Warum treffen eigentlich autoritare Chefs meist auf Menschen, die nicht selbstandig zu denken und zu handeln scheinen und immer „angetrieben“ werden mussen?
Weil jeder von uns selektiv wahrnimmt und alles, was nicht in unser Uberzeugungssystem passt, rausfiltert, ist eine Antwort der Forscher. Die andere Antwort ist, dass wir gemass unseren Uberzeugungen handeln und durch unsere Handlungen genau die Welt erschaffen, die wir nachher wieder selektiv beobachten. Auf diesem Weg kreieren und stabilisieren wir auch unsere Menschenbilder, um die es in diesem Management Letter geht. In einem Unternehmen sind straffe Fuhrung und haufige Kontrolle wegen der Tragheit des Menschen unerlasslich. Der Mensch ist arbeitswillig und motiviert; Arbeitsunlust ist nicht von Natur aus angeboren, sondern die Folge schlechter Arbeitsbedingungen.
Jeder Mensch hat ein grosses Potential, das er gerne ausschopft und einen Mehrwert schafft. Die Unternehmensziele werden am ehesten erreicht, wenn die Moglichkeit zur Personlichkeitsentfaltung besteht und gute Leistung wertgeschatzt wird. Bei gunstigen Erfahrungen suchen die Mitarbeiter die Verantwortung, wenn sie richtig gefuhrt werden. McGregor ist davon uberzeugt, dass in der Fuhrung von der Theorie Y ausgegangen werden sollte und empfiehlt, die Theorie X aufzugeben.
Ich schliesse mit einem anderen Satz aus dem Talmud:  „Achte auf deine Gedanken, denn sie werden deine Worte. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. AS Economics and Business Leadership styles and xy theory Unit 1 By Mrs Hilton for revisionstation. Clear and effective leadership is essential to the success of business especially during periods of rapid change including redundancies and downsizing In successful business workers look to their leaders for : Clear vision and a sense of direction Support and commitment to their welfare Confident and effective decision making Effective planning Full communication In organisation with poor management employees expect nothing positive. Authoritarian Authoritarian leaders provide clear expectations for what needs to be done, when it should be done, and how it should be done. Autocratic Leadership Managers like to make all the important decisions and closely supervise and control workers.

Democratic Democratic leaders offer guidance to group members, but they also participate in the group and allow input from other group members. Advantages & Disadvantages of democratic leadership Advantages: Develops plans to help employees evaluate their own performance Allows employees to establish goals Encourages employees to grow on the job and be promoted Recognizes and encourages achievement. Paternalistic Leadership Managers give more attention to the social needs and views of their workers.
Advantages & Disadvantages of paternalistic leadership Advantages: Manager involves employees in decision making manager provides feedback and answers Questions manager meets employees social needs These elements will keep the employees satisfied and motivated. Theory X and Theory Y Douglas McGregor thought there were 2 types of managers, he was a theory Y manager.
Assumptions Theory X The average person dislikes work and will avoid it unless directly supervised.
The four leadership contenders are still campaigning for votes before the deadline on Thursday. Und warum berichten Chefs mit einem kooperativen Fuhrungsstil tendenziell eher uber Mitarbeitende, die ihren Kopf gebrauchen und sich fur die Firma einsetzen? Ein „wunderbar“ geschlossener Kreislauf der sich selbst erfullenden Prophezeiung, der unser Weltbild stabilisiert, es aber leider auch verarmen lasst.
Die Theorie X sieht den Menschen als grundsatzlich unsicher, schwierig und nicht aus sich selbst heraus motiviert.
They will delegate to them the authority to do this (empowerment) and listen to their advice. It is most successful when used with highly skilled or experienced employees or when implementing operational changes or resolving individual or group problems. Managers are interested in how happy workers feel and in many ways they act as a father figure. It probably works best in workplaces where creativity would be stifled by strict managerial control (e.g.
He believed if he empowered his employees, ultimately this would allow them to be happier at work and more productive. I constantly have to push them to work and threaten them if they don’t do what they are supposed to do, I make the decisions not them” Theory Y managers “my employees enjoy coming to work.

Employees must be coerced, controlled and directed to ensure that organisational objectives are met. Authoritarian leaders make decisions independently with little or no input from the rest of the group. This requires good two-way communication and often involves democratic discussion groups, which can offer useful suggestions and ideas. A Theory Y manager is likely to believe that: ? Workers seek satisfaction not just pay from employment. For example, when quick decisions are needed in a company or when controlling large numbers of low skilled workers.
The manager will however make the actual decisions (in the best interests of the workers) as they believe the staff still need direction. It can be argued that businesses will need a number of theory X and a number of theory Y managers to be effective, as some staff will need differing management styles to get the best out of them. The style is closely linked with Mayo’s Human Relation view of motivation and also the social needs of Maslow. Theory X assumes that people are relatively un-ambitious and their prime driving force is the desire for money & security.
Theory Y Employees are ambitious, keen to accept greater responsibility and exercise both self-control and direction.
Employees will, in the right conditions, work toward organisational objectives and that commitment will in itself be a reward for so doing.
Employees will exercise their imagination and creativity in their jobs if given the chance and this will give an opportunity for greater productivity. Theory Y assumes that the average human being will, under the right conditions, not only accept responsibility but also seek more. Lack of ambition and the qualities of Theory X are not inherent human characteristics but learned in working environments that suffocate or do not promote Theory Y behaviours.

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