I would be truly blessed if win!i could save my home from foreclosure and keep me and my six children from being homeless! Would purchase medical insurance, pay off all of our Bills, Donate to the children of st.Jude , purchase our New home etc.
If I win, I will do all the usual things, but my greatest wish for winning is to put my community center back in order for all of the people who go there to exercise, play games and for the children to have some place to go that is safe. I WOUL LIKE TO WIN THE $ 1 MILLION A YEAR FOREVER FROM PCH GWY ON FEBURARY 28TH 2014, I AM WITH THE HOPE THAT THE PCH PATROL TEAM WILL COME KNOCK MY DOOR AT FRAMINGHAM, GIVE ME THE BIG CHECK I HAVE NEVER HOLD SOME BEFORE, I WELL COME PCH TO MY HOUSE SOON COMING. I have walked past my people who could really use this money and I think to myself I really wish that I had lots of money to give to these people. Billionaire Warren Buffett is offering a lifetime of riches to the employees of any of his companies if they can pick all the winners of the first two rounds of the upcoming NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

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SEE ALSO: Warren Buffett is quietly creating America's largest junk-food conglomerate The prize? Enter giveaways like this is a little bit like entering the lottery, your chances of winning are pretty small, but its absolutely free so why not?
This could be your lucky year… ¬†The lucky grand prize winner will be paid $1,000,000 for life and thereafter to one other person.
In addition to the chance to win $1 Million a year forever sweepstakes you can also win one of the other amazing cash prizes including, $100,000 or $50,000! I know for sure if I won this prize my family and I would head off on dream vacation after dream vacation! Enter to win $1 Million a Year Forever!

Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes almost sound too good to be true, but they are for real!
This kind of prize is simply not given away by other companies and this is the kind of prize we all want. There are not many things in life I can say I want to get forever, but a $1 million is definitely something I would never grow tired of!

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