The mosaics by local school children were lovely and all artists had a successful day one way or another. Finally after a series of misfortunes, he finally meets a kind doctor who offers to host him in London hospital. Engaging and highly affecting, this book is an excellent addition to your biography collection. A large part of the book focuses on different estimation techniques like eye training, clump counting and box counting and estimating items in containers. In “A Rock Can be”, Laura and Violeta asks the reader to imagine how and where you can find different types of rocks.
The book ends with a double spread providing more detailed explanation of each of the rock presentations in the book. What makes this book special is Owen Davey’s visually striking geometric patterned art work and intriguing layout of textual information and illustrations.
FTC DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of the above books from the publishers for an honest opinion. A silly, super sweet non-fiction, “If an Armadillo Went to a Restaurant” will answer this question.
An Armadillo would probably prefer a plate of ants and worms (with a few beetles thrown in of course!) Wouldn’t that be delectable??
Suited for 3+ year olds, this adorable book follows a pattern, introducing a new animal on alternate pages and asking the reader what food would best suit the palate of that animal. Stacking Books and The Candlestick Company is proud to announce our first children’s INTERACTIVE e-book app !
With original art work by Andrea Dailey, the Pied Piper app is fun, engaging and interactive. The Pied Piper of Hamelin or the story of the Piper, the rat-catcher, is a legend told for generations.
PAULA : First of all, I want to say how honored and thrilled I am by the beautiful artwork done by the amazing Jamel Akib. PAULA: It was such a privilege and honor to sit down with Muhammad Yunus for a one-on-one interview for the book! FTC DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of the book from the publishers for an honest opinion. Written in free verse, each double spread opens with a full page of dense text followed by a gorgeous colorful oil painting-illustration. While Joseph underfoes horrendous trials at a very early age, he is also fortunate to find kindly souls who offer him comfort, friendship and solace. We find clumps of rocks in the backyard, a line of trees or maybe a group of birds flying in the sky. The progression is from simple techniques to some more complex ideas such as how tall things could be or how heavy. From growing math vocabulary to having fun counting real life objects, this book is for the whole family!
What is fascinating that with just a series of short rhyming couplets, the author and illustrator duo highlight that a rock can be found in so many places and can be used in so many ways. But when it comes to a topic as broad and generic as “Monkeys”, the task becomes even harder.

Did you know we have “Old world monkeys” (down facing noses) and “New world monkeys”(flat noses)? Other spreads talk about the “weird and wonderful” monkey species found in different parts of the world.
But his teacher reminded him that only white actors performed in plays in America at that time.
This is the story of an actor who didn’t receive recognition for his excellent skills in America, but he earned his stars abroad. A well-researched, African American biography, a diversity read for every age group really..
The picture book non-fiction gives you a peek into what different animals would order if they were to go to a restaurant. Appropriately placed sound effects will delight the children as they discover the many interactive elements on the pages. He realized that a very few coins went a long way for entire families.He studied economics and went to university in US where he saw a whole new world. She describes the tragic conditions of people living under poverty with grace and compassion. Jason had admired Professor Yunus’ work and felt his life could potentially become a strong children’s book biography. I have had the wonderful opportunity to write for two shows this year – Amazon’s MOZART IN THE JUNGLE and SyFy’s DEFIANCE.
Johnny Cash, the “Man In Black”, legendry country musician and the all-American rags to riches man has a remarkable life-story. Every page spills a bold text headline or sideline highlighting a theme from Johnny Cash’s life.
Finally Joseph has a place he can call home, a place he feels safe and most importantly a friend who he scientific study.
The author gives Joseph’s story a compassionate voice and highlights the important message to measure a person “by his soul” and not by appearances. Goldstone shows you that by seeing a small and then large and then larger groups, you can train your eyes to estimate how many objects you can see. From fossilized bones and earth’s crust to a volcanic rock and cliff side home for birds, A rock can be so many many things! Follow the page to a quick quiz on identifying which monkey belongs to the new world and which ones is an old world monkey.
Standing high on the balcony, Ira would watch and memorize the lines of the current Shakespeare play.
This is a true story of grit, determination, hard work and above all a desire to pursue a dream amongst hardships. Her quirky animal renderings, pictures of various animal food on plates and adorable expressions on their faces are instantly lovable. His parents were great believers in education and made sure that all their children studied hard.
Coupled with Akib’s pastel chalk art, Yoo makes a difficult subject accessible to younger audience. At the time, I knew Professor Yunus and Grameen Bank had won the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for their revolutionary work with micro banking and micro credit to combat poverty.

But if I had to choose one specific page, it would be the opening page featuring the text and art of Muhammad as a young boy and his mother giving away food and clothes to their poor neighbors. So when we met, what struck me immediately about Professor Yunus was how down to earth and friendly he was with me. I’m also working on a couple of book projects but I can’t say much about them yet, so stay tuned!
For example, “Meet Me in Heaven” titles the page where lone JR sits waiting for his dear brother Jack. But the Elephant Man , whose real name was Joseph Merrick, would rather make people laugh and laugh with them. And although Joseph never dared to leave his room, many people from London came to visit him, look at his models and listen to his stories.
Turn the page to find out about the monkey with the longest tail (the Spider monkey), or how about the “hairiest” monkey (Bearded Emperor Tamarin)?
The parchment paper background, mellow yellow and browns lend to the charm of the story and accurately captures the period of the story.Now, you can find the legend re-told in a refreshing format. Although, weak and thin from lack of food, Sufiya weaved beautiful bamboo stools to make money.
In a world separated by the “haves” and “have-nots”, the courageous tale of Muhammad Yunnus is refreshing, hopeful and forward-looking. Paula Yoo’s ending leaves us with a sense that there is still more to be done, more to fulfill and that it can be done. It’s a very moving picture and moment in Muhammad’s childhood because it shows what sparked his inspiration and drive to help others less fortunate than him. Finally Joseph ends up in London and on stage, which seems the only way he can earn money and live on his own. He knew he had to work hard, study and prove that he was an actor worthy of any Shakespeare play.
It made me realize how his ability to connect with people and find common ground was the driving force behind his passionate mission to help others rise above poverty. Frustrated at the lack of support, her started his own bank, “Grameen Bank” and made small loans called micro-credit.
The story goes on to show how JR deals with the pain of losing his brother by singing at Jack’s funeral and keeps singing to let his pain out.
His mouth became heavy and he lost his ability to speak, smile and make different facial expressions. By the time she sold her wares, paid back her debt, Sufiya was left with only 2cents; not enough for the family.
I realized Jason was right – Professor Yunus’ journey to become a champion for the poor would be a great story for children to learn not just about the basic tenets of finance and money but also about compassion and generosity and helping others.
I began to read more books and research Professor Yunus’ life, along with interviewing him, which led to this book.

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