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Route for IPI Pipeline was proposed from South Pars Oil Field Iran to Khuzdar, Karachi, Multan and then to New Delhi. After separation of India, now there are only two partners of pipeline project, so it has been renamed as IP Iran-Pakistan Pipeline Project. China is already considering an oil pipeline from Middle East to West China through a shortest route from Pakistan. Iran has also offered to build an electricity transmission line from Iran to Pakistan, India and China.
Peaceful Baluchistan is too much necessary for the successful completion and coming into operation of this project.
Trans-National Gas Pipeline will give strength to Pakistani Economy and Baluchistan Province will also be developed through this project. Pakistan International School Riyadh - History:Pakistan International School Riyadh (PISR) was established in 1968 as an International School under the Royal permission of the King Faisal Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (Late) of KSA.
The Discovery Center Smart School: The Discovery Center Smart School was established in 2002 in Karachi, Pakistan. Beaconhouse National University: Beaconhouse Group with the collaboration of private investors has set up a university, BNU (Beaconhouse National University).
BNU is Pakistan’s first liberal arts university with faculties ranging from Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Media and Communications, and Education, to Architecture and Design, Visual Arts, and Information and Computer Technologies. The University’s Vice Chancellor, Sartaj Aziz, is a former Finance Minister of Pakistan, while its Board of Governors counts amongst its members Nasreen Mahmud Kasuri (chairperson of Beaconhouse), Parvez Hassan (corporate lawyer and social activist), Shahid Kardar (economist and former Finance Minister), Hussain Dawood (industrialist), and others who have associated themselves because of its non-profit status. Lucknow Bench Allahabad High Court gives verdict over Babri Mosque vs Ram Temple on Thursday 30 September, 2010. Ram Temple’s Issue was very old and it has draw many riots between Muslims and Hindus of India. Hindu political parties and organizations welcomed the Allahabad Court's verdict on Ram Janam Bhoomi - Babri Masjid land dispute.
Mohammad Hashim Ansari said that his group has already said that they would accept the court verdict.
There was strict security all over the India especially in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Lucknow, Bhopal etc, about a hundred thousand policemen was deployed only in the Allahabad.
Babri Masjid is a mosque in Ayodhya, a city in the Faizabad district of Uttar Pradesh, on Ramkot Hill ("Rama's fort").
Ayodhya Verdict is an example of injustice and prejudice of Indian government against Muslims of India.
There are numerous diseases and viral infections spread in the flood affected areas of Pakistan. Water And Power Development Authority was established in 1958 for development of water and power resources of Pakistan. Visit your bank's website or bank branch to get more information that if your bank give this facility to its customers. General Pervez Musharraf joined the Pakistan Army (Artillery Regiment) on 1964 after completing his course at Pakistan Military Academy Kakul. There are two groups of people in Pakistan; one who dislike him very strongly and the other think that he was not bad but a number of people also love his ideology.
He delivered a number of high paid lectures in the world’s top class universities and institutes.

Now after his resignation, he is planning to launch a new political party in Pakistan, All Pakistan Muslim League. Huge collection of wedding photos of showbiz celebrities; actors, actresses, models and singers. Our previous admin started hosting this 7Beauties Traffic Exchange with me last year 26 June 2012.
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Bata Stores in Pakistan - Bata is among the Pakistan oldest and well famous footwear brands, it was founded in 1942 manufacturing high quality shoes in several different categories with trendy designs and maximum comfort.
Affirmations are positive statements that describe a desired situation, and which are repeated many times, in order to impress the subconscious mind and trigger it into positive action.
Many companies from different countries are interested in IPI Pipeline Project; Gazprom (Russia), BHP Billiton (Australia), PETRONAS (Malaysia), Total (France), Royal Dutch Shell, BG Group and GAIL India.
Colonel Malik Aftab Ahmed Khan, a Civil Engineer of Military College of Engineering, Risalpur conceived this idea in 1950.
A Technical Institute and an Engineering University should be urgently built in Baluchistan and graduates from this institute and University should be employed in this project.
Pakistan International School, Riyadh (PISR) located in Al-Nasiriyah District of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Now it has become one of the largest global education networks with many schools, institutes and universities, giving education to over 179,000 students from pre-school to post-graduation. The Educators Network is also a part of Beaconhouse School System but their fee is much less than Beaconhouse School System. It has an international faculty that has come from England, Holland, Canada, France, Germany and other countries, apart from some of Pakistan’s academics and intellectuals.
Beaconhouse National University was awarded a charter by the Government of Punjab in July 2005, giving it degree-awarding status. Beacon Energy Limited, Premier Trading Services and Premier Bus Services are also companies under the flag of Beaconhouse Group. Justice Sharma, Justice SU Khan and Justice Sudhir Agarwal were the member of judicial bench.
This issue is almost 60 years old but case was put into the court in 1992 after Hindu’s attack on Babri Masjid.
But advocate of Sunni Waqf Board Mr.Zafaryab Gillani said that they are not satisfied with the decision and will go to the Supreme Court to make an appeal against the decision. He, however, added that t the next course of action will be decided by Sunni Waqf Board, All India Muslim Personal Law Board and Babri Masjid Action Committee.
It was destroyed in 1992 when a political rally developed into a riot involving 150,000 people, despite a commitment to the Indian Supreme Court by the rally organizers that the mosque would not be harmed. This land is of Babri Masjid and giving it to Hindus or dividing it into 3 parts is not fair. WAPDA has developed infrastructure for water development and constructed many power plants, dams and other power related projects. Since then, he had not been backing up the database and we had a hosting glitch around the end of April when the hosting company moved our site to a new server. The Internet's newest and most effective way to drive traffic to your web site and best of all it's totally FREE! Bata has approximately 400 retail outlets and over 467 registered wholesalers across cities of Pakistan. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations, they have to be repeated with attention, conviction, interest and desire. You may also print and place something prominent in your bedroom or even at the side of your mirror. Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited Pakistan, Sui Southern Gas Company Limited Pakistan, The National Iranian Gas Company Iran and Khatam ol Anbia Company Iran are responsible for the erection of pipeline. USA has proposed an alternative gas supply to South Asia from Central Asia; this project is called TAPI Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India Pielines. And a comprehensive share from the income of this pipeline may also be used for the development of Baluchistan.

Initially Pakistan International School was established Pakistan Army but in 1988 it was taken over by Pakistan Embassy at Riyadh. There are hundreds of Educators Schools across Pakistan educating from Nursery to Intermediate.
More than 2,000 people were killed in ensuing riots in many major Indian cities including Mumbai and Delhi.
Supreme Court of India should alter the decision and give the charge of Babri Masjid to Muslims. So in case of emergency, one can call to Health Line Number and can get advise and medical prescription by a experienced and well qualified doctor.
WAPDA was also responsible for the distribution of electricity in most parts of Pakistan until PEPCO was formed. Hefought all major wars between India and Pakistan including wars of 1965, 1971, Siachen and Kargil Wars.
Attack on Lal Masjid, Killing of Akbar Bugti, Drone Attacks and Pro America Policies were also reasons for the end of his regime. They said psychology patient and habit of eating hair, but family of women deny that women have habit of this kind. Beaconhouse has its schools in South Asia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Pacific, Middle East, and North Africa. The Court has accepted the presence of a temple prior to the construction of Babri Masjid over it. He was awarded with many awards including Tamgha-e-Basalat, Hilal-e-Imtiaz (Military), Nishan-e-Imtiaz (Military).
Send us your signup e-mail if you registered between June 26, 2012 and 30 April 2013 and we will add 1000 credits as a Welcome Back Bonus to your account. Foreign Minister of Iran Ali Shams Ardekani and Rajendra Pachauri DG of TATA Energy Research Institute discussed this concept.
BSS provides preschool education, primary education, secondary education and preparation for the international General Certificate of Education GCE and local Secondary School Certificate SSC examinations. Before the 1940s, the mosque was called Masjid-i Janmasthan ("mosque of the birthplace") acknowledging the site as the birthplace of the Hindu deity, Lord Rama. Bata Pakistan is making various different category shoes including Athletics, Casual and Dress Shoes, Sandals & Slippers, Comfort, Fashion and more. Pakistan International School Riyadh is affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Islamabad, Pakistan.
The Babri Mosque was one of the largest mosques in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India with some 31 million Muslims. He took power on 12 October 1999, following a military coup and subsequent expulsion of the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. The sub brands in Bata exclusively make faboulous designs named Ambassador, Bata Comfit, Bata Leena, Marie Claire, Naturalizer, North Star, Power, Tomy Takkies, Weinbrenner.
Main Objective of establishing this school was to provide best possible education to Pakistani Children residing in Riyadh. Although there were several older mosques in the surrounding district, including the Hazrat Bal Mosque constructed by the Shariqi kings, the Babri Mosque became the largest, due to the importance of the disputed site. He formed a new political party, PML-Q (Pakistan Muslim League Quaid e Azam) with the help of Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain. Despite its size and fame, the mosque was little used by the Muslim community of the district and numerous petitions by Hindus to the courts resulted in Hindu worshippers' of Rama gaining access to the site.
The political, historical and socio-religious debate over the history and location of the Babri Mosque and whether a previous temple was demolished or modified to create it is known as the Ayodhya Debate.

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