Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 3) create a final draft of the instructions tying all the directions together into a paragraph complete with a topic sentence, logical body sentences, and a concluding sentence. This will be considered a major assignment including all 3 articles together in one mini-portfolio. Remember: You will need to have a complete argument which means that you must make a clear statement, explain your position, and then use evidence to support your claim. Many Manitoba secondary students enrol in this Senior 4 English course described as "transactional." Like most words, this term ‘transactional' has many associations. All of these meanings are related to how "transactional" is used in connection with our English course. Those who gave our course its name (officially, it is called "Transactional Focus 40 S") probably had the writings of a British thinker in mind. 3) THE TRANSACTIONAL (PRAGMATIC) USE OF LANGUAGE: Finally, we use language to get things done.
These three uses of language--transactional, expressive, and literary--have shaped the organization of English courses in Manitoba schools. A transactional course also includes many other forms of practical communication--speaking, reading, writing, listening, viewing and representing.
In general, we will use language in this Transactional Focus course to gain information, to understand the viewpoints of others, to compare and weigh ideas, and to conduct daily transactions.
You may have heard psychologists speak of "the Transactional Self" or of the practice of "Transactional Analysis." At such times, they are referring to our use of language as we relate to others, our use of stories as we communicate our experiences, and our use of scripts as we talk to ourselves and other people. Transactional Focus 40 S is not a course in psychology, but our social transactions do shape our identities and the way we communicate. Given its pragmatic focus, this course will include business and journalistic communications.
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Immersed on a learning experience, students from the MBA and PhD programs of the Institute of Graduate Studies (IGS) took part in a seminar-workshop on “Effective Business Correspondence” last August 22 at the SSC-R Coffee Shop.
Despite the challenges faced by the organizers, Guttierez affirmed that the students learned a great deal from both the lectures and the workshops given by Ms.

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Whether we are talking to ourselves or to others, we often share our thoughts and feelings about the many concerns that make up our life.
They will also shape how we represent ourselves when we present ourselves in an electronic environment (Sequence 7). In general, it leads to a pragmatic focus -- using language to accomplish particular tasks. As we seek to improve our communication skills and our self-understanding, we will draw on such psychological insights as may be helpful.
However, we will not limit our learning to them, though they achieve very important transactional purposes. Organized by the officers of the Institute of Graduate Studies Student Government (IGS-SG) led by its President, James Benedict R.
Laboratory experiments, as well as analysis of almost 20,000 everyday conversations, demonstrate that communicating via oral versus written communication affects the products and brands consumers discuss. It may mean an exchange of money--such as the accounting sense of the word (debits and credits). James Britton studied how people use language and concluded that we use it in three different ways. From our early childhood babbling to the matters we discuss with friends over lunch, we tend to use language expressively.
In its simplest form, it can be seen when we tell a joke, especially if we have practised the delivery in order to build up the listener's interest and to get the punch line in the right place. Some students even choose a "transactional" course because it has less emphasis on fictional reading, poetry, and drama. A transactional English course includes letter writing--not just the (expressive) personal letters, but important business letters. We will also explore the broad range of nonfiction techniques available to writers, and seek to develop our listening, speaking, viewing and representing skills. Compared to oral communication, written communication leads consumers to mention more interesting products and brands. In its more sophisticated form, this use of language includes movies, television shows, and such literary forms of sharing as poems, stories, and plays.

Whether or not a literary work does give one pleasure, it is important to remember that is the aim of the author. Building on the knowledge, skills and strategies, and attitudes that you have developed in previous English Language Arts courses, Transactional Focus 40 S will help you to become increasingly independent as you make meaningful and effective language choices.
Salapantan, an independent executive learning and personal development consultant, who conducts training programs on communication, management, self-development, and customer service.
Discussions were also held during the workshop as both the students and the facilitator gave their insights and feedback on a specific topic or activity. Shakespeare, in his day, probably did not care much about the opinion of the educated critics. Written communication gives consumers more time to construct and refine what to say, and self-enhancement motives lead consumers to use this opportunity to mention more interesting things.
He wanted to keep the playgoers at his Globe theatre laughing and buying more tickets, because his livelihood depended on it.
Yet he was such a genius in his use of language that 400 years later, many people still celebrate and enjoy his stories and the beauty of his writing.
Salapantan also served as the Vice-President and General Manager of Inter-Link Network Productions. Words of gratitude were spoken for the assistance of the College Instructional Media Center (IMC), the IGS staff and Faculty, the Office of the Coffee Shop Custodian, the guards and janitors who assisted during the preparation and for all who attended the event. She was also an Executive Assistant to the President, a Seminar-Director, and ultimately, the Vice-President of the Professional Skills Enrichment Center (PROSEC), Inc. When attitude certainty is low, empowered consumers intentionally diverge from others' opinions to signal their independence.
Data from the first two experiments provide consistent support for the dual impact of power. The experience of uncertainty weakens empowered consumer confidence in their sense of power, leading them to perceive others' unsolicited opinions as a threat to their autonomy, which then triggers the reactant response.

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