The European Commission has announced a new agreement of collaboration between the Union's institutions and the four major tech companies in an effort to stop illegal online hate speech and extremism. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft have signed up to stop the spread of hate speech online. Okay, so according to the infodump over on IGN, erstwhile studio, Lionhead were working on a free-to-play digital card game called Fable Fortune set in the Fable universe prior to the studio’s closure.
Se traileren for det forste spillet fra tidligere The Witcher 3- og The Division-utviklere. I’ve been holidaying far from computers for a good while now, and LawBreakers [official site] is the perfect entry point back into the world of PC games.
Months ago, when the first trailer for Terra Formars painted the live action film as a comedy, I expected it to be terrible.
Image: Jeremy KnightIf you need raw power in your desktop PC, Intel’s new CPU will be just the ticket. Besides its $1,723 10-core Core i7 Extreme Edition processor, Intel just teased some other chip news during its keynote presentation at Computex. Now that the megahertz race has slowed down in the desktop processor world, the new race is all about more and more cores.
I dag slar vi pa kryptering for – en viktig endring som styrker sikkerheten og paliteligheten til NRKs nettsider. De siste arene har kryptering blitt stadig mer vanlig, og de fleste store aktorer, som Google, Facebook og Twitter kjorer krypterte forbindelser mellom alle sine tjenester og dine enheter. De fleste store nettlesere viser en gronn hengelas hvis forbindelsen mellom nettsiden og nettleseren er kryptert. har lenge hatt transportkryptering for tipssidene, men i dag slar vi som det forste store norske mediehuset pa kryptering for hele vart nettsted. Snowdens avsloringer viste at NSA og samarbeidende etterretningstjenester samler opp store deler av den verdensomspennende nettrafikken, og systematiserte informasjonen for a lage et enormt masseovervakningssystem. At na har aktivert transportkryptering har flere positive fordeler for deg som bruker – forst og fremst betyr det at ingen utenforstaende kan overvake innholdet som utveksles mellom din nettleser og vare nettsider.
En bieffekt av dette er at vi na kan garantere at innholdet du leser pa NRKs nettsider faktisk er levert av NRK.
I tillegg til tradisjonell transportkryptering, har flere aktorer, deriblant Whatsapp og Google, na skrudd pa ende-til-ende kryptering for noen av sine tjenester.
Vi sier som Morgenbladet: Sv?rt fa av de norske nettavisene har sa langt skrudd pa transportkryptering, men vi haper at flere snart tar steget. Back in March, Apple reached a deal with Dubset to make sure sampled artists in remixes and DJ mixes on its music service were properly compensated. Here’s the intro to Blood & Wine, in which Geralt is encouraged to take up a fancy new contract and says farewell to the Northern Kingdoms. Sony is hosting a special event that will allow those near participating theaters to enjoy Sony's E3 press conference with fellow gamers. Rather than bringing more computing power to wearable devices, Qualcomm is aiming for efficiency with its new Snapdragon Wear 1100 chip. Season six of HBO's Game of Thrones soldiers on, with family reunions both fortunate and unfortunate. To catch up on previous seasons, the A Song of Ice And Fire books, and other TV and movies, check out the BGaS archive. The new group is called Microsoft Ventures, and it will focus on early-stage startup investments.
As the Guardian reports, the broadcaster attracted three million people to its live coverage of the Champions League and Europa League finals on the platform. With this, according to StatCounter, Windows 10 is now the most used desktop operating system in North America.

Digital Storm has unveiled a new version of the Aura, a 34-inch curved system that packs some truly high-end hardware. Two recent videos highlight the verticality of the arenas in which teams will battle in this first-person competitive battler. The top-end of this already powerful line packs 10-cores and all the chips are unlocked for overclockers.
Whereas before it was limited to a small part of the capital, it now spans all of zone one and zone two, as well as Heathrow Airport.
To that end, Intel just announced its first 10-core desktop CPU, the Core i7-6950X Extreme Edition, today at Computex. En enkel mate a sikre seg mot a havne i denne enorme overvakningsfella er a kryptere all trafikk. For ukrypterte forbindelser er det relativt enkelt for tredjeparter a bytte ut innholdet pa popul?re nettsider med sitt eget. Dette betyr at informasjonen ogsa lagres kryptert, noe som er enda et steg som gjor det vanskelig for utenforstaende a overvake deg. Det mest tidkrevende for har v?rt mengden eksterne integrasjoner i tillegg til egen gammel kode. Each week following the show, Boars, Gore, and Swords recaps everything that goes down in the world of Westeros. The teaser clip shows they’ve done a good job with facial expressions; however, the hair isn’t quite there yet.
Og i folge en rapport utarbeidet av Sandvine i 2015, er na majoriteten av nettrafikk kryptert. Nar vi na velger a ga over til sikre sider betyr det ikke at absolutt alt er flyttet, men nok til at vi flytter de eldste og minst brukte delkomponentene i fart etterhvert som vi finner dem. On this week's "Blood of My Blood," Ivan and Red are accompanied by the fantastic Lisa Corrao to discuss new religious converts, bringing your north of the Wall girlfriend home to your family, Arya's position as theatre critic, and puppets both figurative and literal. The problem is these roaches have evolved into humanoids that have an instinctive drive to squash humans (similar to how most people feel about roaches). It’s essentially the most powerful desktop chip you can buy from Intel right now, so if number crunching is your business, it’s probably for you.At a price.
What content should you be focusing on?This post originally appeared on The Muse.It might sound like a lot of work and you’ve probably been told over and over to that you should tailor your resume (like here, here, and here), but it’s really quite manageable. Recruited by eccentric billionaire Ko Honda, the group is only told they are going to kill cockroaches, not that said roaches have evolved into death machines on legs.It’s plainly a suicide mission—not that any of the characters are smart enough to see this obvious fact. In fact, the group doesn’t even learn that they have bug powers until after several of them have been killed by unexpected encounters with the roaches.Therein lies one of the film’s most problematic aspects. There are cheaper variants—8 cores will cost you $1,000, 6 cores $600—but they don’t offer the raw power of the 10-core CPU.
Actually Read and Try to Understand the Job You’re Applying ForFirst things first: Sit down with a highlighter and really read the job description. Go through and highlight the points that seem important (think the ones that are mentioned repeatedly or anything that’s slightly out of the ordinary) and the points that you could speak to with your experience and skills.This is always step one—after all, you can’t tailor your resume for a position if you don’t really know what the gig entails. Several only get a single line or two before they die—leaving no time or reason to form an emotional connection. Make Your First Point Immediately RelevantNext, with your newfound knowledge of what the hiring manager is looking for, take your resume, find the experience that would make him or her most excited about your application, and rework the document so that’s what’s at the top. Beyond them, the rest of the characters are largely one note and can be described in two words apiece: thrill seeker, disgraced soldier, creepy murderer, failed terrorist, former yakuza, etc. Maybe it’s your current position, or maybe it’s some specialized certifications or the freelance work you do on the side. Whatever it is, make it the first section of your resume.And yes, even if it’s not the most recent.

There’s no rule that says your first section must be “Work Experience.” Tailoring your resume means finding what is most relevant, creating a section for it, and filling it up with experience or qualifications that will catch a hiring manager’s eye.
On one hand we have stylized violence as people are killed in various horrible ways and super-powered action movie fight scenes. On the other hand we have more than a few slapstick moments from our heroes and a narrator who pops in to explain each person’s powers or just to belittle the heroes.And then we have Shun Oguri as Honda.
Revamp Your Bullets Even for Less Relevant ExperiencesNow that your relevant experiences are at the top of your resume, that doesn’t mean you should ignore everything else.
Now, don’t get me wrong, I like Oguri as an actor and have watched dozens of dramas and films with him starring. Nope, it just means you need to pull out the relevant bits of those experiences in your bullets.From the job description, you’ll likely find more than just the technical qualifications needed to complete the job. Strong communication skills, ability to work in a team, and other soft skills are probably listed as well. However, the only way to describe Oguri’s performance in Terra Formars is to imagine that the film’s director, Takashi Miike, made him watch Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element and told him to kick that up half a dozen notches.
So, while your tutoring experience might not be directly related to the sales position you’re interested in, you can definitely still highlight some of the soft skills that both positions require. It is so far over the top that it borders on the surreal—and it is the only aspect of the film that is even somewhat captivating (though for all the wrong reasons).**Spoilers Begin**Much of the film is nonsensical—both from the roach and human perspectives. For some ideas on how to spin your bullets to emphasize certain soft skills, see this article.4.
Check to See if It’s Clear Why You Are ApplyingFinally, your last quick assessment to make sure you’ve successfully tailored your resume is to see if someone else—like a friend or mentor—can explain why you’re interested in the position just based on reading your resume.
If your friend can’t suss out why you’re applying or how you’re a good fit, then more tailoring is likely needed.Of course, sometimes there’s only so much you can do. The roaches seem to travel by forming literal tidal waves out of themselves—which is even odder when it’s revealed that the roaches can fly faster than a rocket engine at escape velocity.
If you’re making a big career change and you just don’t have the relevant experience, then no amount of tweaking bullets can spell that out.
In this case—and only in this case, I might add—you may actually want to use an objective statement to properly explain your interest in the position.
While the sets and costumes (namely the space suit armor) look good enough, the rest of the film is a mixture of Power Ranger’s level makeup effects and some of the fakest-looking CG I’ve seen since the Dragon Ball live action film. Here’s how to do it.Tailoring your resume isn’t the most exciting part of applying for a job, but it’s definitely one of the more important. The roaches are almost entirely CG while the heroes are all filmed on green screen with makeup. You can tell that the actors are never interacting with the monsters they are supposedly fighting.I wish I could say that Terra Formars is good. When she’s not indulging in a new book or video game, she’s thinking about, talking about, or writing about careers. Suffering from cringeworthy CG and tonal dissonance in its story, it is a film that is more boring than anything else. Fan of the franchise or newcomer, this is a film not worth your time or money—even as rental. That’s what I plan to do.Terra Formars was released in Japanese theaters on April 29, 2016. There is no word on a Western release.Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond.

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