Dramatically situated on a coastal ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean Treebones exquisite views & unique ‘back to nature’ yurt accommodations offer a fun and relaxed setting for competent or curious beginners and intermediate yoga enthusiasts alike.
Fun and unique yurt accommodation, six yoga sessions varied in length and intensity paced throughout your stay. To book your Yoga in Nature getaway or for more information on accommodation and rates call Treebones Reservation line at 877 424 4787, Weekdays 9-5. Welcome the New Year in from a grounded and rested beginning as you release into a rejuvenating and healing practice that will help remove chronic stress.  Celebrate being in the present moment of stillness instead of making goals for the year ahead. The poses we will explore will help to quiet the mind, calm the nervous system, strengthen the immune system, improve your posture and energize your body. Treating your body with compassion and kindness in a supported environment will allow you to find peace, clarity and strength in the year to come. No yoga experience is necessary, just come with the willingness to be still and present with yourself. If you are unfamiliar with Restorative Yoga, it is a practice born from the Iyengar tradition that utilizes a variety of props to support the body in gentle, restful positions. Learn the FUNDAMENTALS of yoga, weather you are a “newbie”, a seasoned practitioner or would simply like to review the basics to prevent injury, then this is the class for you! We also invite you to bring your partners for the last hour of the workshop to enjoy some partner poses and guided meditations together.
Yoga therapy is taught by yoga teachers who have additional training and experience in the therapeutic applications of yoga for individuals with impaired health or compromised well being with attention to the physical, energetic, mental, emotional & spiritual aspects. Brilliant for Arthritis, Neck & Shoulder Tension, Awakening and releasing tightness from old injuries to these areas.

Emotional Aspect : Forgiveness, Compassion, letting go of Responsibility, Clarity, Intuition. Great for those with injuries or ailments to these areas needing to find balance and restoration.
Email Gloria if you interested in any of these workshops or would like her to put one on for your group ~ Please put the title of the workshop in the subject of your email. If you find Yoga Simple and Sacred beneficial to your life, please consider leaving an online review.
Licensed instructor Jade Rosario offers 3 weekly one hour sessions on the panoramic outdoor platform.
Included meals will boast fresh local flavors with organic ingredients, handpicked from the on-site garden.
Glamping is defined as a luxury form of camping, blending natural experience of outdoor camping with more glamorous amenities. Restorative poses also assist in jet lag, headaches, insomnia, back pain and breathing problems. We will use easy breathing techniques to bring awareness to the spaces in the body that are holding tension moving into clarity and space.
Improve your strength, balance, flexibility and clear your mind knowing that you are right where you are supposed to be. Breathing Techniques to help you relax and increase your lung capacity to reduce shortness of breath during pregnancy. Opening Sequences to gently awaken your body, stretch out your shoulders, chest, groin and hips.

Yoga Rhythm Routines are flowing mat based routines choreographed to music synchronised with the breath. This workshop will allow you to discover new tools to practice to compliment and help enhance your sports performance.
This is a holistic approach to healing designed for those who are going through the process of grief. The aim of the practice is to create a deep state of physiological relaxation, in which one can breathe, heal and rest deeply. This is vitally important during your pregnancy especially if you are working at a desk all day with poor posture and immobile hips.
This workshop is also specifically suitable for Fitness Individuals such as ; Golfers, Runners, Footballers, Rugby Players, Dancers, Tennis Players to help realign and balance, as it is very common within these physical practices to have a preferential side, long term this can create a negative impact on the body.
These postures consist of a gentle yoga practice that encompasses postures that support the body and spirit during times of loss.
Studies have found that 20 minutes in a Restorative pose can be as restful as 2 hours of sleep! You will learn the routines step by step to ensure you feel safe and confident with each pose and modified to your needs. This workshop will allow you to discover new tools to practice to compliment your chosen activity and help enhance your sports performance.

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