REVIEW ARTICLEAnesthetizing the obese childAnette Mortensen1, Katja Lenz1, Hanne Abildstrøm2 andTorsten L. The 34 species of this Hawaiian endemic genus represent one of largest adaptive radiations in the Hawaiian Islands. Schiedea salicaria, a species with populations containing females and hermaphrodites, was used to examine sexual dimorphism and the genetic potential for evolution of sex allocation patterns. Written by leading experts in the field, Understanding Medical Education provides a comprehensive resource of the theoretical and academic bases to modern medical education practice.

And visit our anniversary site for more resources including an interactive tour of the last 50 years of Medical Education.E-Editor Position The Association for the Study of Medical Education are seeking applications for the position of E-Editor for Medical Education and The Clinical Teacher. 21 Issue 6A soldier of the army ant Eciton burchellii guards a nightly emigration.
1125–1132) reports new insights into the population structure of this species.
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