A broken heart that’s cracked open, that has seen from the brightest lights to the darkest shadows. Think about this, when you are no longer a victim of your emotions, you can see beyond them. For those who speak from a completely open heart, their world will be filled with truth and carry a frequency of enlightenment that floats into the heart of others, creating this ripple effect, arousing the light in their own hearts to sparkle.
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We live in an age where technology can connect us with almost anyone anywhere, all in a matter of seconds, through texting, email, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.
Paradoxically, in the midst of all this instantaneous communication, enormous numbers of people are feeling desperately lonely.
Beyond the obvious positive effects on our body, human touch also creates the ability to restore our minds and bodies with our spiritual connection. The next time you feel lonely or in need of physical and emotional reassurance, find a person or an animal you care about and give them a hug!
If one has been abandoned by one or both parents, there is a strong tendency to be reluctant to commit to intimate relationships. Being raised by critical or unaffectionate parents may cause a person to be emotionally withdrawn. If one has been raised in a family environment of substance abuse, there is a likely tendency to become distrustful of others. Even without these factors, some people feel innately disconnected and simply never learn to communicate well or have a low self-esteem and avoid socializing for fear of being rejected. It could be that you are experiencing the deep, irreplaceable loss that comes with the death of a loved one. Suffering from a disability or long-term disease can cause one to feel that no one else could possibly understand how much courage and endurance  it takes to just survive on a daily basis. You may be experiencing the huge void that frequently comes with divorce, or you may be feeling alone in your exhaustive, seemingly never-ending search to find the ideal partner. It can also feel very isolating to change jobs or to relocate to a new area, perhaps causing you to leave family and familiar friends and co-workers.
A financial set-back may leave you feeling that you are alone in a world with fewer choices than you once had.  Maybe some social setbacks have caused you to believe that no one else would be interested in your company. Understanding the many factors that cause loneliness helps us to understand why all of us, at one time or another, feel like we are all by ourselves in a sea of humanity.  While any one and all of these situations and conditions are compelling reasons for feeling lonely, they are merely symptomatic of a much deeper loneliness that is being felt at a soul level by humanity at large. Change what you can change – Be your own best friend and ask yourself what you most need to feel less lonely.  Would it help you to schedule more social time with friends?  Join a special interest organization?  Attend church?  Join a spiritual community?  Go to the health club?  Volunteer with a local charity?  Spend more time in nature?  Get an animal companion? It is understandable that most people are not clear enough to listen because the majority of us are walking around with unexpressed feelings. I have come to the conclusion that listening is an art, and like most artistic expression, it needs to be developed and practiced in order to become good at it. Holding a non-judgmental space to listen to another person’s expression of feelings is not an act of selflessness. Holding space for another is a profound way to bring more love to the world because we are listening with our hearts.
Do you have any suggestions or experiences you would like to share regarding holding space? It is kind of funny though, how you can catch yourself automatically criticizing something just to make yourself feel better.
If you are single and would like to be with a significant other, ask what steps have you taken to get out there and meet people?
Another important component is being healthy within before you look outside yourself for another to be in your life. For those couples out there who may have had a less than romantic Valentine’s Day, ask what is it about your relationship where you no longer are honoring each other?
If you feel anxious or scared, is it because this person “takes care of you” and you wouldn’t know how to live on your own?
If you feel sad, could it be that you deeply love and care for your partner and the thought of them not being in your life almost makes you feel ill? If you feel relieved, it could be time for you to move on from an unhealthy or unfulfilling relationship. Thanksgiving has just passed and that day marks the beginning of a period of time that many refer to as The Holiday Blues. Whether it makes you self-conscious of being single, reminds you of lost loved ones, or brings up sub-conscious feelings of abandonment from the past, this can be a difficult time of the year for everyone.

How can you bring more joy into the holiday season while still acknowledging feelings of loneliness?
No one would accuse glam rockers Blessed By A Broken Heart of hopping on current musical trends to achieve greatness. Warning: If your comment includes an album download link or to an illegal download site, you will be banned! A heart that knows there is no point in closing because the beauty of living with an open heart is incomparable to anything else.
An open heart can take you to the realms of the angels; it can connect you to pure source divine energy, it can teleport you into various galaxies beyond physical or time laws.
You are able to feel them without having to attach them to anyone, you take responsibility for your feelings and understand that you are not them.
You can understand why they are rising, you can face the uncomfortable feelings they bring, and you can transcend them because you chose so. When your heart is touched, flushes of energy will feel it and explode outwardly into light, healing the planet and everything around you, radiating it with love and light. The light will keep shining, and slowly but surely it will create an unstoppable atomic reaction; because an open heart can inspire other hearts to open. We only use your email address to send you our newsletter and don't give it out to anyone else. We want to help humanity somehow; we aim to bring a positive impact to the world, facilitating people to share real experiences.
Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to The Power Within Us with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.
Through social media, we now have the capacity to almost instantly message out updates of our lives, pictures of family and friends, opinions about people, political viewpoints, birth notices, death notices, jokes, and even pictures of what we have had for dessert. When we physically touch someone in a kind, loving way we are doing something which technology cannot do – we are communicating our feelings of love and acceptance at a level that is far deeper than words. When I asked her if everything was okay, she opened up and expressed that she was feeling a lot of frustration from speaking to her sister on the phone the previous day. Coping with the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of life can tap us out emotionally, mentally, and physically. Tap into an inner sense of stillness that enables you to be an observer of the conversation, rather than a participant in the drama. Neutralize the space by choosing not to interpret anything that is being said as a personal attack. When you have allowed a period of listening time that is fair for both you and the other person, bring the conversation to a gentle close by summarizing aloud your perceptions of the feelings that have been expressed to you.
If we each had someone to listen to our feelings in an open space of no judgement, we would more easily experience personal peace. If you hate Valentine’s Day and what it stands for, does that mean you are either dissatisfied with your current relationship – feeling alone even though you are with someone?
You may be saying at this moment, “Yeah…let me stop everything and take time to  have a relationship with myself!” Well, actually, yes – please do!!!
Or, more importantly, ask yourself if you are in a good place to bring another into your life. In many cases we look for another to “complete” us when in all actuality you are already a beautiful, unique, complete being!
It is so easy to take another for granted, especially after being together for a long time.
If so, perhaps you may want to evaluate whether you or your partner has come to resent this dynamic. If so, and you feel disconnected from this person, what have you done lately to let them know how deeply you care for them? Sit quietly for five minutes and allow images of things that make you happy to flow through your mind.
Rather than drawing influence from what is hot this week, BBABH are carving out their niche by looking back and embracing the still-relevant, yet largely MIA, shred metal of the past.
You are far greater than that; you are part of a universal power whom chose to experience those to expand and grow, to transcend, so you follow the wisdom of your heart, trusting in the unknown. At the same time, you can be gentle with yourself and if you get trapped in negative patterns you can forgive yourself and choose again to be your best, choose to the best ever version of you and re-present it to the world with no shame. Hearts are addicted to light; once they taste divine light they want to give more and more, because they start emanating it. Perhaps we have become so preoccupied with living in our heads, that we are becoming disconnected from our body-mind connection. Touch is a means of communication that is so critical that research shows that infants deprived of direct human contact grow slowly and even die.

Gently rubbing someone’s back, giving a hug, holding someone’s hand, and even a pat on the back can go a long way in nourishing that person’s soul, as well as your own; for when you touch another person in a kind way, you are blessed in return.
My friend explained that she had called her sister to discuss an emotionally challenging situation. Since it is not socially acceptable to cry at work, hit someone with whom we are angry, or to scream in public, many times we just bury our feelings. Agree that there will be no personal attacks – you are there to listen to feelings, not to be verbally abused. This is easy to do when you remember the truth that what people project onto others is a reflection of how they feel about themselves – not you. What is this holiday all about anyway, and why does everyone have to make such a big deal out of it? Or, have you had so much difficulty connecting with another person that you deride others for being able to make such connections? So many people have asked me, “Why am I alone?” or “Why do I feel so alone?” The answer can be found within – I promise you. Perhaps you have filled up your life so much with other stuff that there is no room for anything or anyone else.  It is amazing how energy works. Often we look to another to “fix” us.  The familiar words, “If only I had a man or woman in my life that…I would be happy,” somehow don’t end up working out quite like that.
Perhaps this separation you feel comes from them thinking you don’t feel the same about them. Staying in a relationship that no longer fulfills you isn’t good for the partner you are with either. It involves an ideal family interaction, ornate tables filled with scrumptious food, a beautifully decorated home and a joyful exchange of amazing presents, and the money to support this picture to boot.
You will notice that it opens you to limitless potential, unconditional love and unexpected blessings.
With their latest album, the appropriately titled "Feel The Power", Blessed has created a pulseraising, head-bang inducing, `80s influenced rock assault that is legitimately refreshing in a hard rock scene dominated by clones. Being able to feel with your fearless heart, being able to absorb any darkness because your light is so great that it can light up anything.. The problem with this is that repressing our feelings can create a reservoir of pain that can eventually fuel an emotional outburst at an inappropriate time and place that is not even relevant to the original situation. With so many singles out there it is not like we need reminders of all those happy couples out there doing all that romantic stuff with each other! If you are having difficulty in your current relationship or if you have difficulty being in a relationship, you may want to ask yourself why you have such difficulty loving another.  Have you really taken the time to explore your relationship with YOU? Stuffing your life with so many things puts out there that you are too busy and that loving another isn’t a priority in your life. Often these underlying issues can cause the chemistry that brought you together to come to a screeching halt!  Talk with your partner; find out where their head is. If you can no longer give love to this person, it is in their best interest for you to move on as well. Remembering this will fill your heart and allow you the space to reflect on the love you have for YOU and that special person in your life…or that special person who may be about to enter your life!
So throw your fist in the air, turn up the speakers, grab an ice-pack to relieve your soon-to-be sore neck and get ready to "Feel The Power".
Or, even worse, we can continue to keep our feelings locked inside, which many times results in some form of dis-ease.
In fact, many times the person who is talking becomes aware of their own resolutions after they have had an opportunity to clear their emotions through expression.
Or, you may be thinking that all this sappy stuff is silly now that you have been married for so long. Providing the space to clear your head, your heart, and your life to be open to receive the love from another is an important first step. It could be that a 5 minute conversation could turn into an hour of pure pleasure that you thought wasn’t possible before! Don’t wait for him or her to say, “I love you.” Taking initiative in a relationship is important – and you might just shock your partner – in a good way! Once you are on your own and have healed from this relationship, really get to know yourself and get on stable footing before seeking another partner. Make sure to reflect on the lesson(s) you needed to learn from the relationship you had been in – this is crucial for your emotional growth so that you bring a healthy, stable, and empowered YOU into a new relationship!

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