restless, discontent, guilty, and frustrated. There’s probably at least 4 or 5 key roles that you’re trying to fulfill, and I’ll bet you have goals associated with each of them.
It’s where you get to really dream about how your life will be when you do start pressing play every day! It’s useful to decide on a due date for your goal, and then break it down into small steps. Covey talks about using this stuff as a base to create a mission for your life, but even if you don’t do that you will notice a tremendous sense of empowerment simply by taking time out for yourself.

I’d love to hear your strategies and tips for making sense in a busy world … and I’d also love to hear from you if you do take time out to follow this 5-point plan!
Kat blogs about health, fat loss and motivation over at Body Incredible , and about nutrition, exercise and lifestyle for driven women at Woman Incredible. They have written for the LA Times, The Washington Post, President Bill Clinton's White House, Forbes, and more. Imagine it, cut it, polish it, bring it to life and draw out it’s beauty with his own hands. And do you accept defeat and think there’s nothing you can do to change the way things are? Of course the benefits to such time out from daily life are obvious, but that doesn’t make it any easier to stop and ‘indulge’ in such a past-time, does it? It’s time to get over trying to complete that ever-increasing list of yours and start being more effective with the limited time you to have. If you’ve never done this before (or not for a long while) I urge you to take some time to consider what your deep inner values are.
It’s very simple – all you need to do is fill a half page or so with things you’d like to one day be, another half page with things you’d like to do, and then another with things you’d like to have.
I love this part because I find words to be incredibly powerful – just writing something down can help you to picture it actually happening, and then when you break it down into small steps all of a sudden something big and scary becomes not only tangible but also achievable. Another next step you could take (and one that is next on my agenda) is to use your goals as a base to planning out your year, month, week and then even your days. She is a Chopra Center certified Vedic Master, specialized in teaching Ayurveda, meditation, and yoga.
Add some clarifying statements to each of your roles as well; this will help you when it comes time to set goals.
For an example, I’d like to be a published author (in a bookstore!), I’d like to have at least 2 more children, and I’d like to spend 3 months out of each year living overseas at some point throughout our lives (do).
Sure, it will take you an extra half hour or so each week, but really – in the midst of that crazy-busy-life of yours could there be any greater feeling than knowing that each busy little moment is one that truly counts toward your dream life?
The reality is that it’s in your nature to always want more, and (if you let it) your mind will continue to come up with endless possibilities for your life.
So without further ado, here are 5 quietly powerful strategies you can use to lay the foundation of your dream life and finally ‘press play’ on those big goals. This is definitely a good thing, but it can also make life messy and overwhelming as you jump from task to task. Taking time to reflect on what really drives you will give you focus and a sense of calm as you plan your big goals for the months ahead.

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