What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.
The energy we exude in the form of thoughts, words and actions creates our immediate reality and affects our state of being – physically, mentally and emotionally. From my perspective, there are truly two ways to view anything – through the eyes of love or through the eyes of fear.
Recognizing that each one of us does have moments of fear and doubt as well as the other emotions, it is vitally important to honor these emotions.
OMTimes TeamOMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. Product Code: SN05Spiral dancer, Meri Morwenna, whose mermaid name means ?Enchanted Sea Wave?, sways in the gentle ocean currents, flowing with the tide in perfect harmony.
Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver and beautifully embellished with rose quartz and cubic zirconia. Most authors out there are teaching some aspects of how to manifest what you desire, but they’re not taking you through the full process. There are 5 Key Steps to creating your heart’s desire and the tangible results you seek a€¦ every time.
Now we are enjoying our abundant, beautiful bathroom, bedroom and walk-in closet each and every day! We used these same 5 Key principles to create the European trip of our dreams this past summer, with Richard's then 16 year old daughter Kylie, touring through England, Ireland, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria seeing all the sights we desired. I registered for the Creating Your Heart's Desire course with Melissa and Richard to help me move forward in my business. This is not the first work I've done with Melissa and Richard, nor will it be my last, but one of the best things about doing any level of work with them is their incredible ability to take the spiritual and make it practical. This workshop came at the exact right time when I was actually begging the universe to help me with my blocks to abundance. I feel like my mindset has been irrevocably changed with the lessons I learned from this course. What's been an unexpected bonus is the impact this has had on my own coaching clients, especially the creative entrepreneurs with their own money blocks! With the 5 Key Steps to Creating Your Heart’s Desires, Melissa and Richard offer practical, easy-to-follow guidelines for improving any aspect of our lives spiritual, business, relationships, etc. This program is packed with details and examples that provide the guidance to make positive, lasting change in all areas of our lives as spiritual beings living a physical existence. Create a powerful positive energy field that instantly attracts and magnetizes success to you. A quick and easy process to extract fear thoughts in minutes BEFORE you become scared and emotional, thus sabotaging your success.
How to benefit from the wisdom and bigger picture that your angels have so that you can always be in the FLOW a€“ in the right place at the right time you’ll attract what you need without trying. How to stay in your own power and avoid getting thrown off track from what you truly want by the distractions of life.

This program is packed with wisdom, practical tools and experiences that you can apply immediately to achieve positive results in your life.
Discover the 5 Key Elements that must be in place every time in order to create what you want. Instantly shift your energy away from fear and back to FLOW and abundance with a simple tool. Discover the 3 types of energy present on Planet Earth and how when you understand these and keep them separated, you're ahead of your game. The 3 Essential actions you must take every time you attempt to reach a goal, otherwise you'll be frustrated or even worse doing them in the wrong order. As you can see, there is so much content and practical experience at the end of these calls! You get three 90 minute audios and 57 page transcript of each call with worksheet templates and exercises that you can use over and over in order to reach your heart's desire. Through the Inner Circle audio classes & Intuitive coaching calls you will connect more closely with your angels, develop your intuitive gifts, and learn tools to feel more inner joy and live an abundant life. The tools in the Creating the Results of your Heart's Desire program are worth thousands and thousands of dollars in abundance, happiness and freedom in your life. As I begin to write, the words ask and ye shall receive continue to repeat and flow within my mind.
The intention or reasoning behind this energy plays a pivotal role in the manifestation process.
In other words, acknowledge what you are feeling and then allow yourself to express these emotions verbally so that they can be released rather than contained within our energetic be-ing. She finds happiness in knowing dreams come true and invites her portrait to be worn for achieving your heart?s desire.Approximately 1?
We’ve never seen anyone put these 5 Key Steps together before, so it’s time to share these secrets! You can create a joyful soulmate relationship, a thriving business, go on that dream holiday, start a family and have an abundant bank balance. We’re Richard Lassiter and Melissa Kitto, spiritual educators and ALC Certified Spiritual Consultants. But, if just one step is missing or out of balance, you won’t reach the goal you seek. We had been talking about building an addition on our house for about 5 years, but deep down never thought it was possible.
We began to actually belive we could achieve it, we worked out our angels to find the solutions, and we attracted the resources to build our dream home.
Even though I have a successful business, I know what to do and how to do it, and I know how to organize myself to get it done, I knew there was something else that was keeping me stuck that didn't have anything to do with the practical how-to's.
In the month following the programme, I doubled my income and will probably double it again next month. I am a firm believer in the law of attraction, but my thought patterns and actions don’t always attract abundance.

By using the 5 Keys, what may seem impossible or overwhelming is achieved in manageable, well-defined steps.
Ultimately you may come away with the answers to experience peace and joy exactly as you are now, knowing that you have the tools to create the life you always dreamed of.
And the secret: these steps must be done in the right order every time or you will stymie your results.
You'll hear the words of appreciation from the people who experienced the telecourse as you listen. But we don't want there to be any excuse for you to receive these tools and information and use them immediately.
For less than the cost of a meal out for your family, or a concert ticket you will receive teh tools to Create anything your Heart Desires! Fear resides in the lower energies, which is our human-ness or ego, and is a lower vibration. Or are you frustrated that no matter how hard you try, the dreams you have seem out of reach.
Your energy may be out of balance or incongruent and as soon as you put some simple steps into place, you’ll be rocking! We’ve worked closely together for 9 years now, passing on the most highly refined spiritual principles out there.
We didn't believe we would ever have the tens of thousands of dollars it would take to build our dream bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. Most importantly we made a clear decision that we were going to take action in it - no matter what doubts or fears arose. What I really appreciated from this course was that it's given me the insight and the tools to get past this plateau at a whole other level than I was aware of before. Even though I wasn’t able to participate on the live calls, I listened to the recorded calls afterwards and they were just as powerful as actually being on the call.
Melissa and Richard shared a lot of great wisdom as well as a practical approach to opening one up to life’s abundance.
Those secret derams and desires you have that you never thought could ever be possible for you - will now become your everyday experience. Or, being in that perfect soul-mate relationship, or having a thriving business with an abundance of clients and money. Through personal experience we’ve created a simple, but very affective 5 Step System for CREATING exactly what you want every time.
I now know how to get out of the place that felt like I was spinning and get more into the flow and moving forward again.

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