Note: If the XBee Shield module is being used, put your Arduino in reset, which means run a wire from reset to ground as seen below, and make sure the jumpers on the shield are set to USB. Plug either the Arduino and shield or the Explorer board into the computer and then start the X-CTU program. From this screen, the Serial Number High (SH) and Serial Number Low (SL) can be found for the Arduino.
Select one of the XBees, which will now be referred to as XBee 1, and plug it back into the board; the other XBee will now be referred to as XBee 2. This is not necessary to change, but in order to avoid interference with other XBees, it would be prudent to change the Pan ID (ID) of the XBee as well to a number below FFFF, such as 2222.
If you changed the ID of the XBee 1, make sure you change the ID of XBee 2 to the same value.

So, when making a mobile robot, it is often necessary to communicate with it wirelessly.Many forms of wireless communication are still, essentially, serial.
They use radio frequency to communicate over long distances (from 100m to over 1500m.) They do have issues transmitting through walls and through obstacles, but that is common to many types of wireless communication.
Series 1 XBees do not say that they are Series 1 on them, but that is one way to determine that they are Series 1. This tells the XBees which channel they will send or receive data from and which XBee they are communicating with.
This means that coding to connect the two may now be done and the wireless communication is ready to go.
For the XBee shield that is connected to the computer, the jumpers should be placed on USB mode since the data is going to be sent through the USB to the computer.The data coming through can then be seen in the serial monitor.

So, converting a project from being tethered by a USB to being completely wireless is simply a matter of getting a good battery, and the right wireless accessories (you'll need two ends). The data sent from the serial monitor will then be sent through the XBee to the other one on the Arduino.If the serial monitor is not an attractive option, python code can also be used to handle the serial coming through. Repeat these steps with the other XBee and make sure to know which SL and SH belong to each XBee.

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