Hi Bryan, appreciate the review I’m doing the same mod to the lock I just picked up, the body does feel bulky and plasticy.
Ryan, I’m right there with you on this bike, all I can think of is for $5k i could build a carbon race bike, an aluminum crit bike and a vintage steel framed commuter.
I’ve heard people love the rose colored lens- but these light beer colored lenses are really great in low light. 20" bikes and folding bikes are great for how compact and convenient they are and how well they climb hills with electric motors. All of our Schwalbe tyres on electric bikes have a reflective sidewall for lateral visibility at night.
Im Pokal-Halbfinale der MA?nchner gegen Werder Bremen war es allerdings Arturo Vidal, der bei einem vermeintlichen Foulspiel oscarreif auf den Boden flog.

Minute wird Arturo Vidal von Thomas MA?ller freigespielt, der Chilene lA¬§uft in den Strafraum. The Big Apple is the perfect choice for a 20" electric bicycle because it's balloon-like profile offers some suspension for a comfy ride.
However, a big drawback is that they are not as comfortable to ride as larger-wheeled bicycles. Note that many of the eZee Quando and eZee Street bicycles came with Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20" x 1.75" tyres. This is because little bumps feel like big bumps on a small diameter wheel due not only to the relative size of the objects but also to the fact that smaller wheels fall more deeply into holes on the road, making the size of the bump actually bigger as well.
However, you can fit either tyre on any of the bikes, regardless of what they came with originally.

Also, small bikes are more manouvrable but less stable when compared to a long bike like the eZee Torq or Kona Ute, which also makes for a less relaxed ride.
The Big Apple is the perfect tyre to lend some comfort back to the class of small and folding electric bicycles, as it is part of the Balloon Bike family of tyres which is actually just as effective as mechanical suspension when encountering small bumps along the road (but not if you plan on jumping off rocks with your bike).

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