We teamed up with the blog Japanese Sewing Books, so one lucky person will win an awesome Fat Quarter package with Japanese fabrics by Kokka, echino and Cosmo.
From Japan we received the color-intense echino collections bee, birds, kalmia, pipi and hide.
If you need some cuddle fabrics, this is good news for you: We now have some super soft Robert Kaufman Minky fabrics and also Robert Kaufman flannel pre-cuts. In our latest fabric delivery from the Japanese manufacturer Cosmo we received many new designs, but also a couple of new material that you might like.
We got a new delivery from Kokka this week and are still adding the wonderful Japanese fabrics to our shop. We got a lovely little catalogue with the recent Echino Fabric collection a little time ago, which contained some really pretty photos of bags and clothes that were made with the fabrics designed by Etsuko Furuya. Echino Fabrics are designed by Japanese designer Etsuku Furuya who had her big breakthrough with the Etsuko Furuya’s Echino fabric collection in 2003.
Maybe these pictures inspire you in your future sewing projects, we were defnitely totally blown away by the cute colourful products. We work with Kokka fabrics closely together, of course it helps that they have an office in Hong Kong. After the meeting we had a Chinese lunch together with the boss and one more staff and chatted about business, travelling to Japan and other topics.
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Kenji Suzuki gets his Japanese Enduro Championship off to a winning start at Hiroshima city. Six months since the end of the 2015 series, the first round of the 2016 Japanese Enduro Championship took place in the outskirts of Hiroshima city.
Round one is in Hiroshima, round two in Osaka, rounds three and four in Hidaka Hokkaido and then the final double header of rounds five and six at Sports Land Sugo.

The course for round one had around 12 kilometres of trails including a five-kilometre long Enduro test.
Rolling out Yamaha’s YZ250X for round one, Kenji Suzuki was strong from the first special test.
Some of these designs were already available as laminate fabrics in our shop, but now we also have the pure Cavas version. The fabric absorbs water very well therefore it is great to make home textiles such as towels, washrag, bathrobes, bathing utensils, plush toys etc. It’s really nice to see how the fabrics look like when actually used, we thought you guys might like it too. And by the way, the Echino spring 2012 collection will arrive at our shop within the next weeks.
They have a few new designs which are really adorable, including panda bears, deers, bunnies, poodle, strawberries and more. It’s nice when you know your suppliers in person and also know something private about them. As always, the quality of the fabrics is awesome and the prints are so detailed, its amazing. The test was a mixture of motocross track, open green and single track with many wood roots. 2015 JEC champion Tadashi Kugimuara (Honda) and 20-year old Taka Maehashi (Yamaha) were closed behind in second and third place.
On the blog Straight Grain you can now win great Japanese fabrics and organic fabrics: echino canvas, echino cotton sateen and birch organic fabric.
And our favourite product of the week, the cute sailor fabric with squares, definitely belongs in that category.
Especially the Echino Canvas Bonbon Fabric can be seen a lot on the pictures in really pretty handbags, suitcases and funny slippers.

They are all lightweight cotton fabrics perfect for quilting or any other cute project you can think of.
This time we got fabrics with skulls, chipmunks, deers, sheeps, mushrooms, Snow-white, cars and more. Today’s meeting was very important for us because we wanted to discuss the sales of Kokka fabrics in Germany.
If you you need some basics, you might be interested in our new single-colored birch flannel fabrics.
Lucky for us, they arrived before that and we don’t have any order which is supposed to be shipped right now from Japan. When we started working with them they told us that some fabrics are not allowed to Germany because another company has the exclusive import rights for those. Japan closed its ports and I am sure there will be some shipping delays for products we ordered. I totally understand the situation in Japan and we have to be patient waiting for new products. After 2 years we became a very good customer for them and they decided to review this arrangement.
The most important thing is that our customers don’t have to be patient because all our products in our shop are in stock and there are no shipping delays from our side!
The meeting was very successful, we are now allowed to sell almost all Kokka fabrics to Germany.

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