I introduced you to some of my blogging friends during this month, and they have shared some amazing sewing tutorials and projects with us. Talking of giveaways, let’s get down to business and the super prizes I have on offer for you today. Looking for special supplies such as boning, eyelets and grommets, pattern making tools, unusual snaps and rivets, or a part for your sewing machine – Gold Star has it all. And do drop over to Gold Star Tool and take a look at their huge range of sewing equipment.
Lots of the earlier giveaways are all still open too and great prizes up for grabs, so check out the Seasonal Sewing Series posts above and enter there too for a very Merry Christmas!

Get more free patternsBe the first to hear about my new patternsIf you love to sew and love free patterns, then you'll love being on the mailing list at So Sew Easy. I would LOVE to win any of the great prizes, your site has helped me start to overcome my fear of sewing clothing lol before I would only consider sewing accessories and bags- thanks so much!! Having sewn for many years, I gave it up, also for many years, and now am just renewing my interest. Starting Wednesday, July 1, the Writing Center, the Wellness Hub, Interprofessional Student Learning and Service Initiatives, and Student Development and Leadership are joining forces with the Campus Life Facebook and Twitter accounts to bring you all the updates you need for life at UMB.
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To be in the running to win, inform us which upcoming blockbuster you’re most looking forward to and why!* Feel free to tag your friends to enter! My only complaint: I find raffle-copter so hard to use in comparison to other random-generator give-aways.
And since I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, etc., out of 6 or 7 or more opportunities for an entry, I only qualify for ONE!

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