Join us on April 28, 2016 for our inaugural speed mentoring event featuring more than 20 executive level and c-suite women providing guidance and tips on how to advance your career, succeed in a male-driven industry, achieve work-life balance and more!
Grace Killelea is the CEO and Founder of The GKC Group, the leadership development company that launched “Half The Sky Leadership,” which focuses on the advancement of high potential women. Her book, The Confidence Effect, is an outgrowth of her passion for helping women to connect their competence to their confidence, showing them how to take charge of their own careers. Governor Chris Christie delivered his seventh budget message to a joint session of the New Jersey Legislature on Tuesday, February 16, 2016, officially kicking off the Fiscal Year 2017 budget process. The Governor offered highlights of what he characterized as a fiscally responsible balanced budget that imposed no new taxes on New Jersey taxpayers.  He also thanked the people of New Jersey for allowing him the opportunity to run for President.
The new budget also recommends a surplus fund of $800 million, leaving enough of a cushion for lawmakers and Christie to absorb some loss of revenue that would come with the kind of tax cut Christie would be seeking in a broader deal on transportation funding.
The UWGPSNJ Public Policy Committee will be meeting and part of their discussion will be on where UWGPSNJ should be positioned with budget advocacy for the ongoing 2015-2016 and new 2016-2017 budget proposal. If you have any questions about the budget proposal, or would like to submit any feedback about our position to the public policy committee, please reach out to me.
Thank you for your partnership in driving Impact for our friends and neighbors across the region.
In his budget address to the General Assembly on February 9th, Governor Tom Wolf outlined his perspective on the fiscal challenges facing the commonwealth, the shortcomings of the budgets passed by the General Assembly and the choices that lay in front of state elected officials. The sales and use tax would be expanded to apply to cable television, movie tickets and digital downloads.
Tobacco taxes – the cigarette tax would be increased and a tax would be applied on smokeless tobacco. An assortment of other revenue from a surcharge on certain insurances, a new tax on promotional play for gaming, and an increase to the bank shares tax. There is not a specific line item for 2-1-1 in the budget proposal, and we are still working to determine whether support for 2-1-1 has been included in another line item. Restoring another third of the cut to county-funded human services, in addition to his proposal to restore one third last year.
The administration also presented a narrative about what will happen if the state budget goes down the second path he asked the legislature to avoid. Reducing $200 million in pharmaceutical and prescription assistance for seniors and individuals with disabilities. Reducing $180 million in services to individuals with mental illness and intellectual disabilities.
If you would like to dig deeper into line item funding amounts, a spreadsheet is available here.
The budget in brief, which outlines the major initiatives of the Governor’s budget, is available here.
There will be several weeks of Appropriations committee hearings with heads of the state agencies to review the Governor’s spending plan. United Way Leadership donors inspire others to join them in providing hope and opportunities to individuals in need and strengthening our communities. Through the Leadership Step-Up program you can incrementally increase your annual gift to United Way and be recognized at the full giving level from year one. United Way’s Kind Society is a Leadership recognition society that celebrates donors who have made a significant investment of $1,000 or more in our Impact Fund.
The Society honors the remarkable generosity of the late Philip and Patricia Kind, who supported our efforts to improve Education, Financial Stability, Health and Basic Needs across the region for more than 60 years. During our 2014-15 campaign more than 3,400 Kind Society members collectively contributed more than $10.8 million to support the work of our Impact Fund across the region. United Way’s Visionary Circle is comprised of generous philanthropists who give $5,000 or more annually to United Way, creating Impact across our region.
The Philadelphia Food Access Collaborative’s goal is to ensure every Philadelphian can find a nutritious meal in an environment that respects their dignity. 3-1-1- Philly311 can answer any non-emergency questions you have about information and resources for residents, businesses and visitors, including connecting callers with food, shelter and other services.
Project HOME Homeless Outreach Line- This 24-hour call line is available to anyone in Philadelphia experiencing homelessness. Bring diapers to our membership meeting and spread the word to have guests donate to one of our Impact areas of work.The Diaper Donation Drive will be supporting our UW Impact area of basic needs, agencies that provide emergency food, shelter, protection programming along with rent, mortgage and utility assistance services to mothers in need of caring for their babies. Central Tibetan Women’s Association will start accepting applications from Tibetan Women who wish to learn tailoring at TWA’s Stitches of Tibet, with effect from 1st April 2016, for a period of 18 months.
The priority will be given to women who have arrived recently from Tibet, single women and women from poor family background. Tibetan Women’s Association is pleased to launch this year’s much anticipated ‘Tibetan Women’s Advanced Leadership Training’, the 6th in the series. Tibetan Women’s Association is looking for a suitable woman candidate for the position of a “Project Officer”. The Tibet Policy Institute in collaboration with the Department of East Asian Studies, Delhi University and the Foundation for Non-Violent Alternatives is organizing a conference on August 21, 2015 at the University of Delhi Guest House to look into the health of the Tibetan Plateau. JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: We are looking for a suitable woman candidate for the Tibetan Women’s Association’s Environment and Development Desk and the mission of the ‘Environment Desk’ is to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change upon Tibet’s unique ecosystem and plight of Tibetan women. World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ principal vehicle to encourage worldwide awareness and action for environment.
Today we conclude our tenth annual Global Impact Celebration, and I am excited to welcome Dr.
Also joining us today are missionaries with whom Hillcrest partners: they serve both locally and around the globe.
During today’s service, you will have the opportunity to make a commitment to missions through prayer, through giving to our Global Focus Offering which supports our mission efforts at home and abroad, or, if the Lord leads, by making a commitment to get involved in taking the Gospel to the highways and byways via short-term or long-term missions. Each year, Southern Baptist partner together to give money to support international missions. Your giving enables missionaries to be sent to make disciples and multiply churches among unreached peoples and places for the glory of God. Everyone longs for the kind of friend who will celebrate with you in the happy times, stand beside you through the hard times, and cheer you on in between. Whether he is seen teaching his winter Bible study, announcing decisions at the close of a service, or walking down the hallway holding hands with his glowing bride, Dr. When asked about his fondest memories of Hillcrest through the years, he grins slightly while looking off as though remembering those early days. It goes without saying that his ministry would not have been the same were it not for Tim’s faithful wife Peggy. These days, one of the most meaningful aspects of Hillcrest for the Trammells is their Sunday school class of which Tim is the teacher. Will you join me in asking God to prepare the hearts of Hillcrest for our 2013 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to support international missions? As someone that has personally been sent out by both Hillcrest and the IMB to the mission field, I can attest to the powerful missions impact Lottie Moon dollars can make on the field.
Check out the full-length interview with Wyoming Mission Coordinator Bill Foshea about past, present, and future involvement. Listen to Hillcrest en Espanol Pastor Edgar Ferrer share the opportunities he witnessed on a recent vision trip to Wyoming. Local Wyoming churches have requested summer interns that can help with college ministry, music ministry, and children’s ministry.
Hillcrest has taken up the call to defend the fatherless through a new ministry, Open Hearts.
View full-length interviews with Hillcrest families that have been involved with orphan care and adoption below. Click here to visit John and Melissa De Leon’s adoption blog to follow their adoption journey.
Ray & Dee have served 15 years as Bible translators among the Akawaio people of Guyana, South America, culminating in the published New Testament. Check out the full-length interview with Ray & Dee about their work overseas with Bible Translation.
Guest missionaries and speakers that fly in for the conference will need vehicles Thursday afternoon, February 25 to Sunday afternoon, February 28.
Volunteers are needed to set up for the weekend, welcome guest missionaries, serve food and snacks throughout the weekend, and clean up after events.
Many of our guest missionaries have listed special projects or requests that would help their ministry. A few of our events during the weekend require registration.  Please register you and your family via the links below.
Hillcrest is excited to welcome our guest speakers for our 2016 Global Impact Celebration. Check back soon for updated information on our 2016 speakers.
Our Global Briefing Home Meetings are a great opportunity for you to interact with our mission partners.
Since 2006, Hillcrest has gathered each year for our Global Impact Celebration (GIC), a weekend to corporately celebrate God’s work around the world and renew our commitment to the Great Commission.
This year’s theme is “Declare His Glory Until All Have Heard” which uses concepts from Psalm 93 and Matthew 24:14. Our Global Focus Offering, which promotes systematic giving, is emphasized during GIC weekend. For more pictures and firsthand accounts of this trip and previous Student Mission Trips, check out the HBC Student Ministry Blog. Contributions to our general church budget help our Student Ministry in advancing the Kingdom. For more pictures and firsthand accounts of this trip and previous LIT Mission Trips, check out the HBC Children’s Ministry Blog. Contributions to our general church budget help our Children’s Ministry in advancing the Kingdom.
After five years at Hillcrest, God has called Scott and Christa to plant their family in Thailand in order to impact the people of Southeast Asia.
Several years ago, God called Zach and Amber Edwards to leave their home in Midlothian, TX and begin planting a church in Cheyenne, Wyoming.
Hillcrest will be taking a mission trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming July 20-27, and there is still time to sign up!
In early November, we welcomed Ryan Mason to the Hillcrest family and staff as our Minister of Education. Finally, and maybe it should have been first, and no doubt much earlier, I want to express my thanksgiving to the Lord and to each of you for being faithful stewards. Also, you need to know that our total gifts during December were outstanding, especially since we were not in a capital funds campaign, with total receipts being $407,483.
When all is said and done, I want to thank you for always being faithful and encouraging, but I ultimately praise God from whom all blessings flow! Day 3: Pray for all those involved in GIC – those working behind the scenes organizing and planning, serving in child care, preparing food, media production, the speakers, and the many other essential areas of service that make GIC possible. Day 4: Pray that the hearts of the youth and children will be inspired and transformed through this time of focus on missions. Day 5: Pray for the missionaries’ time of fellowship, that it will be refreshing and invigorating, especially during their time with their Sunday School classes and Saturday’s Men’s and Women’s Fellowships.
Day 6: Pray that your heart and the hearts of all who attend will be open to the Spirit’s leading. Pray for strength, courage, and spiritual vitality as they minister to their Solomon neighbors and engage in spiritual warfare. Pray that God will call out men and women to the least-reached people groups and that the Clarks will be effective in training and placing these missionaries and challenging churches with a global vision.
Pray for the advancement of the Gospel among minority tribes, for new missionaries learning local languages, and for churches under persecution, especially in China. Pray for wisdom and spiritual protection as Sam works with the Vietnam Baptist Bible Institute training pastors, leaders, and church planters.
Pray for the BGR Hospice Kit program, the HIV and AIDS ministry, the Baptist Theological Seminary, Friends of Jesus Clubs, True Love Waits Clubs, and the Baptist Fellowship of Zambia’s missions program. Pray that God will give the men served by Kingdom Authority a real desire for life change and freedom from addiction through Christ. Pray for wisdom and support on when and how to renovate and purchase the current center and on opening new offices in order to serve more women. Pray for God to expand this ministry and to lead people with a heart for ministering to children to volunteer. The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls announce their weekday Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel, St. Congratulations to Amy Springer from Motley, winner of a compost bin at the 2013 Green Fair Folk Festival on August 7, at St. We were extremely gifted by the response of our sisters’ loving affirmations and presence at our Jubilee celebration.
What started out as a concert to promote peace has grown to a full-service event that offers live entertainment from groups sponsored by St.
Franciscan values and charism carried the event with many sisters walking the grounds, meeting and greeting fair-goers. After an event such as the Green Fair, there is so much to be grateful for and so many people to thank. We celebrated the 50th Jubilee of Sisters Grace Skwira, Pat Forster and Shirley Mueller, who entered the novitiate at St. The Green Fair Folk Festival, an evening of universal ecological awareness, is free and open to the public. The Franciscan Sisters and Little Falls Community High School’s staff and students are working together to grow vegetables. The Minnesota Agricultural Education Leadership Council (MAELC) has funded the High School’s Vegetable Garden-to-Cafeteria program. The grant, for $9,081.22, will cover the salary of an adult supervisor working this summer, according to Supt. The goals of the project are to provide students and staff with a healthy and sustainable food source, educate students about the genesis of food, engage students with experiential learning, highlight careers in agronomy and plant production and increase the visibility of students within the community, according to Maxine Strege who helped to write the grant and is a Franciscan Associate. The organic vegetables, harvested this fall, will be purchased by A’viands Food Service at market value and supplement school meals. Jones added, “The response for this project within the Little Falls area has been fantastic.
Sister Ruth Lentner, who has a horticulture degree from North Dakota State University, manages the Franciscan Sisters’ organic garden and works directly with the high school students. High School Vocational Agriculture teacher Doug Ploof said, “The garden project is an opportunity to teach sustainable agriculture to students in horticulture and plant science.
Ploof added, “Students in the fall will be involved in harvest, storage and clean-up of the garden. Principal Tim Bjorge said, “Agriculture teacher Doug Ploof has built a wonderful relationship with Sister Ruth and the Franciscan Community. Strege added, “This is a wonderful opportunity for our Little Falls Community High School students to partner with the community in a project that engages students with experiential learning for living a healthy lifestyle.

The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls will honor Sister Lillian Kroll, who will celebrate 75 years as a member of the Order on Sunday, August 11. Originally from Royalton, Sister Lillian has ministered in education throughout the years as a music teacher, choir director, religious education instructor and elementary teacher. Sister Mary Louise Eltgroth, originally from West Union, will celebrate 60 years as a member of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota, on Sunday, August 11. Sister Mary Lou has ministered in education for nearly 50 years, serving as an elementary teacher and as a school principal in Waite Park, Morris, Fergus Falls and St.
The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls will honor three of their sisters who celebrate 50 years as members of the Order on Sunday, July 28. It is certainly too early in this papacy to assess whether or not Pope Francis truly walks in the footsteps of Francis of Assisi. As followers of Francis, we sisters and associates consciously try to live the Catholic Social Teachings, which express the Gospel mandate.
It seems as if Pope Francis will not place emphasis in his teaching on heavy theological ideas, but rather on encouraging and promoting among all of us the living of the Gospel, following in the footprints of Francis who walked so closely in the way of Jesus. Each year at the Franciscan Federation Conference, congregations are invited to select a member of their congregation who they deem worthy to receive the Franciscan Award. Campers came from Avon, Belgrade, Bowlus, Cold Spring, Fort Ripley, Frazee, Little Falls, Morris, New Munich, Pierz, Randall, Rice, Royalton, St.
Sister Cordy Korkowski began her farewell remarks with the above quote at the three weekend Masses celebrated at St.
After the parish celebration, all of Sister Cordy’s siblings and spouses gathered at Welcoming House to enjoy time together. This year Sister Luanne is celebrating 60 years and Sister Dorothea marks 65, both as Benedictine Sisters celebrating on July 11 at St.
Leora, as Sister Therese was named then, worked at the store and missed many of her high school classes during World War II. Baptized with the name Arleda, Sister Dorothea has fond memories of growing up and playing on the family farm, working in the store and going to school. Floy Ann was called to a life of service as a Benedictine where she accepted the name of Sister Luanne.
Saying yes to new possibilities, whether coming from someone else or our own reflections and experiences, has both concentrated and expanded living up to our name—Sabbath House. Sunday March 17, 2013 60 Minutes on CBS News aired American nuns struggle with Vatican for change – a story regarding the current atmosphere between the Vatican and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious. We welcomed Sisters Margaret Aringo and Sister Mary Irene Chebii to the Motherhouse on Sunday, April 14. Sister Rose Margaret Schneider and I attended a retirement open house for Sister Patrice Kiefer at Douglas County Hospital on Tuesday, April 9. Oh yes, the Mayor declared April 9 to be “Sister Patrice Day” and her name and picture were visible all around the city!
Thank you for your presence and support at the recent Spaghetti Supper fund raiser on Saturday, April 13. Sister Louise McKigney has been nominated for the Salute to Senior Service Contest sponsored by Home Instead Senior Care. The Salute to Senior Service Contest is similar to other online challenges where the nominee with the most votes wins. The cakes are frosted and in the freezer now, protected in plastic and topped with a banner that signals Christ’s triumph over death. The joint Franciscan-Benedictine Justice Committee comprised of Franciscan Sisters from Little Falls and Benedictine Sisters from St. The joint committee is adding its name to a growing list of other civic and elected organizations that have passed similar resolutions during 2012’s 11-year anniversary since the start of the war in Afghanistan. As a result, this joint committee is calling on Senators Klobuchar and Franken and Representatives Walz, Kline, Paulsen, McCollum, Ellison, Bachmann, Peterson and Nolan, as well as President Barack Obama, to shift federal funding priorities from war and the interests of the few to meeting the essential needs of all American citizens.
Note: Throughout this web site, we provide links to other web sites, solely for the user's convenience.
The letter did not specify the charges against Father Roy, which we see as an injustice to him. We continue to hold Father Roy in respect and thank him for his integrity and fidelity to the gospel message of love, justice and peace. We are concerned about the closing down of topics deemed unacceptable for discussion by the official Church and the extreme response to those who, with great courage, publicly express their principles and convictions. The LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious) has also taken action with its resolution to action against sex-trafficking in the hotel industry.
The Day My God Died is a feature-length documentary that presents the stories of young girls whose lives have been shattered by the child sex trade.
A one-hour investigative documentary exposes the painful, rarely seen human side of illegal immigration - including the growing black market trade in human beings.
Friends of Orphans (FRO) in northern Uganda is a lifeline for former child slaves who were abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army and forced to commit atrocities in their own communities. In Dreams Die Hard, Filmmaker Peggy Callahan profiles the real-life story of people trapped in slavery across the United States.
The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota, hosted their annual Employee Appreciation Dinner on Thursday evening, January 24, at St. Sister Mary Pat Burger, executive director of ministries and services, said, “The individuals nominated are to be shining examples of how to live out the Franciscan values of respect, open communication, hospitality and compassion.
Grace’s career as a human resources and talent leader has spanned 35 years in the retail and telecommunications industries. He also called on the House and Senate to make the difficult decisions he believes are required to move Pennsylvania forward.
One, he characterized as the right path: to invest in human services and education, to eliminate the structural deficit, and to do so by raising revenue. He characterized that path as resulting in $600 million in cuts to human services, and $1 billion in cuts to Education.
Cawthorn, through the Cawthorn Visionary Circle Step-Up program you can incrementally increase your annual gift to United Way and be recognized at the full giving level from year one. Project HOME will send an outreach team and provide assistance connecting you to resources such as food, shelter and other services. Do you want to contribute to event ideas, help increase engagement, and drive fundraising to create Impact?  As a member of WLI, you can do just that. Interested applicants are requested to send in their application either by mail or drop the application at the TWA office. Today, on the 57th anniversary of the National Tibetan Women’s Uprising Day, TWA recalls that fateful day when the Communist Chinese military forces invaded Tibet and bombed Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet.
She is required to develop short and long term plans and programs for the Association and monitor project progress. Over the years it serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for environment, starting individual actions into a collective power that generates an exponential positive impact on the planet. Tom Elliff to the Hillcrest pulpit as we close out this weekend with a time of celebration and commitment. Tim Trammell and his wife Peggy, a doctor of education herself, have been those kind of friends and faithful servants at Hillcrest Baptist Church for the past thirty years. Trammell who recalls how, much like Hannah in the Old Testament, his mother prayed to the Lord for a son, asking that he one day be called to the ministry. Tim and Peggy both recall happy times as well as sad times, days of conflict, growth, and learning.
Trammell has not only served in full-time Christian ministry within the local church, but also served as a full-time professor in the College of Christian Faith at Dallas Baptist University. A poised and elegant woman, Peggy beams with pride as she listens to her husband recount the ways God has used him through the years. He lovingly refers to Peggy as the “glue” that holds their class together as she consistently plans lunches, special events, women’s outings, and seeks to make each member feel loved and welcomed.
You meet a lot of new people, create lasting relationships, and say goodbye to good friends. The opportunities for advancing the gospel message are greater than any time in history, and our church has committed to support Southern Baptist Missions through the International Mission Board (IMB). We currently have over 4,800 personnel who, along with their 4,000 children, are living out the Gospel on the field – most of them in some very dark places.
Seven years ago, Hillcrest took our first trip to Cheyenne, Wyoming to assist with evangelistic efforts at the annual Frontier Days Rodeo. If your family or Sunday School class would like to organize your own trip, our Missions Office can help you get connected with strategic partners. This ministry provides educational information and experienced mentors to families and individuals interested in adoption or foster care – both those seeking to adopt or those placing a child for adoption.
Since 2010, they have been serving the PNG Branch of Wycliffe, with Ray as the Linguistics Office Coordinator, and Dee as a Spanish teacher at the high school campus, teaching children of expat and national missionaries. Guest missionaries arrive on Thursday, February 25 and leave Sunday afternoon, February 28. Click here if you would like to volunteer for a portion or the entirety of the weekend, or for more information. Local missions projects such as the High Pointe Village Apartment Ministry and Bridges Safehouse are supported regularly along with church planting efforts in Wyoming, frontier missions in Southeast Asia, seminary training in Romania, and mission trip scholarships for Hillcrest church members. With powerful times of corporate worship and fascinating interaction with guest missionaries, the weekend is a time of celebration for God’s work.  But GIC is also a time of commitment.
GIC will challenge you to answer this call and use your unique gifts and abilities to serve in His global harvest field.
Edi will work in a new partnership with a school, serving as an English teacher to children.
Working in the area of technical support for literacy and translation projects, they have the opportunity to reach a host of countries and people groups.
In the last few years, God has built Life Point Church to be a light in a community surrounded by great darkness. Many of you have expressed to me that you sense there is a new spirit, attitude, and outlook at Hillcrest, and I could not agree more. Our Lord’s words from the Sermon on the Mount in our study of Matthew, entitled “Jesus Our King,” have been encouraging, exhortative, and engaging.
Since that time, he has hit the ground running, and I am not certain if he has stopped to breathe.
This building has a large room that will seat approximately 175 and an overflow area that can be used for additional seating or as a buffet or serving area. In the middle of December, I sent a letter out regarding our  budget needs and year end giving, and you responded! The amazing thing is that we have experienced probably the best first quarter of giving in my nearly 22 years at Hillcrest.
As our cornerstone states: “Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly  above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Pray for their safe travel and sensitivity to the Spirit’s guidance as they prepare to share the mission God has called them to with the church. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move unhindered with the might and power of God to accomplish the Lord’s will. Pray that God will begin to plant and grow seeds in their hearts to fulfill the great commission and that they will be ready and willing to answer His call. Pray that God will raise up servants, missionaries, and volunteers from amidst the church to serve in Jerusalem, Judea, and the ends of the earth in obedience to Christ. Pray for wisdom and guidance for the translation team and for a hunger for Christ to rise up among the people. Pray that God will raise up the financial support needed and begin now to prepare the hearts of those they will be serving to be open to the Gospel message and welcoming to their family. Pray also that Hugh and Dana will draw strength and wisdom from the Lord as they invest in the lives of others. Pray for God to raise up volunteer nurses, client advocates, receptionists, and financial supporters. Pray that the children, and ultimately their families, will come to know Christ personally. Francis Music Center's URock band, Power Plant, will be the opening act for The Fabulous Armadillos at the Summertime by [Lake] George in St. We were blessed to have three young women (two violinists and a flutist), who recently returned from Interlocken Music Camp, accompany the singing at the Liturgy. Vendors brought their expertise and natural products that promote health, safety, organic gardening and sustainable living. They offered tours of Sacred Heart Chapel, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and a special Franciscan blessing for everyone. Living the Franciscan values, she has ministered as a nurse and served in Hispanic ministry.
Bring along your blankets or folding chairs and enjoy the wide variety of musical entertainment, which also includes The Rick Family, Woodland Strings and Sestri. The benefits are more far-reaching and long-lasting than their yield of tomatoes and onions will produce. People in the school district are quite pleased to see us assume a leadership role in not only teaching young people about healthy eating but actually putting substantial quantities of freshly grown organic vegetables on their school trays. The students are learning about how and what to add to the soil to keep our gardens organic. We are very blessed to have Superintendent Jones and the Franciscan Sisters create this partnership for our students.
These 75 years represent many years of dedicated service to the people of God in the spirit of Francis and Clare of Assisi.
Francis Convent on August 12, 1938, and made her final profession of vows on August 12, 1943. Franciscan popes there have been, but with names like Clement and Sixtus (several of them!) and Nicholas. We strive to be in solidarity with the poor and marginated, to uphold the dignity and worth of all human life, and to walk gently on our earth. This evening of ecological awareness is free and open to the public and is sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls. Cloud, Swanville and Wadena, as well as Osawatomie and Paola, Kansas and Superior, Wisconsin. Mass which included a blessing for Sister Cordy by the entire gathered assembly and was followed by a reception and meal.
When my family helped me to move in two years ago on a very hot humid July day, she was there with glasses of cool and refreshing water. We pray that God’s blessings will continue to guide her as she takes a much deserved rest before beginning her new responsibilities with her community.
Michael and, in 1937, the Lenz family moved to the Waconia area where they worked in the hardware business.

However, she had a heart for serving others, so she corresponded with both the Benedictine and Franciscan Communities in the area. Living in different cultures was very interesting and made me realize that basically we are all very much alike,” she said.
Drawn to monastic life by her desire to serve, she taught in grade school for several years before she went to Ridgely, Md., where she personalized learning for exceptional children. Aware of listening to what people really need or are asking for, we began hosting small groups from churches and health care organizations.
In 1985, I was a young 20-something when I first walked through the doors at Sabbath House. May angels continue to guard its corners and to those within it, may happiness fill them to overflowing. The story discusses the hope that Pope Francis will acknowledge the need for a more open dialog that leads to a better understanding of the church.
Sister Mary Irene is especially thrilled with the snow!They have been busy visiting with the sisters here on campus and have already had a lunch date with Bishop Kinney. She served as Administrator at Our Lady of Mercy Hospital until it merged with Douglas County Hospital (DCH) in 1969, and then served at DCH as Human Resource Director. He was followed by three others, including Bill Flaig, former CEO, with whom she worked until he retired two years ago. We served 407 meals to eager guests who loved the delicious food and enjoyed the warm fellowship. Joseph, their friends and associates, endorsed the Minnesota Arms Spending Alternatives Project resolution recently. By providing these links, we assume no responsibility for, or do we necessarily endorse these web sites, their content, or their sponsoring organizations. In our Constitutions, we commit to follow the example of Francis of Assisi by accepting the Gospel as our first and highest rule of life. Human trafficking is a criminal act that violates human rights and exploits innocent people.
The Franciscan Sisters’ Values Committee sponsors this annual award, given to an employee who lives and ministers the values of Saint Francis of Assisi and that of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls.
She served as Senior Vice President of Talent at Comcast Cable Corporation before launching her company in 2012.Whether she’s captivating audiences or coaching one-on-one, Grace’s leadership inspires change.
The other path would result in what he characterized as devastating cuts to services which will hurt Pennsylvanians. Though she passed away when he was just four years old, her prayer of faith was answered 11 years later when he surrendered to full-time Christian ministry at the age of 15. Having walked with several pastors through various moves, from meeting in small locations to large buildings, Tim expresses his approval with where Hillcrest currently resides and comments that moving to the current location has been an important facet in the life of the church.
He joined the faculty in 1969 and taught a variety of classes including Old and New Testament Survey, Greek, Theology, and Church Administration, just to name a few. Tim and Peggy met at East Texas Baptist University when Peggy was still a student and Tim had already graduated.
Not wanting to miss an opportunity to publicly praise her husband Peggy shares the fact that after being in church for as many years as they have, there is a tendency to become complacent.
For the last several years, Hillcrest Lottie Moon giving has built a strong reputation in the top 2% of 45,000 Southern Baptist churches. Since that time, Hillcrest members have taken dozens of mission trips, and we have seen God move through existing churches and new church plants. Part of Ray’s job is teaching linguistics at the University of Goroka, two hours outside of Ukarumpa. To support the Missions efforts at Hillcrest, designate “Missions” on your check or envelope and drop it in the offering plate this Sunday, or give online.
Kids will enjoy a special dinner, games, and interact with missionaries who are serving here in the states and internationally.
As a church body, we will commit ourselves to sacrificial prayer, giving, and personal involvement in Jesus’ Great Commission. Each Sunday School class will interact with guest missionaries during an informal class fellowship on Friday and throughout the weekend. She will work to build relationships with students and other teachers in her network, to share a Love unknown to them. Along with their two children, the Edwards are making disciples and advancing the Kingdom in an area that desperately needs the gospel.
It seems that God in His mercy and grace has chosen to move in many ways in the life of the Hillcrest family. The many decisions that have been made to follow Christ as Savior and then to follow Christ in the waters of baptism have brought great celebration in our times of worship (more than forty since October 1, plus more than forty being counseled and mentored for baptism). Ryan is currently  equipping our Decision Counselors, developing a complete mentoring strategy and program, and encouraging and equipping our Sunday School leadership team and educational staff. The building will open none too soon, especially for our College Ministry, as the Lord has blessed Hillcrest once again with fifty to seventy-five students on any given Sunday. Thank you for showing us your love by your presence, cards, gifts, affirmations and to all those who assisted in many ways. The event is family orientated and kid friendly with children’s crafts, activities and face painting. New feat ures included a speakers’ tent and a tour of the campus ground and the gardens on a horse-drawn wagon. Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the gift of a beautiful day and the opportunity to welcome our friends and neighbors to St. Since it is our first year, we are doing a lot of projecting about what to plant and how much of each vegetable to plant,” Sister Ruth added. She has seen many changes in the Church and the Franciscan Congregation throughout these 75 years. Currently, Sister Lillian is involved in watercolor painting, sharing her abilities with others and is focused on living her life more prayerfully and artfully. She has managed the Clothes Review and the Mail Room, both of which are located on the grounds at St. She has served her Franciscan Sisters in Vocations and has also ministered as a missionary in Kilomeni, Tanzania. As Tom Fox put it in the National Catholic Reporter, there are those who are very happy with what they have witnessed to date, and there are those who have chosen to wait a while before passing judgment. The earliest messages of our new pontiff are calls to live simply, to walk with the poor, to respect and engage in dialogue with peoples of all religious faith traditions and to reverence all of creation.
This joyful music is sponsored by the Five Wings Arts Council and features fiddlers as young as five and as old as whoever wishes to perform.
Francis, the Rosary, self-esteem and faces of God, celebrating the Mass and interactive games —all kept the campers involved. Even more importantly, I have learned from her how to listen with a compassionate heart and to respond with care and concern. In her retirement years, she ministers with the elderly and prays for priests and seminarians. In Selma, Ala., she set up an adult day care center for elderly African Americans who often sat in a circle of rocking chairs praying, singing spirituals and talking.
Any ministry to people will undoubtedly take a form according to the needs and requests of participants.
As do the sisters there, we initiators expected to provide hospitality with space for quiet and good meals. Now some regular groups include Franciscan Associates, Secular Franciscans, a support group, and spiritual directors and directees. Prioress General Sister Rose Marie Riley, OP appears briefly in the video during the section showing the LCWR Assembly 2012 in St.
On Tuesday, April 16, they welcomed sisters, associates and employees for a reception and presentation featuring Kenyan tea brought from home and mandazi, an authentic Kenyan sweet prepared by Terry Bernardy in Nutrition Services. If Sister Louise receives the most votes, ROCC will be eligible for a sizeable donation from Home Instead Senior Care. The mold dates back to when she was stationed at Bishop Peter Bartholomew’s residence in St. At this year’s Franciscan Federation conference, the assembly of Franciscans responded.
Stolen Childhoods provides an understanding of the causes of child labor, what it costs the global community, how it contributes to global insecurity and what it will take to eliminate it. For over 20 years, Grace has focused on developing, supporting, mentoring, coaching and connecting women, both professionally and in her volunteer work.
He described failure to address the deficit as a failure to meet the core functions of government.
Trammell has served the church in various capacities, good-naturedly referring to himself as the “pastor’s flunky.” His responsibilities through the years include helping with visitation, teaching Sunday school, moderating church conferences, writing Sunday school lessons for special emphasis, and supporting the pastor as needed. He accepted his first pastorate at the age of 18 and continued to serve in several churches throughout Texas as senior pastor for the next twenty-one years. They both agree it has been exciting to see how Hillcrest has expanded its missions program through the years, and to see the enthusiasm of its members to sacrificially give, support others, and even to personally go themselves.
When asked about when it was she knew she would marry Tim, Peggy’s eyes twinkle and she smiles knowingly, “I knew it before I met him.” After dating for 3 weeks they became engaged and were married a year later. Right now, if we hit our goal we will be able to deploy only 576 of those new applicants in 2014 to join forces with existing personnel sharing the Good News to the very ends of the earth. His job also involves the training of nationals, enabling them to take ownership of the Bible translation task.
Dozens of individuals have been called to serve in both local and distant missions during GIC. Pray about your part in the Global Focus Offering and plan to join us for a wonderful weekend of celebration and commitment.
The baptisms of some of our international college students brought tears of joy and celebration and have allowed Hillcrest to touch the ends of the earth at home. At the time of the December letter, we were nearly $185,000 under budget, but due to your incredible response of generous giving, we reduced that budget shortfall by just over $50,000, as we closed the 2012 budget only $131,560 under budget. Because of your spirit of giving, we are able to fulfill our commitments to our missions budget and missionaries, and, in our most recent Finance Ministry Team meeting, our leadership moved to finish paying off Who Is Willing (WIW) to our trust funds. In addition, she has also served her Franciscan Sisters as Community Secretary and Vocation Minister. The Franciscan Sisters celebrate Bilingual Liturgies four times a year in keeping with their commitment to their Hispanic brothers and sisters.
On the other hand, we come from a long history of choosing names, especially at birth or baptism, to remember someone we deem worthy of honor or emulation. Whatever your thoughts on the new pontiff, it is well to remember that as Christian people, following in the footsteps of Jesus means living the Gospel as embodied in the Catholic Social Teachings, which guide our relationships with one another and with all of creation. To be a sponsor of the event or to have a booth, please pre-register as soon as possible; late registrants are welcome but they may not be included in the printed guide. This is the seventh year for the Green Fair Folk Festival, which welcomed over 900 people in 2012, including 50+ vendors and various food booths. Cloud; we will miss Sister Cordy at Welcoming House as she moves to Little Falls in mid-June. Sister Therese, a Franciscan Sister of Little Falls, is celebrating her 70th year of entrance to St.
We did not foresee this kind of evolution, but we heard a call for a quiet, homey, welcoming space and responded. In the months before my trip, Sister Aggie prepared me to work in the Archdiocesan mission in San Felix, Venezuela, and to live in community with Franciscan Sisters Rose Mae Rausch and Janice Wiechman.
She has served as the national facilitator for a selective, intensive leadership curriculum for women in the telecommunications industry, during which she worked with and mentored more than 1,000 executive women leaders.
They highly value the godly friends God has placed in their path and are so grateful for the people of Hillcrest through the years, also remembering fondly good friends who are now with the Lord. Trammell retired a few years ago from teaching full-time, yet continues to remain a part of the adjunct faculty, unable to give it up! Still very much in love and chuckling with his bride Tim adds, “Something clicked from the very beginning alright.” And 61 years later, they think it’s going to work out. That is why I am ardently praying we will far exceed our $175 million goal, which would enable us to send even more. For those of you that have not been around long enough to know about WIW, this was our capital funds campaign for our $4 million building program that included our student and children’s ministry buildings. Presently, Sister Grace works with the Franciscan Sisters in Monterrey, Mexico.Sister Pat Forster was born in Alexandria. The school district will fund the salaries of five summer student workers to assist at the nearly two-acre garden site.
Francis Music Center is a community school for the arts, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota. Cardinal Bergoglio chose the name of someone whose life and virtues he esteemed and wished to follow closely. He was not afraid to confront the political leaders when he felt their stance was contrary to Catholic teaching.
Special thanks to everyone who donated, those who helped to prepare and serve food, made bars, sold tickets, helped clean-up and visited with our guests. Miguel Leon, a prison chaplain and church planter in the Fort Worth area, will preach at the 10:45 AM service at Hillcrest en Espanol. Francis Campus, 1001 3rd Street SE, Little Falls (look for signs) and is sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota. We wish Cordy well as she enjoys a bit of a break before beginning a new ministry as director of Donor Relations with the Community Relations Department.
Cloud Children’s Home, religious education teacher, elementary education teacher, communications clerk, library aide and certified massage therapist. I remember rocking in the rocking chair, surrounded by the green plants, and feeling peaceful about my decision to cross the globe and minister alongside the Franciscans in the Venezuela heat.
After her death, Sister Fabian maintained the tradition and bakes two lamb cakes each spring.
Trammell confesses that he always thought his place would ultimately be among college students, and he has thoroughly enjoyed his time at DBU. While I was in Venezuela, Sister Thomasine, back in the United States, prayed for us daily.

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