Synchronistic Solutions is an a€?Integrated Business Solutionsa€? A place where small business owners can find affordable support for running their business and be supported in promoting their product and services. One of the main keys to the success of any marketing program is the ability to work effectively in shaping the 4Pa€™s of marketing mixes that meet the nature and needs of your specified target market. We are a full serviceA event planning company dedicated to providing privateA and exclusive services to clients desiring venues in both the domestic and international markets. Still kneeling, Celia sits back on her ankles to survey Mole’s work whilst he leans against the wardrobe, a tiny brush wedged in his paw.  Bending forward again, face-furrowed, Celia centres the clock on the living-room mantelpiece. Meanwhile Celia has tottered into the kitchen and positioned her step-ladder immediately under the sink.  She climbs up, stretches over, teetering on one leg, to reach the tap. She pumps the antibacterial soap onto her hands and rubs, swirling them over and over in the rush of water. By entering our QuickFic writing competitions, you’re granting us non-exclusive worldwide permission to reprint your story on our website should you win.
She strains upwards, on tiptoes, arm, fingers, whole body outstretched, willing him to see. You’ll drive on and on through the mountains, past fields of lambs, past that stream where you had the picnic last year. Maude thought of the pentagram chalked on the floorboards of her flat, of the black candles guttering out, and the birds popping into the star’s centre like they’d been there all along, limp and lifeless. It’s a neighbourhood shop.   Customers have been coming in regularly from the day my parents first opened up. I choose a good-looking bird, place it on the scales.  The woman is now leaning on my chopping board, peering over at the scales.  Is she without manners?  Is she so blind to my discomfort? We’ve been absolutely thrilled to see three super-talented students become the talk of London Book Fair. Five years after she began writing it, Laura Powell finally got a book deal for her debut novel, The Unforgotten. Norah and I continued the celebrations into the early hours; afterwards I lurched into Burger King in Leicester Square on my own and woke with my face in a cheeseburger. I have never spoken to the owners of Hesperus but I understand they were businessmen based in Jordan who bought Hesperus as an investment years earlier, and had no background in publishing.
That night Norah and I brainstormed how to bring out a book without the backing of a publishing house. I also cold-called the publicity directors at several huge publishing houses to ask for help. But eventually came the conversation neither of us wanted: it was too great a task for us to do alone without the backing, resources, few contacts and without the money needed. Publication was delayed eight months – Norah, I could tell, was nervous telling me this but I didn’t care. I threw a huge launch party; usually I hate being the centre of attention but after so many obstacles, I (bizarrely) felt I owed it to the book. To recap, that scenic little shot up there was our prompt, and we asked for 250 word stories inspired by it.
He appears from the back of the cave and steps towards her like a new born foal; it seems a miracle that his legs support him.
TM is a simple meditation practice where you sit for 20 minutes twice a day and recite a unique mantra. Transcendental meditation allows your body to settle into a state of deep rest and relaxation and clears space for your mind to reach a state of inner peace. A study published in the journal Circulation found that practicing Transcendental Meditation lowers blood pressure and your risk for heart attack and stroke. If you want to learn more about TM, a great book on the practice and the countless studies proving its benefits is Transcendence by Dr. In this week’s video blog I introduce you to my dear friend and the executive director of the David Lynch Foundation, Bob Roth.
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The winner will also get a chance to win a place on one of our Start to Write one day courses, because at the end of the year we’ll be choosing our favourite of all the winners – the champion of champions, basically. You actually turned out a whole bunch of beautiful, nostalgic stories – mostly melancholic, admittedly, but all very wonderful. Hoisting his daughter onto his shoulders, he strides after, calling warnings of seaweed and slippery rocks. Back then, he helped Finn catch a minnow, and pointed out the Red Kite gliding on a thermal.
You just need to have a look at the prompt, and then you go away and write a story, of 250 words or less, inspired by it. Mostly because we couldn’t help but wonder if it was a sequel to this – the perils of modern dating, eh?
First, Felicia Yap had the rights to her novel, The Day After Yesterday, snapped up at auction. Since the Academy opened in 2009, our students have been asking about that next stage, once their course has finished and their novel is written.
They were generous in their sympathy and advice but no one gave me what I really, subconsciously wanted – someone to snap up the book and take away the burden.
She completed the six-month Writing a Novel course at the Faber Academy, tutored by Richard Skinner. And we couldn’t wait to see what you fabulous flash-fiction fiends cooked up for us today. But seeing as it’s been a while, shall we remind ourselves how this whole thing works? You should look at that picture, muse with your Muse, and then write us a story, of 250 words or less, inspired by it.
It could also cut your risk for Alzheimer’s disease by strengthening the communication between different parts of your brain. Anyway: you should go and look at that prompt, and then you should write a story, of 250 words or less, inspired by it. The prompt is at the bottom of this post, and if you already know the rules, you can skip on down there (pausing, of course, to admire the books up for grabs). They looked almost like roosters, except for the albino-whiteness of their skin and the four legs rather than the customary two.
Then Nick Clark Windo’s high concept thriller, The Feed, was pre-empted in a six-figure deal with Headline, twenty-four hours after it was submitted to them.
I edited it countless times, went on two writing retreats, edited it some more, got offers of representation from three literary agents, did two more rewrites, another edit. And I imagine them balking when they received my four-page moodboard of covers that better reflected the plot and better fitted, I felt, with the way Hesperus wanted to market the book (as a book club-type read). The wholesalers were lined up to sell it to shops (though they hadn’t been paid or lined anything up yet).
I wrote them on A4 sheets of paper, stuck them to my bedroom wall and planned to work through methodically.
Meanwhile Norah was dealing with stockists, wholesalers, cover designer, contracts that are still all way beyond me, and brilliantly trying to keep it all jolly and merry – something I will always be so grateful for. And I stayed numb, even when the kind reviews came out in The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, when I saw it for the first time on the table in Waterstones (on the table rubbing shoulders with Kazuo Ishirugo, my idol).
Someday soon he’ll have to show her how to carve the meat from the bone; how to cook it well so you can’t taste the diseased flesh.
By this point on my journey I was heavily involved in the practices of Kundalini meditation and I was taking myself through another round of the daily meditations from A Course in Miracles.
Other studies have shown that TM reduces stress, blood pressure, anxiety, depression and anger.
But knowing you lot as we do, we were sure we could count on you to create all kinds of less homely moles – shout out to the last robot vacuum at the end of the world – and you did not disappoint. She’d thought of them as plucked before, but there was no sign of them ever having feathers or fur, like they were born smooth and flawless.

And then Chloe Esposito’s thriller trilogy, Mad, Bad and Dangerous To Know set the stands alight, selling in multiple territories for a seven figure sum. And to offer that same support to writers for whom, for whatever reason, a course just isn’t the right fit. The Full Report is for those with a finished draft (whether its a first or a twentieth!) who are looking for a rigorous, comprehensive assessment – we think of it as our full MOT. I reassured myself that the editing process was over and that Ruby, the wonderfully-friendly publicist, was still there.
And finally, after even more hard work (another article in itself), The Unforgotten was released in March 2016. I’d like to say I was delighted – my grandmothers both squealed and Mum bought all the copies, then made me sign them – but I was still in a blurry haze.
And on that day, he will reveal all he has kept from her: the lies he told himself so that they might survive. Though I felt spiritually fulfilled, I was curious and interested in expanding my spiritual repertoire. That summer I was living out at the beach and I knew that the TM teachers from the David Lynch Foundation were training people in a beach house nearby. Watch this video for more information on TM and experience the love and light of my friend Bob Roth. Watch this video and follow the guided meditation on how to eradicate your ego, release stress and powerfully activate your energy. Another vintage crop of funny, silly, terrifying and beautiful flash fiction: well done, team. You’ll keep checking the mirror and see him sucking his thumb, hear the girls playing Angry Birds on their iPads.
I was used to editing it by now and loved transforming woolly, flawed passages into something tight with editor, Martha. But days later Ruby emailed gently explaining that she was leaving too – at the end of next week. Some required copious effort, contacts and weeks of work for an experienced publishing team, never mind someone with a full-time job and no experience.
Next we brainstormed titles (as Hesperus didn’t like my working title, Dear Mister Gallagher) and settled on The Unforgotten, a happy compromise. Next I tried novelists I could approach directly; I called on my colleague who was a neighbour of Julian Barnes, my friend whose boss had a very distant connection with Sebastian Faulks. By the end of the week, the lawyers at Curtis Brown had negotiated me out of the Hesperus contract. To go through that, to be on the brink of birth, only to have it snatched back from you, is crushing. We discussed blurbs, press release wording, I drew up lists of journalist contacts for publicity, drafted feature ideas to help market it. There was a sense of relief that the burden was taken away; but also crushing disappointment. What it did make me is doubly grateful for my super agent, Norah, thankful that Freight believed in it, glad of my brilliantly supportive family… and in need of a long lie down – before I begin my next. Most of all I felt stupid for having prematurely celebrated, for thinking my book was ever good enough to be published.
Then, Hesperus, a four-woman band behind a clutch of respected novels, including Jonas Jonasson’s The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared, stepped forward. They offered a modest advance and we toasted the deal with cocktails at The Society Club in Soho.

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