In the movie it almost seems like Willy Wonka knew that those children were going to get in trouble in his factory.
I mean, I eat chocolate all the time, and I never new that the delicious taste was that of children. Screen-used Wonka brand chocolate bar and golden ticket props from beloved tale, ''Charlie and the Chocolate Factory''.
He wishes to find a suitable replacement for his edible empire so he holds a contest where only five children who find a golden ticket inside a candy bar will get a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the factory, a lifetime supply of chocolate and a special prize at the end. Wonka weeds out the competition by tempting all the children to disobey him by using their character flaws agains them. Only Charlie makes it to the end and to accept Wonka’s apprenticeship he must leave his family for good. It is Charlie that teaches Willy the importance of family as he reconciles with his father at the end of the movie. Out of the thousands of movies that have ever been filmed, only a scant few of them can truly claim to be a perfect film.
Just like Willy Wonka’s candy inventions, the film combines all of its elements with expertise to deliver one fantastic treat. If by some miracle you’ve managed to never see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, let me regale you on this magical story.

Toward the end of the film, all the misbehaving children are gone due to danger they put themselves in. After Augustus gets sucked up the shoot and everyone gets on the boat to go through the tunnel, the boat doesn’t have two extra seats.
He knew they would fall for his trap and he must have been running low, so he decided to allow children to visit his factor just so he had some extra little bodies to continue making his famous candy. I love this movie and he is just super smart and knew all the children were brats and would fail! Tim Burton's 2005 film starred Johnny Depp in a controversial reinterpretation of the wealthy eccentric chocolatier Willy Wonka, first portrayed on film by Gene Wilder.
This portrayal earned Johnny a nomination for the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy. There are just enough seats for everyone who didn’t fall into the chocolate river and their parents. Then the real reason he gives Charlie his factory is because Charlie didn’t fall for his traps so he is smart enough to trick kids when he has too so he never runs out of the secret ingredient. When Willy Wonka takes Charlie up in the great glass elevator at the end, they look below to see all the children leaving the factory and there are trucks carrying their lifetime supplies of chocolate.

Lot includes 2 items: (1) Remarkably authentic-looking prop chocolate bar custom crafted for production.
Plus, Charlie is poor so if he turned down the deal Charlie would have to go back to his poor life, so he is more likely to accept the fact that children are used in the process of making the candy. Augustus is thinner from being squeezed in the pipe, Violet is blue in the face, Veruca is covered with garbage, and Mike Teavee appears taller and thinner than anyone else. Bar, in ''Wonka'' packaging, is made of scored plastic with Wonka logo stamped into each of the 14 squares. So the children did get out of the factory so they could not possibly be part of the candy. Wolper then made a deal for Quaker Oats to finance the shooting of the movie in Munich in order to promote a new candy bar they would release along with the film.
The instructions to the lucky winner are printed on the back, reading in part, ''Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this golden ticket, from Mr.

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