Ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, and you'll often get answers like an astronaut or a race-car driver. And because I LOVE BRAINSTORMING, I am going to share some great question prompts to get you started. Animal Career CourseA 6 WEEK ONLINE COURSE TO HELP ANIMAL LOVERS DISCOVER THEIR DREAM CAREER! I’m A Certified Inspired Spirit CoachI'd love to help you find your dream animal career!

Often these dreams fade when "reality" sets in, bills are to be paid and responsibilities grow. We need to surround ourselves with others pursuing greatness, and we will be motivated to pursue it as well. I’m Andrea Bryant and welcome to Soulful Animal!I'm a Career and Life Purpose Coach For Animal Lovers! It is not difficult to look at the faces of people on their daily commutes and surmise that they might as well be driving themselves to prison.

There is no "realistic friend" in a group of children -- they are simply made up of extraordinary futures. Ideally I'd have an all glass home gym overlooking some beautiful ocean scene, for all I care the rest of my house would be a shack.

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