Whether you’re looking to be a screenwriter, a poet, or an author, Los Angeles has something for everyone.
With multiple locations around Los Angeles, The Writing Pad offers a variety of different writing workshops for the aspiring writer or one that is looking to hone in on their skills.
Writing Workshops Los Angeles offers courses and one-on-one instructional workshops for those looking to hone in on their skills for all types of writing styles ranging from poetry to fiction and non-fiction. Offering creative writing workshops in LA since 2003, the LA Writers Group helps to inspire their students by providing creative writing workshops and writing groups with a focus on interactive discussion.
If you have the talent, passion, and determination necessary to produce professional-quality work, apply for acceptance into one of two Master Classes offered in fall 2013-14. Designed for screenwriters committed to beginning a new screenplay and seeing it through to final polish.
Based on UCLA Extension Writers’ Program’s renowned workshops and written by its successful film and television writer-teachers, CUT TO THE CHASE and INSIDE THE ROOM give readers step-by-step instruction on creating their feature, one-hour drama, half-hour comedy, and TV pilot scripts; and offer practical advice on launching and sustaining a Hollywood career. With literary talent in no short supply around LA, there are plenty of great writing classes to learn or hone in on your skills.

With workshops held at the home of instructors, you’ll learn everything from techniques of stories, character development, writing craft perspective, structure, language and more. Hiring a talented and trained group of leaders, instructors help writers with new projects as well as unfinished ones.
Hundreds of on-site and online courses are offered in a variety of writing genres and certificate programs. Take one of Bill Bush’s classes—his endless enthusiasm and encouragement, combined with his expertise in the field, make him the perfect kind of teacher and mentor. All instructors hold degrees in writing from top universities as well as terrific experience that helps students of this writing workshop get the skills they need.
With 8-week long writers groups, as well as additional classes, LA Writers Group focuses on novel writing, fiction writing, poetry, web writing and more. Writing competitions and script consultations with professional screenwriters are also available, as well as master classes and weekend seminars with agents and published authors. Certificate Programs are available in Writing, Media Studies, or Spanish-Language Journalism.

The instructors here offer award-winning experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals.
The instructors here are seasoned professionals as well, actively involved in the literary and entertainment communities.
Classes are located at UCLA’s main campus and various locations throughout Los Angeles. With over 250 instructors in the fields of screenwriting, fiction writing, nonfiction and poetry (plus the large variety of classes offered), this Writer’s Program is definitely the most comprehensive in town.

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