If you ‘want’ change then this time next year you will still ‘want’ it, and this time in 5 years you will still ‘want’ it… For the sake of the life you have chosen not to lead, stop ‘wanting’ it and go and make it happen…. I love these, very good fod for thought and realizing what we can do if we put or minds to it. Just an inspirational idea: for those of you who work in schools and with children, would it not be an even more nifty idea to make the poster yourself as a creative project and have the kids make their own very personal version… make it large! What we should be doing is leaving posts on the Dr Seuss facebook page asking them to create and sell a poster with these quotes on it! I am involved in various non-profit organizations who would benefit from having this poster! Please let me know ( like those above ) …if and when I am able to purchase this poster. In the meantime, I will highlight the poster and print it so I will have something to keep me inspired. Please,can I get for my great grand children.i love this and have sent to my 82 Red Hat ladies.

In the past month with all the positive posts and desires for a print of this poster, have you done anythignt o make this a reality? Seuss, whose real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel, was the American writer and cartoonist whom we all know and love as the creator of Cat in the Hat and so many other delightful works.
Please let me know, like those above, if and when this is ever made into a poster for purchase!!
I work with a restorative justice group and such inspiration is really, really needed in these women’s lives.
Please, if it is for sale, I would willingly buy several for the library, the schools, the municipality bulletin board. I suppose there would be many hoops to jump through with copyright laws on selling a poster with Dr Seuss stuff all over it, unless Dr. If this is available to purchase, myself along with others would be very interested in purchasing it Please let me know if it is at all possible to get this.
This has great lessons to apply to their adult lives and I have seen how Louise Hay has cleverly turned each of the above quotes into a daily affirmation.

However, and this is just an idea, perhaps each individual could e-mail the image to their local Office Max, Kinkos, or whatever printing place you have around your home, and print it for yourself.
I would LOVE to hang 1 of these posters in each of my children’s rooms, as well as in my own!!
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