At Petals you can be rest assured that your child's foundation of being a good human being and citizen is being laid solidly. At Petals children are encouraged to celebrate different cultures helping them recognise the beauty of diversity and gain positive awareness.
We aim to provide a happy, caring, secure and supportive environment for each child where they feel wanted, valued and important. We create opportunities for children to explore the skills of conversation, reasoning, listening and answering. Through structured play the children are encouraged to understand basic mathematical concepts which encompass shape, position, pattern and numeric. This is taught in a practical way, encouraging children's enquiring minds and developing their reasoning skills. Events such as – groundhog day,space shuttle Columbia disaster,discovery of Pluto, etc. Theme Days such as - colour day, a fruit party, tidbit cooking day, games day, arts day, crafts day, love your pet day, polar bear day, bicycle safety day, toothache day, etc. Assembly presentations- children of all classes prepare skits, do role plays, give presentations etc. I have 15 years of long experience teaching programming languages and providing software training to students and developers.
An IT Engineer by profession, currently working in Cognizant, Passionate about Teaching, Deep interest in Database management systems, Operating Systems, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, UML ,C,C++, Java and Basic Computer Science Concepts. I'm Waseem Akram and currently working as lecturer at COMSATS Institute Of Information and Technology.
I'm working as a senior software engineer in one of the Top IT company with around 6 yrs of experience in designing, developing and implementing software solutions of various types for different domains like healthcare, insurance.

Having worked in IT field for many years found interest in technical training so like to convert it as profession in the near future. I have been with IT industry for the last 10 years and have worked with different industry domains like Utility, Insurance,Banking etc. Hayakawa Japanese Language School & Cultural Center is a leading Japanese language academy in Chennai, India. We have successfully conducted Japanese distance education in India, USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore & Japan, places being within India. Is a student-centered method of education focused on integrating or connecting various subjects into one, the method is further taken up by the inquiry based technique which encourages students to ask questions. Observational learning can take place at any stage in life; it is thought to be particularly important during childhood. Classrooms are equipped with a proven teaching method in which graphic organizers, such as webs, concept maps idea maps, and slide shows are used to help students of all ages think and learn more effectively. The process of actively engaging in experimenting that will have benefits and consequences. Reasoning is key; The child is encouraged to engage further on and explore in the daily learning sessions with imagination , perceptions, thoughts thus links our experience with universal meaning. An approach to learning and teaching that focuses on how academic subjects (languages, mathematics, science, and basic literacy) can apply to the real world. Our Holistic Development model is developed for every Petalite enrolled for any of our programmes. The children are encouraged to develop good relationships, positive attitude, self confidence and taught the difference between right and wrong. We encourage them to enjoy stories, songs and poems, as well as to recognise letters and the sounds that correspond to them.

I have the expertise in teaching computer subjects like C, C++, Data structures, DBMS, Networking,PHP, MYSQL,LINUX etc. I Believe in fact that understanding underlying Basic concepts is better than rote learning formulae, rules or syntax. I have trained College students on JSP,Servlets and CSS in a batch containing 15 students.
I knows about Wireless Pentesting,Web-app Security,Network Pentesting, Reverse Writing, and Exploit Writing. We work on the basic requirements of the classroom for fostering g the perfect balance of nurturing a child. Students make discoveries and experiment with knowledge themselves instead of hearing or reading about the experiences of others.
Worked as a professor of Physics in Gulf University, Katmandu university and last J& K University and retired from here.
I am expertise in COBOL, DB2, CICS, JCL, VSAM, DFSORT and different tools using in the mainframe. Earlier worked as a GATE faculty in Indore and currently working a freelancer trainer in Electrical subjects. As countries move closer and their interdependence grows with each passing day, it is important to acknowledge the fact that knowing a foreign language has now become a necessity. At present I am teaching at home (Physics, Chemistry and Maths up to Class XII all Boards).

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