Do you want to cook those great Asian meals at home?  Do you want to cook healthier?  If you say yes to either of these questions, a wok is just the tool you need for your kitchen.  Having a wok will allow you to make plenty of great tasting food that is at the same time surprisingly healthy and exciting. Once you realize the benefits of a wok, you really can’t afford not to try using one yourself.  You will be a happier, healthier cook once you give it a shot.
This entry was posted in Buying Cookware, Cooking Utensils, Cookware Manufacturers and tagged asian cooking, broccoli, cook time, cooking at home, diet, high heat, how to cook with a wok, mongolian, stir fry, vegetables, what goes good cooked on a wok, wok, wok cooking, wok vs fry pan. Cooking food at a high temperature in a clay pot can be traced back to when the Egyptians were building the pyramids and baking bread for the workers. The most important thing i think when cooking food is to make sure you have excellent equipment. The Burner you purchased is very powerful, when connecting the hose, it is not necessary to use any Teflon tape.
Should you ever notice a drop in power this is due to trapped air in the regulator and the way to recover, is to lower the flame to the point where it will not turn off and then raising the flame quickly, this is adjusted on the regulator hose the red knob and not on the burner knobs.
A wok fitted with a lid is an essential cooking utensil, because it is suitable for all methods of Thai cooking, especially stir-frying.

Most woks are still made from steel, but we have seen other materials used, these round-bottomed pans allow the heat to spread rapidly and evenly, which is essential in Thai cooking. Before using your wok for the first time, heat it over high heat, then brush it lightly with oil.
A wok stand is used to provide a secure base for the wok when it's used for steaming or deep-frying It can be dispensed with when stir-frying as frying with a wok stand takes longer.
Note: Although wok cookery is more suited to gas, it is possible to use electricity successfully. Additional wok tools are a good set of wok scoops, used to toss and turn ingredients when stir-frying. Modern chefs still use this method, burying a clay pot in the ground and heating it with well-stocked wood fires.  The clay pot has been adapted by many cultures in the Middle East and Asia and some say this was the basic idea that created the Crock Pot. Woks come in different sizes, for family use, a 35-centimeter (14-inch) one made of carbon steel is ideal.
Thai woks are available with both wooden and steel handles – both styles should be used with a glove.

Don't buy any low budget scoops as they will only irritate you when they bend or break when you're using the wok. Unless you use a wok with a small, flattened bottom it is usually necessary to use a wok stand on an electric stove, especially for steaming and deep-frying.
The one on the left adjust the outer Flame and the one on the right adjust the inner flame. If it does, scour the rust off, rinse and brush again with oil to return it to good condition.

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