When we arrive at my dearest friend’s house on the weekend, my girls go straight to the vintage suitcases stacked in the sunroom. As I opened the pages of these books with my children that evening, I was sucked back in a vortex to a time when I read these books as a child. My oldest is particularly taken with Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, and has been for a long time.
Just as I can clearly remember my own imaginary games from that age, almost better than my actual, lived memories, my daughter will probably remember hers. You make me think about books like What Katy Did, Bkack Beauty and the bottomless joys of myriad Enid Blyton adventures. I was all about Enid Blyton… Famous Five, Secret Seven, Wishing Chair, Amelia Jane, Faraway Tree, Noddy (etc).
I love it when our girls bring home library books from school that I remember reading and loving. I love pulling out our childhood books and reading them with my kids – not copies of the same books but the actual books.
Last year my mum sent my daughter a copy of Tikki Tikki Tembo and I squealed in excitement!
My brothers and I made up a play one Christmas, and I am pretty sure it was inspired by the toy stories.
Oh my god, I got little tingles seeing some of these titles, and funnily enough some of them are in my kids’ library now as well. Each poster has it's own subliminal sense and all 6 in line have BIG systematical inner message. It was September 2010 when we last talked about the Goosebumps books becoming something a movie franchise, back in April there was talk of another R.L.
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These books would have forged her early memories, and lay the blueprint for who she is now.
The books that formed by childhood included The Jolly Postman, Geraldine’s Blanket, The Secret Garden and Clive Eats Alligators. My life was founded on their images, words and feelings, just as my friend’s foundation was built from her childhood books. Feel free to share a picture of your childhood collection here, or on Facebook #mychildhoodbooks ~ I would love to see.

I was shocked reading The Secret Garden as an adult how long and complicated a story it is.
We have recently read all the Heidi books as a family (my Mum’s original copies of the books) and we are making our way through all the Enid Blyton ones now.
So many happy memories and I am so glad that they love reading as much as both my husband and I do.
I have no books from childhood simply because we lived in an apartment and when we outgrew books or toys my mom took them to donate to the primary school we attended. Books really are so powerful and hold so much potential – potential to connect with us, inspire us, share a perspective with us, change our minds. Not sure why I never did a review on the book series (maybe I will after I finish the Four short stories), but I did give the first book a 5. Some of the minor changes were things like having to climb up to the train when they left the choosing ceremony, the darts in the flag game simulating the pain of a gun shot, and the way winning the flag game went down. The trailer was already out when I read the book, so I did have the actors in my mind while reading it, which always helps, but I thought the actors did a wonderful job at bringing the characters to life. The way the ending happened was a bit different, but I thought it pumped up the action, which is likely why they did it that way for the big screen. One of the greatest things about seeing a book with a futuristic setting is getting to see the world come alive. Funny though, I was the most disappointed with the change in the way Tris and Four went through Four’s fear landscape.
The city launched in 2004 and continues to produce original and very entertaining content for general movie lovers and aficionados alike. These print ads for the Mint Vinetu bookstore, which sells lots of classics, focuses on the idea of becoming someone else. I remembered clearly the imaginary games I played, which were filled with characters and images from these books.
Often, the stories and characters leave the pages, and come to life in my daughters’ games and conversations. The other day, she was Mrs Salt, and I was Mrs Beauregarde, and the girls were having a sleepover. As I turn the pages, sometimes with their help, I realise that it’s not just my own voice that I hear, but my mother’s voice and tone bursting out from within! Thanks to Ms Blyton I wished as hard as I could every night for a pair of fairy wings to appear magically in my cupboard in the morning.

Again, I remember the place in the demountable library I was sitting, the direction I was facing – everything about that moment when I first heard that book! I had the Amelia Jane you had in the picture above ?? The Faraway Tree, The Enchanted Wood, the Famous Five and Richard Scarry were a big part of my childhood.
Some of the more major changes were things like the scene with Edward missing, the way Tris and Four went through his fear landscape which lead to a big change in the way she did her final test, and what Tris’s mother tells her when she comes to see her.
For me, the way Four reacted to his fears was a HUGE part of what made me love him in the book, because it showed vulnerability. Sometimes I see a movie and I can find no reason for the changes other than creative license. This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. I could feel the same emotion these books provoked in me when I read them, or was read them, years and years ago.
Not all four of them love to read now, but when I see one of them pick up a book, it brings those memories flooding back. Instead I have lavished them with books and am now saving favourites for their own children. They never did ?? But I have always loved books and they are certainly a big part of my life and I hope my kids!
My Nanna and Pa used to have them in their bookshelf and the smell always takes me back to that room. Some of the little changes like the darts in the game, I thought added a bit, and the fear landscape fixed what, for me, was a huge plot hole in the book. There were some fun little details, like the faction symbols being acted out and revealed in the beginning. I actually shed tears when I found my massive collection of babysitters clubs were lost in the floods .. And the way they changed how Tris ended her test – it was a big change in character that kind of bummed me out.

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