The funny thing about money is that even if you have a lot, you can always do with some more! Wheel of Fortune is one of the few syndicated game shows that offers contestants the chance to win a million dollars. Winning a million dollars is possible in this game which provides plenty of different cash based symbols that will at least remind you of just how much money there is to win.
It's difficult to accomplish because of the number of steps it takes to score that million, but it can be done. From piles of cash, dollar signs, diamonds, and even a man sleeping on his pillow full of money there is plenty to play for.
You must the be contestant to correctly solve the puzzle in which you earned the wedge in order to hang on to it. Land on the Million Dollar WedgeThe first thing you must do is spin the Wheel and have it land on the Million Dollar wedge.

Of course with other wedges, this means that you've won the prize and can add it to your total winnings.
3 briefcases are required to get you into the bonus round where you pick the lucky briefcase to win the cash prize. Finish the Game Without Going BankruptIf you land on a Bankrupt wedge at any point during the rest of the game, you lose not only your winnings to that point in the current puzzle, but also the Million Dollar wedge.5. Another valuable symbol is the millionaire logo scatter symbol that provides the possibility of the million dollar top prize. Call Out a Correct Letter in the PuzzleIn order to be able to pick up the Million Dollar wedge and add it to your section, you have to call out a letter that actually appears in the current puzzle.
Win the Game and Move on To the Bonus RoundIf you get to the Bonus Round without going bankrupt and you have the Million Dollar wedge in your hand, you're in good shape.
This game does not have any wilds, and may lack the complexity of other video slots, but it is a more old fashioned slot style game.

Spin the Million Dollar EnvelopeWhen you spin the small wheel in the Bonus Round, the envelope that you get must be the matching million dollar envelope. Of course you won't know whether it is or not until after you finish the round, which adds to your nerves.
Then, when Pat Sajak opens up the envelope and it's the million dollar prize, you can finally breathe easy -- you've snagged the top prize! Try not to brag too much, since a lot of this depends on luck.Million Dollar WinnersSince the Million Dollar wedge was added in 2008, there have only been three contestants to hit this jackpot. There's not a lot of strategic play that can help you, and you can never tell how your luck will turn out.

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