He was born last August and his parents, Brittany and Brandon, are keen to make his story heard.
The condition can cause microcephaly and scalp rugae – which mean the head can be smaller than normal and the scalp ridged – but that doesn’t stop Jaxon looking 100 per cent adorable.
Jaxon needs constant care because his development is extremely delayed, but he’s already smashed accomplishments that doctors predicted he never could and he’s just reached his first birthday, which felt like a real milestone. Because mum Brittany had to give up her career to care for her son around the clock and the expensive medical bills, Jaxon’s family have started a crowdfunding page to help out, you can visit it here. They added: ‘His story has still spread around the world in ways that we never dreamed of or planned.

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Luckily Roxy actually owns Wild is Life, a wildlife sanctuary and knew just how to care for the little guy.She named him Mojo, and he now acts like her personal elephant dog!

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