Don’t look now, but Steve Harvey has been rumored to be announcing the big powerball lottery numbers tonight. Of course, we’re just kidding, but make sure to check out our million dollar endorsements! In our exclusive podcast author interview with Fox News Co-Host Eric Bolling he reveals why he dedicates his first book to Barack Obama, what nine virtues made America great, and how he was drafted to play baseball for the Pittsburgh Pirates.
If you love the troops and love conservative books, you’ll love Pete Hegseth’s message for CBC readers! Memorial Day is a time when Americans can come together to remember the sacrifices of our troops. For more than 50 years, the Conservative Book Club has guided book lovers to the best conservative books and authors of our times.
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Alexander Rossi spent the biggest weekend in auto racing last year in Monaco, looking for a television that was broadcasting the Indianapolis 500. To many it seems that American citizens are more patriotic than ever, and with many national holidays approaching such as Memorial Day, the visual bombardment of American flags fills the public with a sense of national pride. James Stocklas, a retired judge, claimed his $291 Million prize this week, while his brother Bob Stocklas claimed $7 from the same drawing.  Talk about sibling rivalry! James Stocklas played the Million Dollar Powerball lottery during a vacation to Florida.  Upon returning, he checked his ticket over breakfast at a diner in Pennsylvania.
The judge bought the ticket with two other people and immediately took a private jet to Florida to claim the winnings.  Each person who participated in the purchase will receive $40 Million after taxes. Congratulations on your big win, James!  We hope you will be sharing some of the wealth with your brother. Walmart, one of the United States largest retail stores, which has taken a stance against selling lottery tickets, may change its mind.  Walmart has agreed to start a pilot program with the Florida Lottery. Here at FreeLotto, we love the idea of people winning instant cash by matching numbers in a lottery game. Last week, a 24 year-old Michigan man hit the $4 million jackpot playing the Michigan Lottery $100,000,000 Diamonds instant game. Also last week, the North Carolina Lottery announced a Charlotte-area resident won a $1 million prize playing the Ultimate Millions scratch-off game. Just today Georgia Lottery officials announced that Rhonda Taylor of Grady County won $7 million playing the Georgia Lottery Max the Money scratch off game. Unlike lottery draw games, there’s a very real science to increasing your odds of winning.
In short, since the cash value of the ticket is determined at the time of printing, a strategic decision must be made by a person as to how many total tickets and winning tickets to print, and for what amounts, and how the winning tickets are placed into each roll and how the rolls are distributed, both in terms of timing and geography.
Since we love the idea of people winning instant cash, we tried to create games that match the same fun and excitement. To date, we’ve awarded over $100,000,000 in cash prizes to contest and sweepstakes fans all over the world, including 4 $10 Million winners and 21 $1 Million winners. Florida Lottery instant games offer some of the best payouts among all lottery games in the United States. You can choose among more than 70 scratch-off games, with ticket prices starting at $1 and rising to $30.
While the Florida Lottery draw games are based entirely on luck and chance – with virtually nothing you can do to improve your odds of winning other than buying more tickets – FLA Lottery scratch-off games are different. Even the number of winning tickets in a roll is often pre-determined to avoid long losing streaks. A conscious effort is made to produce “almost win” tickets where, for example, a card will have three out of four of the matching symbols needed, which will encourage players to purchase another card or come back sooner to play again. A story in Wired Magazine explains how a geological statistician living in Toronto, Mohan Srivastava, discovered a pattern to how the tickets were printed. We can’t tell you the exact formula for your favorite scratch-off games, but we can offer strategies for dramatically improving your odds for winning money when playing instant cash games.
Building on tip #1, the odds are better if instead of buying one ticket every day for a week, you spend the same amount and buy 7 tickets at one time.

This isn’t about improving your odds necessarily, except that after scratching off 10, 15, or 20 tickets, it’s easy to miss matching symbols or numbers.
If you do nothing else, at least be sure to check the appropriate website to see which games still have top prizes available. Now to really improve your odds, let’s do a little math (there’s a spreadsheet at the end to make it easy). We start with a simple concept: When tickets are sold and prizes won, the odds of winning change.
For example, if a game has sold many tickets, all or nearly all the top prizes could have already been won, so the odds of you winning that $1 million went from very small to virtually zero to perhaps zero if all the top prizes have been claimed. Again, simplifying the math for the example, let’s say 50% of the tickets have been sold but only 25% of the prizes have been claimed.
Column D automatically calculates the estimated number of tickets sold based on the odds and available prizes.
You can run the same example for the $10 million prizes and get the same result of 32,400,000 tickets printed.
Since the number of printed tickets match, that number fills in for the rest of the column. Unfortunately, the Florida Lottery only publishes remaining prizes for the highest amounts. To generate a reasonable estimate, the spreadsheet uses the estimated tickets sold of the lowest prize amount because this gives us the largest sample size and will be more accurate than the numbers with fewer prizes.
Column I automatically takes the estimated tickets sold and subtracts from total tickets printed to get the estimated remaining tickets.
You can use the spreadsheet to play other scratch-off games in other states that are more generous with their numbers. For the Florida Lottery $10,000,000 Florida Cash Game, we know that the top prize of $10 million has seen a disproportionately high number of winners. Bottom line, don’t just walk into a store and purchase a few random tickets, unless you really don’t care and just want to have fun. Note, this is a Google Doc so you won’t risk getting viruses or other crap you get if you download strange files or those ending in .exe. For over 30 years Guy Harvey, a marine wildlife artist and conservationist, has created beautiful depictions of sealife, especially of sportfish such as marlin, which are popular with sportfishermen and have been reproduced in prints, posters, T-shirts, jewelery, clothing, and other consumer items. Beginning August 11, FLA Lottery will begin selling scratch-off tickets in hopes of generating close to $4 million for the Florida education system, according to Lottery officials. The artwork will celebrate everyday heroes in education and mix individuals with the design of Florida’s state fish, the sailfish, and the American flag. If you like scratch-off games and want to win really big cash, here’s an even better way to play.
It’s the 10th winning Powerball ticket sold in Florida since the Florida Lottery added Powerball to its game offerings in January, 2009. Most winners of such large amounts keep quiet while assembling a team of legal and financial advisers. Ticket sales for Mega Millions and Powerball games were down 30% for the first quarter, 2015. States are responding to falling lottery ticket sales by pumping up the jackpot amounts in hopes of luring back the casual player who buys lotto tickets only when the prize becomes enormous.
By checking how many top prizes have been won, you can determine which games give you better odds of winning. Tammy Smith, 40, won the $3 million top prize in the $600,000,000 GOLD RUSH Scratch-Off game offered by the Florida Lottery. Smith purchased her winning ticket from Cumberland Farms, located at 7228 North Military Trail in Palm Beach Gardens. The $20 Scratch-Off game, $600,000,000 GOLD RUSH launched in September 2014, according to FLA lottery officials. On April 23, Tequesta resident Carol Drew claimed a $1 million prize in the $10,000,000 FLORIDA CASH Scratch-Off game at Florida Lottery.

The retailer receives a $2,000 bonus commission for selling the winning Scratch-Off ticket, according to FLA lottery officials. I ran across this article about things you should never keep in your wallet and with all this talk about identity theft, decided I should give it a read. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites.
Sign up to have exclusive Big Frog Rewards Club contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE. McConnell, he tells us how he overcame polio at a young age, got interested in politics, and what he really thinks about Donald Trump, Harry Reid and President Obama. Check out CBC’s Top 10 Weekly Articles to see the hottest books, funniest cartoons, and more from this week!
While the mainstream media tends to celebrate only books from the Left, the Conservative Book Club has provided a much-needed resource for readers interested in conservative politics and conservative values.
Walmart started testing its pilot lottery program in Florida on October 5th and it is still running today.  If it’s successful, the company plans to expand lottery ticket sales to Walmart super centers throughout the state.
Which is why we’ve always been most interested in instant games, also called scratch-off games or scratchers, where players scratch off the UV ink on a game ticket to reveal the winning (or losing) numbers.
He just walked into a Marathon gas station in Detroit, and asked the man in line in front of him what he should play. All of these decisions must be made to ensure the game remains exciting while all the prizes are not won too early or before most of the tickets are sold.
Florida Lottery drawings are a game of chance because the numbers are drawn randomly – without any human intervention. Although his particular method will no longer work on most (probably all) scratch-off tickets, the principle of “illusion of randomness” does still apply. If you buy a new ticket from a different roll, the pool of losing tickets is much larger and your chances of getting a winning ticket goes down. If you see a prolonged losing streak from a specific roll, your chances of getting a winning ticket increase because scratch-off tickets are sold with a guaranteed number of winners and losers in each pack. The $10,000,000 Florida Cash game is giving away 4 $10 million prizes and 46 $1 million prizes. Sometimes in your favor, represented by a green bold number, and sometimes against you, represented by a red number.
Scratch-off tickets are not random because a real person must determine how many total tickets to print, how many will be winning tickets and for what amounts, and how the winning tickets are dispersed geographically. But a slight move in your direction can help and a few times, you’ll find significant swings that can make a worthwhile difference.
This is a number not provided by the website, but it’s critical in determining how the odds have changed.
The game will cost you $10 – and there are plenty of people playing and hoping to win the top prize – but all the top prizes are already gone. Smith chose to receive her winnings in annual installments of $120,000 over the next 25 years, according to a press release from the Florida Lottery. Unlike George Costanza, I didn’t find any hard candy, but I did find some interesting things.
And in its new digital iteration, the Conservative Book Club welcomes new and old friends alike to discover the profound pleasure of great conservative books. All of these decisions are carefully crafted to maximize excitement and to draw players in and keep them playing. With his winnings, the player plans to help his mother with her finances, buy a new home, a new car, and take a trip with his two young children.

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