TweetScoop.itWhether you are the manager or the subordinate, communication forms the most vital part of your everyday work methodology.
Your communication skills at your workplace defines the rate of advancement of your learning curve too. This is crucial and applies to all sectors beginning with your bosses, assistants, ones lower in hierarchy than you. Even when conversing verbally with those outside the organization but linked to it, for instance prospects, buyers, sellers etc. Non verbal communication is a knotty subject and people often study to understand and specialize in it.
For instance, when someone does not look into your eyes while talking, it shows dishonesty or lack of confidence.
Your words should not sound like you are broadcasting something, rather they should have a subtly strong effect. For effective communication these points are to be followed at every step, that too thoroughly.
The intent of communication is to convey one’s message clearly to other person or to a group. Companies when conducting interviews look for a candidate with strong technical and communication skill. As said earlier verbal communication need to be improved if one needs to get success in the interview.
Memorize powerful words and converse them, which then becomes a habit of using them in right places. As you watch the video, you will hear about several ideas that are closely related to intercultural learning and the work that we do at AFS, such as overcoming stereotypes, affective and cognitive empathy, perspective-taking, worldview, beliefs, assumptions, attentive listening, two-way dialogues, etc.
This interview by Steve Inskeep is based on a recent speech by US President Barak Obama on gun control in which Obama asked US citizens to think beyond their individual rights to the common good of the society.
How do your cultural values unconsciously influence how you interpret different terminology? In AFS, we aim to provide our audiences with intercultural skills, one of which is the ability to discern when we are acting on an unconscious, culturally-influenced bias. While defined differently by different groups of researchers and trainers, cultural intelligence is a concept that can expand the focus AFS places on increasing intercultural competence.
When I embarked on my AFS exchange experience in 2001, I didn’t have a cell-phone, my e-mail account was only 2 years old and neither Skype nor Facebook existed at that time. Nowadays, everything has changed and the above description of communication with my family might resemble a chapter from a history book for the generation that grew up during the recent boom of modern technology that allows us to communicate freely across the globe.
Robert Huesca, professor of communication at Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas USA, uses the comparison of his two long-term experiences abroad (in 1980 and 2012) to point out both the positives and negatives that new communication technologies bring to the study abroad experience.
Digital media and technology can be used for capturing stories of the people who live abroad and they provide space for sharing their experiences and learnings with family, friends and other audiences back home. The above mentioned examples give just a little insight into how complex this issue is and how modern technology can play role both in inefficient and efficient coping strategies.

Intercultural Skills is becoming a buzzword in educational and work environments, but why do employers value such skills?
AFS is proud to have a long history of providing opportunities for its audiences to develop intercultural skills – as an exchange student, host family, volunteer, or staff!
AFS Intercultural Link BlogThe AFS Intercultural Link Blog is a space for sharing ideas, articles, materials, videos and recommendations related to Intercultural Learning, as well as the digital version of the AFS Intercultural Link Newsletter.
If you want to Propose a Price or ask that all fees be waived the price in your shopping cart will say $0.00, but you can tell us your proposed price or ask for a fee waiver in the Comments Box when you checkout. If you pick a Suggested Price from the above pulldown menu and click the Add to Cart button, we will send your order ASAP (usally within 24 hours). Please Note: If you order a color cartoon, a black and white version is always included at no extra charge. We are communicating a message at every stage, not necessarily verbally, it can be written or even through our gestures. With interpersonal communication, there are no limitations of ways of expressing your thoughts and ideas, but the hiccup comes when you apply the incorrect method or your approach goes wrong. Maintaining a balance is not difficult, it is just that you have to take well-thought out stance when talking to each of these categories. Your eye-contacts, posture, hand movements, standing position and even facial expressions speak more about you than your actual self.
The information can be communicated either by means of oral communication or written communication.
Outrospection is a way to get to know oneself by developing relationships and empathetic thinking with others. What does ‘the common good’ mean to you and how is this term perceived in your community? We encourage you to reflect on your core values – how do these influence your choices and beliefs? Generally, cultural intelligence consists of understanding the values, attitudes and behaviors of a culture group and a knowledge of how to appropriately apply this to achievement a specific goal (Earley & Ang, 2003).
Research shows that in multicultural teams and organizations, especially those with diversity in leadership, can offer more creative and innovative outcomes. Also, the Center for Leadership and Cultural Intelligence in Singapore and the Cultural Intelligence Center in the US are important points of reference in the study of this concept, not only with their research but also with professional and educational activities. As we learn more and incorporate frameworks and concepts into our work, we should keep an eye on research and practices in cultural intelligence that connect with our Intercultural Learning in focus (for instance: understanding values, attitudes and behaviors) and in our mission to promote heightened understanding between cultures. During my year long stay in Norway, I called my family back home once a month through a land line and kept the communications short to avoid unnecessarily high phone bills. The role of modern media and communication tools in the study abroad experience is a fascinating subject and it has been recently addressed in the article “How Facebook Can Ruin Study Abroad”. And which specific skills are employers actually looking for? British Council, together with Ipsos and Booz Allen Hamilton (a market research and consulting company, respectively), recently conducted a study on the Value of Intercultural Skills in the Workplace which addressed these particular questions.
Read about the AFS Educational Goals and the Intercultural Link Learning Program as examples of how AFS activity contributes to this global theme.

There are more chances of people interpreting you wrong or in other words according to their perception.
Oral communication means expressing one’s thought or information by means of directly speaking either one-to one discussion or presentation among group of people. Companies need candidates with proper communication because their business deals with people and employees are representatives of their company. It is ultimate truth that practice makes man perfect and with that in mind one can definitely practice to be a perfect communicator.
However, this does not mean that these people are in fact against doing something that will help their communities, neighbors, or entire country. One’s own cultural intelligence is therefore developed not only by learning about other cultures, but also by interacting closely with people of cultures other than our own. As the author of the article concludes, we can learn how to cope with the new situation and we should explore new approaches to the challenges that new technology represents.
So a company wishes their employee to be a proper communicator and that is why they emphasis on communication skills in a interview. In this way empathetic thinking is a pathway to expand your social influence, overcome stereotypes and barriers about those who are different and engage individuals in collective empathetic movements that can make change. Perhaps these two terms have the opposite effect in your community as they did in Hamedani’s research. By paying special attention to the motivations and emotional maturity of others during our own process of developing cultural intelligence, we can better foster this ability in others.
Unmoderated cultural diversity may increase team conflicts and miscommunication; therefore, cultural intelligence is necessary in teams in order to minimize the chances of experiencing conflict and increasing the successful communication that leads to innovation, Earley and Ang (2003) say.
Huesca also argues that excessive use of digital technology protects students from experiencing culture shock and the feelings of stress, loneliness and homesickness.
Clearly one should understand that effective communication is one of the means of getting through the interview. For example, Hamedani presented US American volunteers with two identical policies on an environmental issue – the only difference was that one was written with language emphasizing individual liberty and the other emphasizing the common good. According to O’Reilly, cultural intelligence also requires an intrinsic demonstration of respect for the other culture. Lack of these experiences can reduce the transformational impact of living abroad and ruin the opportunity for the personal development that motivates many of us to move to another country in the first place.
Support among these volunteers for the policy was far greater for the one written with language around individual liberty.

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