Registration for the Nonprofit Management Training Program workshop series on strategic management is closed.
Temple University Harrisburg will host the series, which will be videoconferenced between Harrisburg and Philadelphia. Fees: $40 per person for each three-hour workshop and $100 per person for the nine-hour workshop series. Technician hours can be entered directly onto the job sheet screen, or can be entered onto a technicians weekly timesheet screen where they are then transferred to the various jobs. There is a Technician Barcode screen for use in workshop, for technicians to scan on and off of jobs, and the times are transferred to the relevant job cards.
Acquiring the workshop data means the software system can produce workshop management reports. The job card screen will update the vehicle information so that any planned services performed on the job card can be automatically wound on to the next scheduled date when the job card is completed.
Te veel stress kan leiden tot overspanning, burn-out, depressie en werkverzuim, te weinig stress leidt dan weer tot verveling, demotivatie en bore-out. Deze training is zowel bedoeld voor zowel bedrijfsleiders als managers en andere werknemers. If you would like to be informed of future trainings, please click here to subscribe to NEST’s email list. The cost for each additional person from the same organization is $32 per workshop and $80 for the series. Organizations are trying to stay afloat financially while also responding to increased demand for services and staying relevant in an ever-changing society.

Skip provides results-based organizational development and training services, including virtual workshops and long-term on-site consulting tailored to your organization’s needs. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. It records all the information related to job sheets or work orders, and handles all the steps such as: initial quote, diary booking, allocation of stock parts, allocation of non-stock direct to job parts, allocation of technician labour hours, job approval and job invoice creation.
For example, vehicle job sheets can be quoted and booked in from the diary, or job sheets can be created on the spot when a vehicle arrives. The software is flexible enough to cope with many ways of working and can be customised to suit the way you wish to manage your workshop. Non stock parts are ordered through the purchase order screen where they are allocated to a specific job sheet. For example, job invoice data can be exported to accounts or financial packages such as Sage, or Cedar. At a time when the future is unclear, it is more important than ever for nonprofits to have strategic plans to guide them and steer their activities. Skip’s passion is helping staff, executive directors, boards, committees and volunteers work mutually and to achieve their agencies’ missions. For example a vehicle may arrive at the workshop for a routine inspection and at the same time have some damages repaired. A full service and repair history is stored for each vehicle, that shows all the jobs and all the parts fitted during the life of the vehicle. Future developments include remote client access so that external customers can view their own vehicle service history, and tablet based inspection sheets for electronic vehicle inspections.

In-deze-8 uur durende training leert u aan de hand van tips en technieken hoe u met stress en werkdruk kunt omgaan. In this workshop series, you’ll learn about all aspects of strategic planning – from developing a plan, to putting it into action, to measuring whether it is successful.
Since 2005, ConnectSynergy has worked with dozens of nonprofit organizations in south-central Pennsylvania. A step by step screen guides the technician to enter the vehicle details with a work order summary and creates the job sheet. The software can simplify day to day running for example there are screens for performing automated stock reorders based on minimum and maximum desired levels.
Leren relativeren en uw emoties onder controle te krijgen, zijn vaak de sleutels tot kalmte bewaren in alle omstandigheden. In deze 8-uur-durende training reiken wij u de nodige handvaten aan – in de vorm van tips, tricks en de noodzakelijke theorie – om controle te krijgen over uw emoties, om te gaan met werkdruk, rustig te blijven in alle omstandigheden en een evenwicht te vinden tussen uw beroeps- en priveleven. U bestudeert in deze cursus een aantal makkelijk aan te leren technieken gebaseerd op mindfulness, autogene training en hartcoherentie – om in moeilijke omstandigheden snel tot ontspanning te komen. There could be an invoice raised to the vehicle owner for the inspection work, and an invoice raised to an insurance company for the damage repairs.

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